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  1. Well, Wings of the Soaring Wind is level 30 CrAu, can only transport a single person, and isn't suitable for extended travel because liable to crash down if the caster's concentration falters. I don't have a spell that could transport us, and based on that spell I probably couldn't spont it, either. When we get back to the covenant, however, I suspect I might be able to enchant a boat or something so it could be used for this. It's easier when its an item, because it can hold concentration. Don't know if I'd have to level my arts first, though, since I don't know what level effect that would be and haven't done the math either way.
  2. I could make it on Sunday around the usual time, if that's an option.
  3. Dang, looks like I won't be able to make it next Saturday, either Sorry, everyone!
  4. BTW, does someone have logs of the end-of-game conversation about taming the drake? I seem to have misplaced my logs, and the posted ones don't have that discussion on them, but if I have time I would like to take a look at those and see if I could figure out any way to proceed. Maybe post the log here if you have them?
  5. This is all presuming we somehow manage to return to the covenant, that is Controlling the drake would be awesomesauce in this respect, as well, beyond the gauntlet issues - I doubt I'll be able to fly us all up to the city (haven't checked, though), and even if I were, it would take a long time to invent the spells and all.
  6. Yes, noon tomorrow it is. As for next week: are you away the whole day on Sunday? If so, maybe we should skip next week? Scheduling during the workweek will probably be even trickier than during the weekends.
  7. Oh, sorry guys; I simply replied to CJ's post and didn't check here. I am available any time on Sunday. The Saturday night won't work, unfortunately.
  8. Interested at GMT +2, from morning till midnight.
  9. A few thoughts I had: 1) I would suggest "gatekeeper events" for Year 2. In other words, if the player attempts to enter a location that she really isn't supposed to get into, pop a miniquest-like event that you have to pass in order to enter. "The Library of Forebodingness is surrounded by a thick fence. Fireball or Somersault?" If the player passes the check, don't pop that event again, rendering the location "normal". 2) This one seems so self-evident that it's probably an engine limitation, but it would be cool to have "storyific" ramifications to your actions. That is, if you insulted someone before, they could come and mess things up for you in a later adventure or event. The easiest way to implement this would probably be within adventures (linearity), and also in the time-bound events that come with the various festivals (do something in the first festival and have it haunt you in the last). Another possibility would be to have events that only trigger if you something previously. In such a setup, the responsive behavior would not be part of a "pre-existing" event (i.e. in doing this completely unrelated thing that you might have been doing anyway, you were hindered by a specter from the past), but simply a "surprise stage" of the same event (i.e. Yourina Nemeskos has trapped you into a pocked dimension! Maybe you shouldn't have summoned the homework-eating puppy into her bag after all!)
  10. Turns out I had a save with the gloves after all; I thought I had saved over everything, but apparently I hadn't. Sorry about the extra fuss. The gloves are called "Cat Burglar Gloves", and they are perishable with durability 2.
  11. I no longer have them because they, well, perished. I recall they gave a bonus to climbing and avoid detection, the name was appropriate, something like "gloves of the cat thief". They were worth 560 pims, if I remember correctly.
  12. Ah, it is as I thought, then. It simply seemed strange to be having perishable gloves, and I haven't yet seen a situation in which items get damaged, so I haven't been able to verify the hp theory. Thank you for the answer!
  13. Hi, I've been wondering about the durability of items; what does it do, and in which situations does this doing take place? Why are my gloves as "perishable" as my apples, whereas my robes are "durable"? What about the associated numerical values? How do they fit into the picture?
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