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  1. Nagash overslept again last Sunday, so we skipped the session.


    In other dastardly news, I won't be able to play at all next weekend, so I can't GM then.


    We discussed the possibility of Nyaa GMing Calpurnia's rescue mission, but the problem would them remains that I won't be able to play. Even with Schwarz around, the possibility of having to cancel is substantial.


    Without an extra player or two, I'm afraid things like these are bound to happen - the chances of two players missing sessions at once are quite high. This raises the big question: is the game still viable? Should we, under these circumstances, put it on hiatus?

  2. From CJ : "Ok you only make one roll for WC but if it botches everyone gets the warping etc. Aegis does have to penetrate: that it doesn't is the most common house rule of all and I'm happy to play either way we make a troupe decision. These are both very unclear in 5th ed but that is the official rulings afaik. I've been wrong before but here I am pretty much certain as obviously I have had to check in the past as an author. Feel free to post this on the forum I cant from my phone!"


    So my version for communion, scwarz' for aegis, right?

  3. Yes, the ward penetration thing is known and presumed in all the discussions I linked above, but my impression is that most people still think the Aegis should not need to penetrate, i.e. that it should be more powerful than other wards. I think so too. But we should ask CJ - I'll email him now, hopefully he finds the time to answer with the tribunal behind him.

  4. I think Nagash had done some Overtime and overslept, so we decided to skip this Saturday and try again next week.


    We talked about some changes, though: Nyaa said he would prefer if we played at gmt +1, because this would help him get up particularly during them dark, dreary wintermonths. Would this be OK for everyone?


    Also, we all agreed that it would be good to look for another player from the Atlas forums - that would make us less vulnerable to the unavoidable scenario of people missing sessions unexpectedly. Unless someone disagrees, I'll post an advertisement in a few days.

  5. What I mean was that the spell is at group target and voice range. Why aren't you adding magnitudes for those? And if you think it can be personal and individual, then why did they list those there? And why didn't they add magnitudes for them, but why do you think duration should be added? None of it makes any sense according to the standard guidelines.

  6. I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but I think you've got it completely confused now - the number of extra magi doesn't have anything to do with the spell's level, the level of the total wizard's connection must just be double the target spell's level for it to work. Beyond that, the level doesn' t matter, only the number of participating magi.

  7. I don't think so - look at the end of the description, where it usually mentions the extra magnitudes. It just says "base effect".


    I'm pretty sure you're wrong about this, but I think we should let CJ decide, since it hinges on the base interpretative framework one chooses.

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