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  1. Baruch reads Teach your apprentice: Imaginem Arabella learns True sight of the air from Baruch's lab text Taitale flies around, astronomizes, runs his businesses, and MAY study area lore europe if he manages to buy a summa in barcelona - failing that, he will write a book on philosophiae.
  2. Baruch looks slightly apprehensive. "Ah, that is a most generous offer, and mutually beneficial, given that we are stuck here for the time being anyway. Very well. We will look into this, although I must warn you that we are no quaesitores. "
  3. "I see. Well, Taitale will surely return everything upon request. As for the bear, you should discuss this with Aiden or Momo the cat. They reported seeing a spirit bear of some kind moving through the door of the captain's room. We never caught it, and it was invisible to me, although I did hear it roar."
  4. "Ah, your grogs must have forgotten to mention we returned the book and the telescope; we were merely investigating them to see if they could explain what happened. I cannot remember seeing any papers or money, however. Are you certain this is not a mistake? Perhaps Bashir or Taitale knows about them, they inspected the items more carefully than I. There was also an amulet of sorts there, which we also returned. " (Taitale would have returned everything, but we ended the session when the guards arrived. I am not sure what the papers are, did bashir take them too? If not, we returned them.)
  5. Baruch looks puzzled. "Theft? I was not aware of any theft. This seems odd - according to my sodalis Aiden the spirit that left the room was insubstantial, and as such it is unlikely it could have stolen anything. What seems to be missing, if I may be as bold? In case me or any of my companions are suspect, I propose that your men search our premises - as we have not left your hospitality in the meantime, this should suffice to prove our innocence. If any doubt remains, we will also gladly subject to magical interrogation. This matter shall not be allowed to tarnish the good relations of our covenants."
  6. Yeah, ok, post it in a separate thread or the fireside thread, maybe.
  7. Ok. I'm not sure how much earlier I can start Saturday, but before saturday might work.
  8. Damn, it just turned out I can play on Saturday after all! Sorry about that, either day should be good. Perhaps Saturday, then, if its better for schwarz?
  9. Baruch is not expecting to be accused at all, because the situation seems to render such a suspicion unlikely - two magi could have disposed of a mundane less conspicuously. He'll probably call for magical interrogation if it comes to that.
  10. A few points: Ring is +2, I think. You don't need touch on the spell if you already have circle. You could do environmental triggers on spells with The watching ward on core 162, but it's expensive and hard. If you can pull off penetration that actually matters, i.e. at least 10 or so, then its worth considering. Otherwise penetration 0 will keep mundanes out and you can bring family in by sharing parma, and you can have mundane defences against magi. Someone in the covenant or the city can surely help you with that. Turns out I can play on Saturday after all.
  11. Adrian: labs can be protected in a thousand ways - baruch could make a wind tunnel, for example. I think the protections are usually enchantments because you want it to work when you are gone, but a circle range spell should work as well if you design the circle such that it cannot be broken easily.
  12. I've given this some thought. I would prefer that the grading of the votes be as you suggested, but such that archmagi get 3 votes and pharaoh 4 or 5. That gives the pcs a bit more clout, but the older ones can still override them together. This makes for more interesting politics because the players matter more. I would also prefer that the elective possibility be added to the pharaoh - I think the other alternatives you listed are good, too, but an additional one would spice things up if antonius ever messes up or such. Do the others have opinions either way?
  13. Yes, I think one of ars magicas main selling point is in fact the strategy bit beetween the sessions, but it can be a lot of work. I think its a good idea to just use the character creation xp rules in that case. Would it help our u.s. players if we started an hour or two later? I agree that if someone quits, we should look for players - we might post on the official forum in that case, perhaps.
  14. Seems good. A few things: 1) I would prefer (for story reasons, mainly; I would like Octavianus to be a contender for Pharaohship) that the Pharaoh be an electoral position, to be selected from among the covenant archmagi. I think this would also go well with Antonius' personality in that it forces him to tread a bit more carefully with his authoritarian streak. 2) We will have to decide how this system interacts with the voting system. CJ proposed this in an email to me: "- - the model is a Council of Magi, with senior magi getting three votes, Junior magi one and Antonius 5. Baruch counts as a senior magus." Should it be that juniors get 1 vote; senior, journeyman, elders and covenant archmages get 3 votes, and the pharaoh gets 5? Or should it be more graded? I think that whatever way we do the vote count, we should use the decision-making rules in the example on Covenants page 35: some issues decided by the pharao are decided on majority of magi (i.e. everyone has one vote), some issues on majority of votes (i.e. older magi have more votes as outlined above) and some issues can be passed if two magi support them. This makes for more political intrigue, as Antonius can give the juniors more political clout on issues if he wants.
