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  1. Hm. Why would you ever invent the spell at anything other than moon duration, btw? It's the total level that counts, not the base level (see description).
  2. You could hire Taitale, he gives +8
  3. Heh, yeah, that's goddamn complicated. My interpretation would be to say that the standard rules you are talking about there do not count for wizard's communion. That spell just works differently, and the same version can be used on all spells etc. Note that to have multiple versions wouldn't work with the intended purpose of the Mercurian Magic virtue, which grants Wizard's communion to the magus "automatically" to be used with ritual magic, but doesn't mention anything about a different duration.
  4. Do you think wizard's communion ONLY works on mercurian rituals? Do you have a source for that? In the spell's description, it doesn't mention rituals at all, but it does say that it doesn't work on spontaneous spells, so I think it would say if the communion didn't work on normal rituals.
  5. Me and Schwarzbart realized we have differing rule interpretations on two pretty important not-standard-hermetic-theory spells, so we thought we should ask what everyone else thinks. 1) Wizard's communion Does the communion have to be cast separately by each magus before casting the spell it's supposed to affect? Or is it just that the magi "join their forces" before casting the intended spell, and only one casting roll is made? The former makes the spell somewhat less useful and makes it behave like all other vim spells, whereas the latter makes it more useful (and less of a hassle) but makes it deviate from standard rules. Here's a relevant Atlas thread: http://forum.atlas-games.com/viewtopic.php?p=84987 2) Aegis of the Hearth Does the Aegis have to penetrate to affect things inside it? I.e. is the Aegis like all other spells with regard to penetration, or is it a special case? If it has to penetrate, then if someone casts the Aegis and just barely succeeds (penetration 0), then the aegis doesn't affect magic creatures with might over 1 at all, and they can come and go as they please. If it's a special case, penetration isn't applicable at all, and only the level of the aegis matters, meaning that if we have a level 25 aegis, nothing with might under 25 can enter the aegis. Here are some relevant resources: http://forum.atlas-g....php?f=4&t=7633 http://forum.atlas-g....php?f=4&t=7654 http://www.redcap.or...and_Penetration
  6. Adrian can play on Saturday as well, so that makes 4 of us with Schwarz, CJ and Free away - that's enough for my council meeting adventure. So usual time on Saturday it is.
  7. Edited a minor detail of the rules (concerning quick-resolving debates). Also edited the agenda (removed Apollonian streak, added Dirk's suggestions and Octavianus' reaction to them plus some minor things).
  8. Don't worry about it; it was good to have you on board. It's also good that you told us outright rather than leaving it hanging.
  9. I think it's feasible to have Corbenik responsible for "guarding" whereas the turb captain does the "training". The turb captain would hardly have time for patrolling and such anyway, since he has to training people much of the time.
  10. Are people (other than Schwarzbart) able to play next Saturday the usual time? As for Schwarzbart's player question, I think we should presume that Freespace and CJ can't participate more than they currently do. I also think we can't expect people to participate all the time, although it would be desirable to know beforehand. As such, I think it might be a good idea to look for one or two new players. Should we perhaps consider compiling an "introduction" post that summarizes the covenant's situation and links to all relevant information, and post an advertisement link to the post on the Atlas forums?
  11. What do you mean by "something a blacksmith can do"? Do you mean that the items should be made of metal? Or is this some Verditius stuff that I'm not familiar with?
  12. Edited the elders; added pics, stats, spoiler tags, readability, and Scwarzbart's additions to Pistrello.
  13. I'm fine with doing 1-2 adventures per year. I'll try to spread my adventures a bit farther from each other in terms of in-game time. I think we discussed that if someone wants to keep following the chargen rules for xp, then that's fine. That way if, say, Freespace wants to only update Gus yearly with the standard chargen XP, he can do that. We can still help where needed, of course. In general, I don't think everyone has to play the same way with respect to the strategic portion - the ones that want to go more hardcore with that can do so, and those who don't like it that much can go with the light version. We should stil keep track of the strategic season activities for those who want to do it. I personally think we should only play covenant council meetings as adventures rarely - it's not the kind of thing that you want to play the whole time, but might be refreshing every once in a while.
  14. The city doesn't count as part of the covenant, I should think.
  15. Ok, so start at 12 gmt on sunday and I'll join you later. We can continue with my adventure if Schwarzbart's runs out early, but I suspect most people won't have had time to look at the rules I posted since it's only a few days till sunday. Let's see what seems best when the time comes.
