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    Thanks mate! U're the best!
  2. odintsaq

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    Can anyone upload the .AMO file? Dreamweaver's link from post 88 does not seem to be working Cheers!
  3. Hello. You are exacly 6 days shy of being 2 years older than I am.

  4. Academagia Year 2 Mass Effect 3 Thief 4 Carmageddon 4 (these two are always on the new year wish list) No DRM as well (especially Ubisoft, synchronized saving and server response is driving me crazy)
  5. You have written patch 55 instead of 58 Cheers!
  6. It is one of the things I was actually thinking of proposing (especially the study options, once you've reached 10 in all your studies, or linguistic sections-professors for example)...
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