  15. I'm fine with not tying it to time - so Antonius or the council could award extra yearly grants of up to +4 (i.e. 8) for service, and above that the council has to decide, up to a maximum of +8 per year (i.e. 12 yearly). The senior / junior division would then only count for voting power. The council can threaten magi with the forfeiture of some part of the allotment if they don't follow the council's orders. I don't think Antonius should get anything from the covenant for quaesitorial work, that's not the covenant's business so much, but the +4 is for whoever is elected to lead the covenant. The leader also gets extra 2 votes currently. Edit: It's a little tricky to explain how Pistrello got up to +8 so fast, but maybe we can explain that by him being senior already when he joined, so they kicked him up a notch just to make sure he stays.
  16. I propose that the covenant charter's vis rules are currently as follows: Senior magi get 6 vis per year, plus 2 vis after every 5 Winters as senior magus up to a maximum of 12. This is why Pistrello gets 8 - he's been a senior magus since Winter 1209, so the first Winter he gets 10 vis is 1219. Baruch starts getting 8 in 1219 as well, because he's been a senior magus since 1214. Junior magi get 4 vis per year. (They also only get 1 vote in the council) To become a senior magus, one must have been a junior magus at least 5 years or have been a reputable member of the Order before joining (Pistrello belongs in the latter category), AND have performed a valuable service to the covenant (Baruch had to take the apprentices to Gauntlet, for example). This fits with the distribution and story CJ has given us thus far, but it can be changed with a council majority. Edit: Added the service requirement for junior magi.
  17. The elder magi claim the following amounts each year: Antonius: 1 creo, 1 muto, 2 perdo, 2 aquam, 2 auram, 1 corpus, 2 ignem, 2 imaginem, 1 mentem, 2 vim = 16 Octavianus: 1 creo, 1 perdo, 2 rego, 1 aquam, 1 auram, 1 corpus, 1 ignem, 1 imaginem, 1 mentem, 2 vim = 12 Karvith: 2 creo, 1 muto, 1 rego, 1 aquam, 1 auram, 2 corpus, 1 ignem, 2 mentem, 1 vim = 12 Pistrello: 2 muto, 1 perdo, 1 rego, 1 corpus, 1 ignem, 2 vim = 8 So altogether the NPC elders currently claim 4 creo, 4 muto, 4 perdo, 4 rego, 4 aquam, 4 auram, 5 corpus, 5 ignem, 3 imaginem, 4 mentem and 7 vim each year, so 48 each year. I realize this "averaging" system is a slightly silly way of doing it, but it saves us a lot of hassle with bookkeeping - let's assume they plan long-term and sometimes trade individually through Ramon for the stuff we don't have [should I give schwarzbart an annual average on senior trade for Ramon's salary or smth?] plus I've given the specialist elders personal vis source virtues for their specialties, I'll announce changes if I think the story warrants them.
  18. Nyaa: can you tell nagas what you intend / would like to know? I believe Nyaa has the story prepared already, so we'll do it like that. I'll run a story about our council meeting after schwarzbart's is done unless calpurnia is ready to return before. If calpurnia is away, you can choose whether you want to play corbenik or one of the senior magi. Corbenik wont have a vote, but he may be present and speak.
  19. Nagas: Is Calpurnia's adventure outside of the covenant complete? Do you think you could post it, or send it to Nyaa? He'd like to run a story about retrieving Calpurnia (I think), so he could use the details of what happened.
  20. Turns out I won't make it next Saturday. On Sunday at 12 gmt I'll be at a summer cottage again, and I should have internet access (about 95 % sure) so Sunday would work for me.
