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  1. Sunday would be better for me; if it's Saturday, I'll have to go after a few hours. Good to hear you're feeling better, CJ!
  2. Well, that's too bad in the sense that it's always nice to have characters that stick around, that you get to know. But of course you gotta do what you gotta do. Some pointers: - He can still function during the day, right? It's just he takes the small penalty, and would rather not do this, but it's not that huge. You have been roleplaying this quite rigorously, but it would be possible to be more lax about it. - Could the initiation be postponed? Must he do precisely this initiation? - I think any magus you would make would either be good in a few things and bad at the others, or mediocre in most. I don't think focus is a weakness, so much, because this keeps the characters dependent on each others and varied. - Inventing spells at the limit of the character's capability is always time-consuming. Usually it would be better to try to acquire the lab text. Magic theory is just a few points bonus, so don't overestimate it's effects.
  3. Ok, let's do it like this. End the story, dicuss future.
  4. We could finish the boat thing in the beginning, then do Schwarzbart's. I can make it on Saturday, but must stop before 3pm, so a short one would be good.
  5. Baruch is going to get Wizard's communion at some point, but hasn't gotten around to it yet. He also isn't going to be with you for the retrieval of the boat. The boat isn't, incidentally, the boat from last session, but the other small one from before - the small one's expensive though, so you better to try to get it back irrespective of whether we try to grab the attackers' ship later or not.
  6. Ok. Apparently it's easier to find a rock than a person I wonder which base we should use for a Herbam spell, because base 2 would drop the magnitude to 10 if momentary. That would make it possiblish to spont in the boat case, although I'm not sure anyone of us could still do it because we don't have an intellego or herbam expert, I think.
  7. Ah, yes, I confused the spell you had on there for another. I think, however, that if it's concentration duration as you have indicated, then it would be level 20 - base 3, as for InCo The Inexorable Search, then +4 for arcane connection, and +1 for concentration. You wouldn't necessarily need it to be concentration, though, because I think a momentary indication of which direction to head into would be good enough for our purpose. You could cast it every once in a while if you're unsure.
  8. Oh yeah, I didn't think of that. I think it would make sense for either the covenant to have a compass of some sort, or the boat to know the way. I don't think CJ has included that in his covenant calculations so far, though; we'll see what he thinks. Without this, we will always have to have Sedala with us when we travel, which is kind of sub-optimal As you will find out shortly, the covenant has an arcane connection to the boat (and vice versa, of course), but making use of that to get back would require that one can spont at least a level 15 InHe or have a suitable spell, which I don't think anyone of us can do / has. So unless we can find a solution in time, I think you'll have to go with Ramon once more.
  9. Schwarzbart: It's a program. Really useful for designing & checking main book characters, makes it much less of a headache once you learn how. http://www.alteregosoftware.com/ArsMagicaFeatures.html I think you'll have to play Ramon again, because he's our only mode of transportation at the moment I think It'll be useful to get the boat back. Mikka: Too bad! You can watch or play as you will; I can easily "deactivate" your char if necessary.
  10. Freespace: I inserted your char into metacreator, and it mostly pans out. Unless I screwed up somewhere (which is quite possible), it seems he only has 5 points of characteristics, ie. you can add two more. Also, presuming that he was apprenticed at 10, he has 12 exp more than he should - 642 vs 630. Other than that, everything is in order mechanically. Before you play, I would suggest you put a specialty on all your Abilities. That may be tough without the book though :I Also, come up with a name before the session. The details about his past can wait. If CJ is OK with the character, I should be able to bring him in during the next session. It'll be a while before he appears, though, so be prepared to play Gus for most of the session.
  11. I think it's going to be like you suggested. CJ said a while back that he was going to finalize the library, but he had lots of other stuff to take care of back then as well, so maybe he never got around to it.
  12. Yeah, Saturday usual time I'll have you try to fetch the boat.
  13. Baruch works on his talisman, Taitale helps.
  14. Having a longevity ritual isn't the only way to get neutered in this game.
  15. Yeah, the 9th should do. We only get 1 season of "study time", right? So the character actions that you want for this winter are not of the xp-giving variety?
  16. If you can make it, CJ, I would prefer it if you could run the story. I'm still a little insecure about the rules and so on, and would rather save my entrée for later, perhaps a weekend when you can't make it. That is, of course, presuming you don't have a hankerin' for playing. If you want to play I will oblige, but would rather be on the umbilical cord a while longer.
  17. @Bart: Would Saturday usual time work for people? We should wait on CJ, though, since he didn't say he can't play - just that he would communicate less in between. I'll start thinking about the story just in case, regardless.
  18. I could consider running the boat story. I'm not sure Baruch must necessarily be involved - although he screwed it up, he's higher ranked now, which can be used to justify his absence (he could just as well be with, of course, but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle playing and storyguiding at the same time). The Unaging comes from Strong faerie blood, I think. You have a few spells that I'm not sure you'll have use for. What are you going to use Sorceror's fork for? Sponting low-level perdo and rego spells? The level's a little high for that. I don't think you selected any formulaic spells you could usefully cast it on. I also doubt you'll have much use for Aegis of the Hearth at that level, since I suspect our covenant will have someone who can cast it at a higher level (I'm not sure about this, though).
  19. I'm not sure I get what you mean. Your list doesn't have the levels of the spells? That's probably the most important bit of info and is usually together with the name of the spell, a number varying between 5-80, something like (CrAu 20). You can have 120 levels of those, but you must make sure you can learn them, i.e. that your technique + form + intelligence + magic theory (am I forgetting something?) add up to more that the spell's level. You can't learn spells that are higher level than that.
  20. Baruch is older than the other PCs, a freshly-minted senior magus. He's colloquially OOC-known as the one shot pony, perhaphs in reference to his powerful weather magics. He's a nice guy, if a little spineless sometimes. Here's the standard description: Baruch is a crouched, thin, bald man. His constantly worried expression has etched his face with a zig-zag of thin lines. He is accommodating to the point of submissiveness and attempts to avoid conflict whenever possible. Those who come to know him may learn to appreciate his exceptional intellectual curiosity and kind heart. He treats everyone, even grogs, with an unusual degree of respect.
  21. Yeah, I'd probably go take a look-see at the lab; maybe I can help with getting in - prolly can't do much though. After that I'll bolster my talisman a bit.
  22. Saturday at 12 should work fine. I can't play for a longer time no matter when we start. It's tricky to even go past 16pm gmt. I need to find time for my daughter, and especially when I have business trips that snatch a part of the weekend (like the last two weekends), it becomes a real juggle as it is.
  23. Yes, I think Schwarzbart's suggestion looks good. Thanks for drafting that! Likewise for the symbol, thanks Nyaa! I would vote for buying the books; although Nyaa is right that they might be traded for, I think we have most things that we need, and the books would be important.
  24. I need Animal and Terram more than the other forms. I don't need techniques other than Perdo, but you are right that others would probably find them most useful, so I think it's a good idea to emphasize them.
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