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  1. Ah, yes, I can see your point there. It does make sense to exhaust the adventure potential. If CJ's absence continues, I could do an adventure exploring our own city at some point - we haven't had too many of those yet.
  2. Did you have something in particular in mind? If it's just to buy the stuff and fly back, I think it would be good to do it on the forum, and save the chat for the more dice-rolley stuff.
  3. Yeah, but it's one hell of an endeavor to get them that high.
  4. Yea, I think Schwarzbart is right, and he has also been doing a good job of taking some of the more menial things off CJs agenda. We should probably try to be as self-sufficient as possible, especially as long as CJs health trouble continue.
  5. Schwarzbart: That's how understand it, as well. If I remember correctly, the vis was just to boost the spell, because controlling the drake would have been so insanely difficult. But even with the Vis it wouldn't have worked - I think it's because magic theory limits the amount of vis you can expend like that, and the total was too high.
  6. Ah, I misunderstood you. I think the prevalence of good summae is to be expected, actually, since those would be the ones to be copied and spread most extensively.
  7. Schwarzbart: I was just leafing through the covenants book, and noticed our summae are within the guidelines outlined at page 5. The finest summa ever written thing is because you can't get beyond 31 bp within the guidelines, I think.
  8. Schwarzbart: I'm pretty sure he's dead. He was an infernalist anyway, so I doubt they would let him stay. Adrian: There's usually an annual allotment of vis each member of the covenant is allowed to take from the covenant's vis income. Usually private sources of vis are not allowed. So all vis is first gathered together, then some is dished out to magi, and the covenant as a collective entity keeps the rest. I'm not sure what our allotments are - maybe CJ could include that in the description when he updates the books and such in the covenant post. Or maybe there's some more unusual system.
  9. Baruch would read the Corpus summa; since he has seniority over Dirk, D would probably have to go with one of the other two. Edit: Scratch that; Since Baruch suddenly has an apprentice, he will want to have the Turb Captain teach him to teach. Dirk can have the summa if he wants, in other words. Taitale would work on his project. Scratch that, too - Arabella will teach Taitale Finesse in anticipation of his new toy.
  10. I already did, sorry for not mentioning it
  11. Anna: "Why did you and Gui try to run? Why were you put into the nunnery in the first place?" Arabella: "Do you know what Stephen's plan is? What does he want with all this?"
  12. Baruch will in fact learn two new spells, after having needed them several times on adventures: The aura of rightful authority (ReMe 20) and The call to slumber (ReMe10). He can just barely learn both in a single season, since we have the lab texts. Taitale will teach his children and get back up to speed on the data his children have gathered on the city's movement and stellar bodies, gets exposure.
  13. Nyaa: He didn't say he can't make it - I think he's coming.
  14. I think he meant he sprained his back, so not good If you feel like you can't play, CJ, just say so. Health is a bastard like that, keeps one from doing all the fun stuff.
  15. I should be able to do next saturday, as well, btw.
  16. Ah, you're right. But doesn't it say in the Fraternity description that "Initiation Scripts with a bonus of +7 are very common, but many variations exist."
  17. Mostly I don't understand how any of that works, but my cents on the 7 would be that isn't that the maximum bonus you can get per initiation? So you might get boni from several different sources, but you cannot get more than 7, i.e. cannot use all of the sources in all cases. Might be I don't have a clue, though, since I haven't even read the relevant books
  18. Schwarzbart: Taitale is Small Frame, so weighs only 35 kilograms, and has several sons who move him around. So he can get to the lab even if its not at ground level.