  21. Baruch ex Bonisagus, Filius Octavianus [at Autumn 1217] Baruch is a crouched, thin, bald Senior Magus who specializes in weather magic. His constantly worried expression has etched his face with a zig-zag of thin lines. He is accommodating and attempts to avoid conflict. Those who come to know him may learn to appreciate his exceptional intellectual curiosity and kind heart. He treats everyone, even grogs, with an unusual degree of respect. Picture: Background: Characteristics and other traits: Virtues and Flaws: Combat: Abilities: Arts: Cr 12, In 5, Mu 5, Pe 3, Re 12 An 3, Aq 3, Au 12, Co 3, He 4, Ig 3, Im 3, Me 6, Te 3, Vi 3 Equipment: Spells Known: Vis: 2 Pawns of Aquam, 5 Pawns of Creo, 11 Pawns of Auram, 3 Rego (Taitale ows 1 Rego) Personality traits: Curious +3 Kind +2 Careful +2 Sigil: Baruch's spells are accompanied by a sense of welled-up tension. Laboratory: Custom Effects: House Acclaim:
  22. Given that CJ finished his Big Story for now and seems to have time constraints in the future, I think we should consider explicitly shifting towards the Alpha-Beta and/or Pure Troupe storyguide models outlined (p.220) in the core book. This is how I think it should work: Players explicitly claim "sections" of the saga for themselves. Ideally, these should be sections that they are interested in themselves but that their own characters are not primarily engaged with (so they can GM sessions for such characters). The claimant then has final voice & responsibility concerning that section, but other players are free to use them as well. I, for example, might take responsibility for the senior NPC magi now that I have been thinking about them for my story any any case. Others may still use them for their stories and play them as GM as well, etc., but I'm particularly familiar with them so they can ask me if they want details on something. They also _should_ ask me if they want to expand on them somehow, such as making a story about visiting their lab. I am the final arbiter of what fits with my vision of them. I will also draft their stats, take care of their advancement, play them during casual encounters when I'm available, etc. We should also have a rules GM who is the final arbiter on rules interpretations. I think CJ should do that if he's OK with it, since he has the widest scope of understanding of the rules. This makes it much simpler to settle rules disputes than discussing or voting it over and over, since Ars rules are often ambiguous and it's not possible to rule out possible interpretations through hermeneutics alone. In addition to this basic infrastructure, we might consider having: A power level GM, who is the final arbiter of things like "what is the highest might of a player familiar at this point in the saga" or "can I incorporate this Badass Hermetic Breakthrough in my story" or "what is the maximum hermetic age of a beginning PC magus at this point in the saga". I think we have managed this quite nicely thus far without any system, but it might be helpful to have someone designated perhaps. Finally, we could have a "saga plot GM", who tries to weave things into a Grand Narrative of some kind, or at least tries to construct such a thing with their own stories. This would be something like what CJ has been doing thus far. It's not necessary to have such a person at all - we might just each do our own plots, and if someone sees a bigger picture emerging there, they might do a story that weaves some of it together. I think I would prefer going without a saga GM, but am not adamant either way. If people agree with my proposition to some degree, here's what I would be interested in claiming if no one else wants them: 1) The city's flying powers and where they originate and what maintains them 2) The elder magus NPCs 3) The Apollonian religion in the city 4) The history of the city on a grand scale (i.e. not going into detail with respect to single quarters and such, I've just got the broad strokes figured) If this kind of a system sounds good to everyone, I'll make a thread in the library where people can announce claims and I can keep the first post updated about who manages what. The good thing about this kind of a system is that people can themselves decide how much GMing they want to do, or if they want to GM at all.
  23. Answer to boat question from CJ: "It is broken. It will take a season for the replacement to be built by one of the magi using the lab text." So I'm going to decree the boat remade by the time we depart for Schwarzbart's adventure - although using Sedala & skysea for the trip is probably quite a bit more efficient still. In other news: When we go check on Antonius after the ritual, we are greeted by a flying boulder that narrowly misses us. So possession's still on; once we get back to the covenant the elder magi deal with it. By the time of Schwarzbart's adventure Karvith has worked his magic and Antonius is back at the covenant.
  24. Yeah, we should ask CJ what's up with the boat and Antonius. I think Baruch would vote for trying to find Antonius after we complete the ceremony, anyway - his guess is the possession might be over as we banished the drakes, and we can't just leave our covenant head stranded in the bush like that I might actually be able to incorporate the forceful repossession of the flying ship that attacked us as part of my planned "senior magi" story, depending on what outcome the players bring about with that. I'll ask CJ if there's anything more he can tell me about that ship. Schwarzbart: Why do you need the boat for your story? Can't Ramon bring us? Or does he plan to stay there afterwards, so we have to find a way back by ourselves?
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