  16. A few clarifications: Wizard's communion does work with ritual spells, or at least doesn't say otherwise, but does state that it's a mercurian remnant. I think the consensus on the forums seems to be it does work on rituals, although there's the usual fighting over interpretation concerning other stuff. I think the whole deal is much clearer than they make it out to be: the main use of the spell is to affect penetration (which is far from useless,btw). Why Octavianus wants you to learn it you don't know, but obviously he expects that people can do it in 4 seasons (he's had another copy of the lab text made). If a magus thinks they can't pull it off (Makara is the only possibility since he's stats aren't up), they should probably ask Octavianus to amend his submission or argue against the issue in council. The system I'm proposing is such that if a vote passes, the person who is mentioned in the issue description is responsible for putting it to force during the mentioned timeframe. If they don't, they lose their vis allotment for the year during which the timeframe ends (unless something else is proposed in the "rewards" section). As such, it doesn't matter if the young magi don't want to rescue Calpurnia if the others force them to. I think Nyaa said he has calpurnia's rescue mission prepared. On a general level, I emphasize that the point of the political system is precisely to resolve conflicts among the magi. It wouldn't make much sense playing it out if there weren't differences of opinion, would it? If Dirk wants to prevent Pistrello from attacking the Apollonians, he can try to argue against him. He can even try to lobby beforehand with the older magi (we can play that out here if you want) so that they are initially opposed to it, granting Dirk a bonus in the debate, or maybe even persuading someone to argue the case with him. [i'll edit the rules to make the votes numbers count more - the modifier is too small right now]
  17. The elder NPC magi of the City of Ivory and Jade in Autumn 1217: Karvith Torin ex Mercere Karvith Torin is the third-eldest magus in the Covenant of Ivory and Jade, after Antonius and Octavianus. He specializes in Creo, Intellego, Corpus, and Mentem. Karvith is Silas’ parens. Picture: Description: Stats: Octavianus ex Bonisagus Octavianus is the second-eldest magus in the covenant. He is a mean, goblinoid scholar with a penchant for Terram. He is the parens of Taitale, Baruch, and Adal. Picture: Description: Stats: Antonius ex Guernicus Antonius is the covenant’s eldest magus and its Pharaoh. He is an able leader and a talented magical generalist. Picture: Description: Stats: Pistrello Esposito ex Bjornaer Pistrello is the fourth-eldest magus in the covenant. He is a highly specialized Muto Animal magus and the pater of Class, who has left the covenant. Picture: Description: Stats:
  18. (This is the agenda of the first meeting:) The recipient of this letter is hereby invited, as a Magus of the the City of Ivory and Jade, to the yearly council meeting that is the covenant's supreme governing organ. The meeting shall take place ten diameters post noon on the final day of the hermetic season of Winter in the council chamber of the Temple of Ivory and Jade. Additions to the agenda may be submitted before the meeting or as its final agenda item. The following items have been submitted thus far. Ordinary issues: 1) Slaying the remaining magi of the marched Waddenzee covenant and forcefully repossessing their property, including but not limited to their airborne vessel, for the benefit of the City (Archmagus Karvith) Responsibility: Junior magi (assault); Senior and older (support); Pharaoh (coordination) Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment; two pawns of vis to assaulting magi for serious mortal peril Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within one season 2) A long-term strategy for the suppression of rebellious activities among City populace (Pharaoh Antonius) 2a) Mentem magic: The final solution (Archmagus Octavianus) Responsibility: Karvith Torin (procurement), Octavianus (casting); other magi as necessary Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within three seasons 2b) The good life: Comfort, luxuries and safety for the docility of the heart (Archmagus Karvith Torin and Junior magus Dirk Tigurina) Responsibility: Octavianus (magical); Junior and Senior (practical); Pharaoh (coordination) Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within four seasons 2c) Hunt down perpetrators (Journeyman Pistrello Esposito) Responsibility: Pistrello Esposito, other magi and grogs as necessary Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the responsible magus Timeframe: Within two seasons 2d) An Aegis of greater worth (Pharaoh Antonius) Responsibility: Octavianus; other magi as necessary Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within two seasons 2e) Dealing With the Hyperborean Spirit (Junior magus Dirk Tigurina) Responsibility: Karvith; other magi as necessary Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within one season 2f) Octavianus Dealing With the Hyperborean Spirit (Archmagus Octavianus) Responsibility: Octavianus; other magi as necessary Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within one season 3) Wizard's Communion for a community of wizards (Archmagus Octavianus) Responsibility: Junior Magi Costs: NA Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: NA Timeframe: Within six seasons 4) Acquiring and constructing the Bracelet of Babel (Pharaoh Antonius) Responsibility: Junior and Senior magi Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within six seasons 5) A rescue party for Calpurnia (Senior Magus Baruch) Responsibility: Junior and Senior magi Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: Responsible magi entitled Timeframe: Within four seasons 6) Taitale’s offer: Sound tractati on philosophiae, teaching, and magic lore in exchange for longevity ritual (Senior Magus Baruch) Responsibility: Karvith Costs: Covered Reward: On pain of loss of vis allotment Proceeds: To the covenant Timeframe: Within six seasons. 7) The promotion of Silas to the rank of Senior Magus (Archmagus Karvith) 8) Ramon’s proposal of joining the covenant (Pharaoh Antonius) Announcements: Introducing an apprentice (Archmagus Octavianus) A humble request for a truthful account of private affairs of consequence to the covenant (Archmagus Octavianus) Taitale is available as a boat chauffeur for vis compensation (Senior Magus Baruch)
