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  1. Nagash overslept again last Sunday, so we skipped the session. In other dastardly news, I won't be able to play at all next weekend, so I can't GM then. We discussed the possibility of Nyaa GMing Calpurnia's rescue mission, but the problem would them remains that I won't be able to play. Even with Schwarz around, the possibility of having to cancel is substantial. Without an extra player or two, I'm afraid things like these are bound to happen - the chances of two players missing sessions at once are quite high. This raises the big question: is the game still viable? Should we, under these circumstances, put it on hiatus?
  2. Ok. Instructions retconned: we start at 12 on Sunday.
  3. Oh. So 12 would be better on Sunday?
  4. We'll start at 13 gmt on Sunday. It should be easier on nyaa, we concluded last time.
  5. Damn. I miscalculated, it's 2 hours early, so not really doable. I think we'll have to do Sunday - schwarz already told me dirks opinions on the agenda for last time, so d can be present anyway. So sunday (edited) 13 gmt.
  6. Would it be ok for everyone to play on Sunday? I have to go early on Saturday.
  7. Yeah, i guess strictly speaking it also does not resolve the applicability of the guideline concerning levels and such. I am going to GM it My Way, i.e special case all the way and no problem in sight.
  8. From CJ : "Ok you only make one roll for WC but if it botches everyone gets the warping etc. Aegis does have to penetrate: that it doesn't is the most common house rule of all and I'm happy to play either way we make a troupe decision. These are both very unclear in 5th ed but that is the official rulings afaik. I've been wrong before but here I am pretty much certain as obviously I have had to check in the past as an author. Feel free to post this on the forum I cant from my phone!" So my version for communion, scwarz' for aegis, right?
  9. Yeah, I noticed that as well - I think the source has been drained, so to speak. We can try again later.
  10. Achtung! I can't play at all this weekend! Sorry about the late notice. Perhaps we'll continue the week after, when Scwharz is back as well?
  11. Ah, I thought you meant summertime as in "summer" as in something that is over already, but you meant daylight savings stuff, right?
  12. Thanks for the guideline, that's useful information. I still think the guideline doesn't apply, for all the aforementioned reasons. I think your 5 per base level interpretation is rather far-fetched. Let's hope CJ gets around to giving his opinion at some point.
  13. Wow. That's some hard-ass warding. Did he try some alternative solution back then? If so, what?
  14. Items Baruch requests from the covenant: A light iron chain belt that casts Doublet of Impenetrable Silk on the clothes it touches. An iron needle that, when placed on an arcane connection, points to the target for which this is an arcane connection. Doable?
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