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  1. Some error checking would probably be a good thing. I've given up on modding for now. Tried to add two new spells, the first five mods crashed when I attempted to cast those. So I tried chopping them into smaller spells to try to figure out which part is broken. Now the mod crashes whenever I try to load it. Considering that it takes so many hours to publish a mod... I've now spent a week without making any progress. (The first spell was supposed to be a more erratic version of From Nothing, Knowledge: casting it would improve your own skills but also leak over and give a skill step to a completely random student - and possibly to a random familiar. The second spell was supposed to give a large temporary buff to random skills, for the whole clique. What can I say, I like randomness and relying on dumb luck. )
  2. My character currently has 23-point relationship with Vincent Eins. You read that right: twenty-three. He keeps using Friendly Competition, which increases relationship. Looks like it doesn't check for any caps.
  3. That sounds good enough. Currently it's possible to max botany without learning anything about insects, which is bit silly. Maybe maxing Botany should give a small bonus to insects/worms and vice versa. I did check with Gossip before I befriended them. There were few zero relations but no enemies. Oddly, all six students who left joined The Night Fliers, that clique now has ten members -- and it hasn't collapsed yet. So they obviously get along well enough. I guess one of my three remaining clique members is to blame, but I've checked them all and they all have good relations. Six of my best friends suddenly give up and join an another clique? As I said, with friends like those... EDIT: Actually, The Night Fliers have eleven members now. Either I miscounted earlier or they got an another member.
  4. There's already so many familiars, but I suppose that few more wouldn't hurt. I'm hoping for a raven familiar. Besides that... I can't think of any serious suggestions, but something like a pet rock, skunk or giant cockroach might be fun. Seriously, though? Maybe a hermit crab. There's currently only two aquatic familiars (fish and toad) and no crustaceans.
  5. Some random thoughts... Game interface: I enjoy reading, but the interface could really use an overhaul. Too many actions and abilities, too many phemes. Can't keep track of them all, definitely needs some search tools. Consider adding icons for skills: for example, if the action expands lyre then it could show a lyre icon at the top of the description. Maybe something like this: (Over 9000 hours in MSPaint, but you get the idea.) Also, windowed mode would be useful. Botany class: I know that insects are part of Zoology, but Botany should teach the basics. You cannot be a successful botanist if you know nothing about insects. At the very least you have to recognize which ones are beneficial to the plants (ladybugs/lacewings/spiders/etc) and which aren't. Hardly a big deal, but could use some adjustment. Yea, I know, spiders aren't insects. But there's no arachnids skill. Cliques: In my latest game I concentrated on making as many friends as early as possible. By the end of the second month my clique had ten members. Then I started studying. Checked my clique month later and found out that there were only three members left: rest had joined other cliques. With friends like those, who needs enemies... Cliques break up too easily. Maybe each student should have an innate loyalty attribute, high loyalty should make them less likely to switch cliques etc. Familiars: This too has been suggested before, but Raven (or crow or magpie) familiar would be a good addition.
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