  19. Baruch: 4 1214: Adventure. Big Gauntlet; 14 [or 16, can't remember] (a) 1 1215: Exposure. Work on talisman; 2 (a) 2 1215: Adventure. Convent raid; 6 (a) 3 1215: Adventure. Nurenberg; 5 (a) 4 1215: Cptn Chabrias teaches Teaching; 16 (a) 1 1216: Adventure. Troll & hiccups; 5 (a) 2 1216: Exposure. Teach Arabella Magic Theory. 2 (a) 3 1216: Practice. Master Trusty Windspell for Fast-Cast; 5 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 (a) 4 1216: Adventure: Grande Finale Drakoensis. [also refined lab]; 12 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 (a) 1 1217: Exposure. Invent two custom fog spells; 2 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 (a) 2 1217: Book. Teach Your Apprentice: Mentem; 15 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 (a) 3 1217: Practice. Master The Aura of Rightful Authority for Quiet Casting; 5 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 (a) ??: Exposure. Teach Arabella Auram; 2 + correspondence on MTheory with Dirk; 1 Taitale: 4 1214: Adventure. Gauntlet ending; 4 (a) 1 1215: Exposure. Work on talisman; 2 (a) 2 1215: Exposure. Work on talisman; 2 (a) 3 1215: Exposure. Worked on project; 2 (a) 4 1215: Arabella teaches Finesse; 5 [max level 1, 2 students] (a) 1 1216: Exposure. Chair for Taitale; 2 (a) 2 1216: Practice. Finesse for flying constantly; 8 (a) 3 1216: Practice. Finesse for flying constantly; 8 (a) 4 1216: Adventure. Dragon Hits City; 7 (a) 1 1217: High priest teaches Hyperborean Lore; 13 (a) 2 1217: Practice. Finesse for flying constantly; 8 (a) 3 1217: Practice. Finesse for flying constantly; 8 (a) Arabella 3 1215: Book. Magic Theory Summa; 11 4 1215: Exposure. Teaches Finesse; 2 1 1216: Exposure. Chair for Taitale; 2 2 1216: Baruch Teaches Magic Theory. 19 3 1216: Book. Magic Theory Summa; 11 4 1216: Book. Ignem Summa; 21 1 1217: Exposure. Help Baruch in lab; 2 2 1217: Josephus Triceres teaches Latin; 23 3 1217: Book. Intellego summa; 14
  20. Wits

    Plot Notes

    I will post some notes about the main plot here from now on - might make it easier to get the big picture. Grand Narrative: In brief: It looks like Stephen Eruditus the Jerbiton Archmage and Stephen Langton the archbishop are conspiring with the king of France to invade England. There used to be a problem to that: No foreign army could invade England while three holy crowns were safely buried. Now one is not. One of the crowns was buried somewhere near Libellus and Long Melford. Edith and Anna's family guarded the crown. Stephen the archmagus manipulated their dad to dig it up. He went off to Tribunal with it. The crown was originally used to crown King Edmund 350 years ago at Bures. Stephen Langton the Archbishop sent Gui with a few monks to Bures chapel to avoid the curse of Saint Edmund for having the crown dug up. There is a chapel there called the chapel of the crown. Now King John has vanished and is believed by many to be dead, and the Archbishop will probably return to England Since the game started the Barons have forced King John to sign the magna carta, and then when he tried to go back on it they rebelled and have raised an army, and John has fled in to hiding or died. No one is quite sure where he is. KIng John has recently lost Normandy, Brittany, and much of his continental lands. He still has Gascony, but really the French are taking masses of Angevin lands from King John. He is desperate to reconquer these dominions of the English crown, before he only has Gascony and Calais left Remeber France is until about ten years ago a tiny little state with claims to a lot of land but no real power, and much of what we called France today is ruled by England
  21. Schwarzbart: Yeah, if you look at the true lineages book, you'll note that training two apprentices between two magi is in fact common with Bonisagi. They do a kind of synergy trick where each magus agrees to teach the other's apprentice, and the apprentices stay with one magi for half the time and with the other the other half.
  22. Baruch: Get Arts high enough to take on an apprentice (not too exciting-adventurous Baruch: Is kind of a goody-two-shoes, so help those in trouble or need. Baruch: Learn to stand up to Octavianus, or develop some more spine in general, or else just reconcile with Octavianus to a degree. Baruch: Somewhere pretty low on the priority list and far out in the future is to get good enough with Auram to do some badass original research on that. Taitale: Learn how & according to which logic the city moves. Find the secret library and apparatus that can help (he thinks). Taitale has been working on this for a long time already. Taitale: Find a way to move better, maybe get the magi to help with that (surprisingly urgent - didn't realize how limiting the cripple flaw on a companion would be). Taitale: Charm some ladies.
  23. I should be game on next Saturday as well.
  24. Ok, Saturday usual time it is. I'll probably have to go at around 14pm or so, but Baruch can always whisk away if necessary.
  25. Concerning time: If Mikka can't make it on Sunday, perhaps we should just do Saturday and I'll leave early. Another alternative would be for Mikka to come late on Sunday. CJ: What do you intend to GM next? If it's the Paris thing, then Mikka's character isn't down there (I think?) so it probably wouldn't hurt to be late. Mine isn't down there either, though, so one alternative would be to say "players whose characters aren't down in Paris, come at 13:30 GMT and see if we've wrapped Paris up by then".
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