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  1. Baruch and Taitale, together with Arabella, make a flying throne for Taitale so that he can indulge his adventurous side a bit more
  2. I presume the adventure didn't end yet, so no xp or confidence yet? Could someone post the log, I'm curious about the specifics of what happened
  3. Well, I presumed, quite reasonably in this case, "wizard did it" for the outrageous productivity of our agriculture. I was thinking more in terms of the exports and imports, which we know are limited by our transport. I guess your solution is feasiblish since olives, dates, apples, and (presumably) grapes together secure at least some antimarket power in many parts of the world. Let's keep it like that, i.e. those are our main products as before, so we don't have to go into it in any greater depth. We would have livestock, though, at least if the implication of "pasture" is to be taken literally. Can't be much of it in such a tiny space, of course.
  4. A little suggestion / question: Would it be OK for everyone if we decide that our city grows crops and animals from all around the world? This way the names of our agricultural quarters, like "dates and vines", are more metaphorical and do not exhaust the agricultural activities undertaken there. This is to alleviate a problem that keeps bothering me, as a dilettante economic historian, about our economy: it's hard to imagine how else we might be able to export the volume of agricultural goods required to import all the silver and other things our economy probably needs but we can't produce. If we just exported the things that the particular economy below us can produce by itself, we would have to export way greater quantities than we can feasibly move with our little mage-steered dinghy. If, however, we sell goods that the economy below us DOESN'T produce, we can use our antimarket position to leverage greater prices for them as luxury goods. This is quite feasible, I think, given that our city floats around and we might easily have picked up a few silkworms here, ginger there, and alpacas elsewhere. We could also have picked up the know-how, perhaps, through the conscious planning of the magi. This way we can always sell what the people below us can't produce, and consume the other stuff internally. This can only be done through conscious regulation, of course, but we have that in our magocracy.
  5. Great! Either should work for me. According to the doodle, Schwarzbart can't do Sunday, though, so let's stick to Saturday.
  6. Can someone make it on Friday? I mostly can't, I think.
  7. You think? For me it doesn't make a difference - most Europeans would be around noon GMT like me, so I doubt an hour in either direction would affect things for us. I think it's the Americans who are having to play at tricky times. How would such a switch affect them?
  8. I thought we might try if we could get a doodle scheduling system to work with the game - might make scheduling a little less of a hassle, if everyone can find the time to participate. I thought it might work as follows: Jot down whether you think you'll be able to make it on either the Saturday or Sunday of a given weekend between 12 and roughly 15 GMT. Update as necessary / possible. The default assumption is that we play every Saturday. If, however, it seems many people will miss a particular Saturday, but would make it on the Sunday of the same weekend, we will discuss switching on the forum. Here's the link: http://doodle.com/65ia74zewbha72w2
  9. Well damn. Ok, let's skip this weekend. Might be Nagash would have been able to come, but since we don't know, it might be a good idea to skip. I'll create an ongoing doodle for us - maybe that could reduce the timetable hassle?
  10. Yeah, since CJ probably hasn't read this, we'll likely have to stick to Saturday regardless. Let us consider it settled, shall we, so that people won't have to keep their schedules open. Nyaa: I think CJ'll be there as usual, but if not, we might play Schwarzbart's pub crawl and the beginning of my adventure. It's Winter, I presume, or if we downtime that, then Spring.
  11. I might be able to pop in for a while on this Sunday, but I can't be sure. Can't play after ~ 2pm GMT, in any case. Other Sundays should be fine, but I don't think we should systematically switch the day unless a) it benefits someone and it doesn't disadvantage more people that it benefits.
  12. Right, I forgot about Adrian, thanks for the reminder. If it's ok with you, I would like to integrate the pub brawl as the prelude to my Hyperborean adventure, when the time for that comes; it would fit well with what I have in mind. You could handle the combat, I could handle the narrative.
  13. Is everyone able to make it next Saturday? I should be able to, I think.
  14. Heh, thanks for doing that!
  15. Yeah, you're right. I don't think anyone has used the worst summae yet, and since CJ hasn't gotten around to officially adding them to the library, I think it would be fair enough (and a good idea, certainly) to replace them with tractati. Good thinking, Schwarz.
  16. Schwarz: It's on Covenants p. 18. Means that our citizens speak a language that is useful to us - probably indicates that they tend to know some latin to communicate between the cultures, or maybe that Hyperborean has uses beyond the obvious.
  17. Baruch takes 3 creo and 3 rego 2015.
  18. Yeah, we took two books; one of them Calpurnia is summoning some demons with (or smth), and the other I'm not sure about. Makara, Calpurnia?
  19. Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter if someone wants to do it on a seasonal basis - I'll do it yearly for my chars for simplicity, but might make sense to do it seasonally especially for the poorer chars.
  20. Another thing to note for winter; this is from your Paris adventure: <CJ> Makara has about 480 silver coins. Everyone else can have 36. <CJ> (you get that every year from the covenant Makara as a magus) So I presume the magi (notwithstanding possible seniority boni) get 480 silver per year, grogs get 36 in addition to upkeep. Since Makara and Silas already had theirs, I think we can presume that Makara, Silas, Calpurnia, and Class have already gotten theirs after the gauntlet as a sort of dowry. To simplify bookkeeping, I suggest we hereafter dish the monies out yearly like we do with the Vis. So the new magi don't get anything more this Winter; I get my 480, and if any grogs or companions have been around last Winter, they get their 36 as well. What about savings? I think those would be fairly individual. I suggest everyone can try to imagine what percentage of their yearly income their characters would be inclined to save, and multiply that with the number of years they have been employed by the covenant. Gus and the newest magi are special cases here, and probably fairly poor. Taitale isn't employed by the covenant, but he has the Wealthy virtue, so this probably wouldn't be too relevant in his case anyway - I'll presume he has 'nuff duff for most anything that's not ridiculously major. When, exactly, will the newest magi (Aiden, Dirk, the tremere) be considered as adopted for the purposes of money and vis? If not this winter, then by the next one at the latest?
  21. Thanks for looking that up, schwarz! I think helpax should migrate elsewhere, he can come visit if shades wants at some point. Also, I think CJ counted Helpax' parens among the 6 senior magi, but I'm not sure he is here - he was an infernalist, right? I'll msg shades to ask.
  22. I don't really know how the Aegis is cast (story-wise I mean) nor do I have a clear understanding of how the Vis would be decided. So unless you or CJ wants to / can GM that, we might want to abstract it for this year. I have a question, though: Does one have to be able to cast the longevity ritual one has devised in order to be able to use it? I'm guessing not, but it doesn't say explicitly anywhere.
  23. Yeah, I think I'll do something with the catacombs and hyperboreans, although I probably won't go into these deep enough to mess anything up. I'd have to talk it over with CJ first, but I'll do that when the time draws nearer.
  24. Also: Arabella is an apprentice without a master who has already had her arts opened, right? Could Baruch apprentice-snatch her, legally and magically speaking, if she were willing? If so, Baruch will try to assess her apprentice assets - smarts, personality, hermetic age and such - while he and the others are talking to her. If he concludes she might make for an apprentice, he'll suggest he would be willing to take her from Stephen and protect her against him.
  25. Schwarzbart: Do prepare the market one, I can do the city one if CJ is unavailable for a longer time.
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