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  1. Schwartzbart is right as such. The thing is, though, that we lack summae for 9 arts, which would be 135 bp at 5/10, and we only have 100 bp. Given that people will probably want to get some other stuff, as well, we'd have to choose between them anyway. So those who would like to have summae should probably indicate which ones they would need the most, so we have something to go on. Whether we get them at 5/10 or 10/10 is another question; I'm slightly partial to Schwarzbart's suggestion at 5/10, although it's a little inefficient, since as B only needs summae up to level 5.
  2. Schwarzbart: Yes, you are right. We should perhaps have a separate topic for this. The question becomes, though: should we get another forum already, or is it OK for the Chickeneans that we crowd theirs with these quite unrelated technicalities?
  3. CJ mentioned we have 100 build points to add to the library. The guidelines for costs and such are in the Covenant section of the rulebook. I suggest people’s wishes are granted roughly equally, so that everyone (maybe with the exception of Freespace, since Gus wouldn’t have much interest in magic?) gets to decide on about 16 points. Since there are bound to be overlaps, maybe also give some kind of a priority list, and possibly some things you might be interested in if someone else was, and then we’ll optimize. My first priority would be a lab text for the following spell. CJ: Could you check this out for over-muchkinism? It’s based on removing the +4 Unnatural bonus from The Incantation of Lightning, and is faithful to the guidelines, but the damage/level ratio is rather high. Another thing: can I even hit the dragons with this, since the target is Individual? If not, I'll have to rethink my dragon slaying stratagem: Bolt From the Brume (CrAu 15) (Magnitude 3, so 3 build points) R: Voice D: Mom T: Ind A lightning bolt strikes at a target from a stormy sky, doing +30 damage to it. There must be a storm. There cannot be anything between the clouds and the target. Those near the target must make Size stress rolls of 6+ to remain standing. (Base 5, +2 Voice) [Edit: No, wait. Do I get any bonus for having this lab text, as I'm intending to enchant this effect rather than learning the spell? I could learn the spell for +3 similar spell bonus, but that would be a bit underwhelming.] In addition to this, I would like to have Summae on Perdo and Terram. Baruch sucks with both, but would like to raise them before taking an apprentice. This will be painful without summae. Those things are expensive, though, and it doesn’t make sense to have crappy ones, so I would like to bandwagon with someone (or several) with my remaining 12 points to get a good Perdo or Terram summa at ~ 20 points (or in case several people would like those Arts, both).
  4. I think claiming books and such would be best done in character or at least online before each downtime, so that it's a bit fairer and doesn't overly reward planning everything 10 years in advance - everyone should probably start thinking about what they want to do when the time comes, though.
  5. Damn. Looks like I won't be able to make it before Sunday 1:30-2pm GMT. I'll just have to miss next time, I guess. Real pity, would be cool to be there for our arrival in the city I might show up for the end of the session, though.
  6. I heartily approve of the idea of a separate OOC room. I personally find colors confusing for distinguishing between characters, and would prefer for us to stick with the "Name: message" system. In general, I think the system we have now for distinguishing between different kinds of messages works quite well, with perhaps the exception of the language distinctions, but that has more to do with the difficulty of remembering to distinguish between them. I find the idea of two clients for separate characters quite awesome, and will be sure to experiment with that if my planned companion character and Baruch end up at a scene at the same time. Baruch would support bringing Gustbran and especially Edith with us back to the city - B's kind of a nice guy, and thinks they would be in severe danger if left to their own devices. He probably wouldn't go to great lengths do defend Gus, though, or take any responsibility of him, because what G did was pretty bad. Edith he would certainly defend, because he doesn't know that she's done anything wrong, yet she seems to be in mortal danger for whatever political reason the bad guys of the story have to try to kill her.
  7. Thanks for playing despite being sick. Damn, it would be really nice to visit the Tribunal, but I most likely won't be able to. I think the next one will indeed be the return. With our guide gone, we have a good reason to flee.
  8. I can't do either Friday or Saturday; I'm in a conference on both days. Was there someone who was not able to do Sunday?
  9. Wow, thanks for all the infos, CJ. I've browsed through some of the books beyond the core one (which I've read twice and still keep getting things wrong), but didn't know about / realize most of that.
  10. Nagas: A wizards' march is, as I recall, something like excommunication for the Church - i.e. you are officially kicked out and everyone must officially hate you - except they are also officially required to kill you. A war is between 2 magi, I think.
  11. Ok, thanks CJ. I have Code of Hermes 1, I think either Helpax or Silas had more.
  12. I like the "threat level", in fact - I think it's nice that we have lots of obstacles that are insurmountable in the sense that we cannot "win" them but rather have to work around or with them. But this is, of course, a matter of opinion.
  13. I can't make it next saturday, unfortunately. I might be able to pull off Sunday, though. I would prefer CJ running, as I have really liked his story thus far. Also, I doubt anyone else would be capable of it - all the rest of us still seem to be a little shabby on the rules and the setting, I think.
  14. Take it easy, guys. I think CJ has something in mind having lured us into the other covenant; I doubt we're quite dead yet. The bit about mundane justice is not quite right. The grogs belonged to a Blackthorn-allied magus who wanted Gus dead for some reason. I think the reason might have something to do with this crown business. Gus stole some silver, and the crowns that were binding the dragons were silver, and Gus' uncle was a guardian of one of the crown things, right? There's also a reason why Voluntas would like to have us. Its not like they owe us anything or such, certainly nothing that would warrant taking such a risk. Probably Edith and Gus have something to do with this whole dragon-crown-business as was revealed this time around, and they need them for that reason. I think in general if you have misgivings about something, it would be better to play them out in character rather than arguing here.
  15. I may end up being a little late - I'll try not to be, but warning anyway.
  16. I think your discussion of the prophesy is overlooking one rather obvious alternative: that the Oath in question is your hermetic oath and that your oath had something to do with the dragons awakening. Things did start going awry right after, didn't they? Edith's mousefication might have nothing to do with it - maybe Stephen simply found out it was she who awakened the drake.
  17. Did we agree on a date for the next session already? I should be able to do next Saturday the usual time. As far as I can tell, Silas would be the only one fairly strongly in favor of staying. OOC I find this a little sad, because I would have really been interested in what happens next in the Tribunal (and I suspect Baruch'll only get in more trouble for not being present do defend himself), but like I said I do suspect Baruch would be strongly inclined to flee. He might be persuaded, though, now that the dragons have been momentarily pacified. And as for CJ's other question, I have an idea of where things seem headed, but don't really understand why.
  18. Freespace: Well, one way would be to read the logs after the fact. Another would be to join the channel when we are playing. It's at irc.synirc.net/wizardbase - I doubt anyone would have a problem with that? Others: <CJ> You can either stay for the Tribunal meeting if it reconevenes, and after all House Ex Miscellanea now needs a new Primus, or you can go home and work out whart to do next <CJ> Entirely up to you So we have to decide what to do. I'm pretty sure Baruch would strongly favor getting the hell out of there, overly careful as he is, but you are all full magi now, so what do you think?
  19. Noon gmt is the usual time. We should be able to do this on friday then - everyone has said they will make it; adrian having to run shouldn't be that big of a problem.
  20. So can we do Friday tomorrow? At the usual time or another? At least 4 have mentioned they should make it - I should, for one. If not, then probably next week.
  21. Haha. Thanks for doing that, Nyaa.
  22. I should be able to do any of the suggested dates.
  23. I should be able to make it tomorrow; sorry for confirming this late, but it's tricky to arrange stuff with christmas and all. -Wits/Baruch/One trick pony
  24. Next session next saturday at normal time, OK with everyone?
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