  19. The set of stories I’d like to GM next will begin with a council meeting of our covenant. I decided to use the official debate rules for the session, and expand on them slightly for our purposes. Read below for the first draft of the system. Suggestions and improvements are welcome. Every council meeting has an agenda that details the issues that the covenant’s magi have submitted and that the Pharaoh (Antonius) has accepted. Agenda items are submitted either as Announcements, which are just presented and not decided on, or as Ordinary Issues. Ordinary issues are automatically passed and binding if no one present in the council announces otherwise. Before an Ordinary Issue is passed, however, any member may announce its promotion into an Issue of Consequence. This is then passed or rescinded by a majority of votes. Furthermore, the Pharaoh may at will promote into an Issue of Significance any issue that is related to the covenant's political system, safety, or resources. Issues of Significance are decided by a majority of members rather than votes. Votes (relevant for Issues of Consequence) are allotted in the following manner: 1 Vote: Junior Magi 2 Votes: Senior Magi and Journeymen 3 Votes: Elders and Covenant Archmages 5 Votes: Pharaoh If someone requests an issue for promotion, a debate ensues. The debate always has two sides, pro and contra. Before the debate, everyone in the council room may declare that they wish to argue for one of the sides. Alternatively, they may remain in the audience. If no one steps up to argue one side of a promoted issue, the side with debaters automatically wins. Those audience members who have votes must declare whether they are initially supportive of the pro or contra side, or whether they are initially indifferent. The initial votes on each side are then summed up (see votes, below). After this, the vote totals are compared against each other. Each debater on the initially losing side must deduct 1/3 of the difference from all their attack and defense totals, rounded down. The debate proceeds according to the following rules: http://www.atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ArMDynDebate.pdf http://www.atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/DynInteractionTable.pdf Debaters may step down at any time. The debate ends when all debaters on either side have stepped down or are Speechless, or after 5 rounds. If the pro side wins, the issue is passed and binding. If the contra side wins, the issue is rescinded. The rescinded issue may be submitted in a modified form as the final agenda item if someone so wishes. The Pharaoh decides whether it is accepted onto the agenda. At the end of a debate, debaters retain ½, rounded down, of the political fatigue they incurred during the debate as long-term fatigue. They must thus make the appropriate deductions to their rolls if they choose to participate in subsequent debates. They cannot be rendered unconscious in this manner. [Quick version: 1/3 of the initial difference of votes is deducted from each debater’s communication + intrigue, after which the totals are summed up. Each side rolls one d10 for each debater and sums the rolls up. The side with the highest total wins, and all debaters take a level of long-term fatigue.]
  20. Ich kann leider nicht am Samstag spielen. Am Sonntag kann ich erst 13 Uhr GMT anfangen, also eine Stunde später als normal. Wenn nötig, ihr könnt um zwölf anfangen, und ich kann später eintreten. I can't play on Saturday, unfortunately. On Sunday I can start at 13 GMT at the earliest; in other words, 1 hour later than normal. If necessary, you can start at 12 and I can join you at 13. Ps. Meine Frau ist eine Deutsche.
  21. Yeah, I agree that we probably shouldn't cruch it too far. I think Schwarzbart was more trying to get the principles of it straight, though - i.e. "can the Bazaar characters understand Arabic or not", which is not too crunchy.
  22. About the languages: Yeah, I'm fine with that. Few of the really old and badass magi in the canon materials are older than 150 years. I think usually people tend to gain warping from botching spells and stuff. Even if they don't, age is likely to get them by that point.
  23. If Yiddish is a specialization of high german, then wouldn't it also be possible to have Yiddish as language which would then mean you could speak high german at -1 (unless you have specialization in it)? I think this kind of a flexible system is the most intuitive with languages, rather than thinking it in terms of High German being "the" languages and the others just derivative specializations. I'm not sure what the books say about this, though, so might be I'm completely off here, and it's certainly different from how it works with the other abilities.
  24. Taitale (Autumn 1217) Taitale is an eccentric, wealthy Hyperborean genius who lost his Gift and legs in an accident during his apprenticeship. He runs a family business and works to discover the pattern behind the city's movement. He is friends with the senior magus Baruch, who has made him a flying chair that he uses to move around. Taitale has learned to disguise himself to look as if he was walking in case he has to leave the city. Image: Background: Characteristics: Int +5 (Genius) (Aging 2) Per +2 (Farsighted) Pre +2 (Booming) (1) Com +2 (Expressive) Str ‑2 (Plump) (2) Sta ‑1 (Immobile) Dex 0 Qik ‑1 (Thoughtful) (1) Size: ‑1 Age: 47 (47), Height: 115 cm, Weight: 35 kg, Gender: Male Decrepitude: 0 Warping Score: 0 (0) Confidence: 1 (3) Unused experience: 0 (max 5 /art/ab) Virtues and Flaws: Combat, personality, reputation: Abilities: Equipment and encumbrance:
  25. Yeah, let us know if it gets too bad.
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