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  1. The Song of Ice & Fire series by George RR Martin - The most original, enthralling fantasy series I have read since Tolkien. He'll make you hate a character and then love it. Do not read if you want everyone to live. I'd rate it as late teen or above (above if you're my kid ) simply for some very descriptive medieval violence and some of that S word. It's coming to HBO next season as Winter is Coming. A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords A Feast of Crows A Dance with Dragons Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles: The Book of Three The Black Cauldron The Castle of Llyr Taran Wanderer The High King Man, I wish Peter Jackson would do these with as much love as he did the LOTR trilogy. Do not begin to think that Alexander's Black Cauldron is anywhere close to the horrible Disney-ized mockery of it. The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuin. The creators have already said this influenced them a lot. The first book (A Wizard of Earthsea) takes place in a magical college. Diana Wynne Jones: Howl's Moving Castle (even better than the movie!) Chrestomanci Cart & Cwidder A Tough Guide to Fantastyland Dark Lord of Derkholm There are so many I'm not mentioning. I definitely second anything by Bujold (be it her SF or her fantasy)--she's one of the finest writers I've read--the Dresden books by Jim Butcher and all of Robin Hobb. Try the Deed of Paksenarrion, the Herald series by Mercedes Lackey, the Deverry series by Katherine Kerr and... ...and I'd better stop before I start adding more!
  2. You can get detention from a daily encounter that goes wrong. Sometimes you'll be told that Professor X assigned you detention or demerits or a reprimand. I always check the rest of the current week and the next to see if I got a detention. Are you carrying several items? What's your concel stat like? You can get hit with detention if you have too many items on your person.
  3. If you're passing along ideas to the artist, I request redheads. Actually, it would be nice to have a black, brown, blonde and red-headed choice for each gender in each house. Also, I'm vain enough that I wish our player choices were at least as nice looking as some of the NPCs.
  4. My Social Butterfly character could get together with Emilia, Olivia, Neta and Amada and research flirting and dating! (I need to research those to 10 and see what the bonus is. Wiki doesn't say.)
  5. I ran and succeeded at a Potentially Crippling Route in the AM and in the PM. I was told each time I had gained 3 steps in Running (total 6). However, my increase only showed 3. I checked, and I only need 1 step to increase, so one of them isn't being counted. ETA: I've tried to Study at Longshade 5 times. Each time, my game crashed to desktop. Log shows, "[Academagia] - [2010-09-27T18:31:15.765625-05:00] - [Error] - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." This occurred when I clicked on the tan button at the bottom. I tried on two different days. Regular training and Study at V. Library have worked fine. I am sad. I like Longshade.
  6. Made a new character today, and intrigue is included as one of the benefits. I think it was one of the Family/History/Descendant options. One or two NPCs also give you a plus in Intrigue.
  7. Alright. I'll bite. Two words: Avelline Cincebeaux. GRRRRR. She really did a number on my student since she already was hanging by a thread due to high stress/vitality loss from encounters. She bullied me twice in a row! Plus put her special NPC whammy on me.
  8. I think Defile Trophies is broken. The description says, "A visitor to the Trophy Storage Room with Sabotage on his or her mind can - with Finesse and skill - inscribe messages of such spectacular lewdness on the trophies of any one given College that its collective Merit shrinks by 20 points." This sounds to me like the player should be able to select the college. That option isn't given. What's more, even though my character succeeded at the action (and earned the -2% detection penalty) none of the colleges had their merit points changed.
  9. Certain emotions trigger other ones if they aren't cleared right away. Anxiety is good at that. Always rest to get rid of the Anxiety. You may need to read the descriptions and build up certain skills (almost always social skills, schoolyard education, confidence, courage or awareness). You may need to do more than one if you've been whammied hard. Ask me how I know.
  10. One of my characters acquired Drive Carriage via explore. I can't remember what spot he found. I think it was the carriage station. You get an option to work there and earn pyms and skill. Piety can be had through Music, I think. At least, every time I take that course I eventually learn about the A-something Temple which gives you religious skills and improves Voice. Any time I see a skill I don't have in an option, I select it even if I know I'll fail. Sometimes that's the only way you'll ever get them. Some are few and far between. Also, keep an eye on locations and phemes which might temporarily give you a skill that you can train up. My frou frou gal got her courtly hairstyles/fashion that way. I'm not certain, but there's a random event where an NPC and you are playing Rimbal. She/he is acting strange. You get two Rimbal skills among the choices. I thin one of those is Rimbal Plays. I get that event pretty often. You can also fill out non-class skills even when you're not taking that class by selecting the skill options whenever they show up. You can even train them up to a pretty good level.
  11. Random Event Awesome Community 5: My "friend" (a female) talks me into going to one of Cirillo's games. I succeed on blackmail, after which I tell my female friend the wheel is broken. Then I buy HIM an ice cream to make up for it. Do you mean Cirillo or my female friend? If the former, that's okay. If the latter, then you need to have the pronoun selected correctly. ETA: Familiar Adventure Cat (What is that noise?): A successful Observation shows an ink well that can be used to get the student's attention. However, no option to use it is given on the next screen. The only choice is the one that existed before the observation.
  12. Hey, they were caramels! Very. Chewy. Caramels! It's too bad we can't add the caramels to our head or something and have them get used that way.
  13. I figured that was the case when Music took me through everything. I'm glad the familiar didn't get slighted. There was one thing on the Familiar portion. It mentions another familiar (friend, I think). When I clicked on the name of that familiar, all I got was the type of critter it was. I'd kind of like to have seen who it belonged to.
  14. And here I refrained from punning! I have another missing description. Just studied Enchantment to Level 3 at the V. Library (like how I avoided the spelling). Character went up a level and gained a rank in filing and learned about Violin. No description for Violin.
  15. Random Forge 12 says, "...grabs the horse by the reigns." That should be reins.
  16. I replied too soon and now the forum won't let me PM you again. Not only was I missing the familiar portion, but everything after it (familiar, best magic and dorm room. BTW, dorm room had random people my character wasn't friendly with at all. Then again, I don't think Phillipe should ever show up as a friend unless you have an 8 or above relationship! ). This time, the game ended right after "miss Academagia."
  17. I ran through this again. I have most grown skill, what will you do for summer, favorite class, help misc. student after which the ending credits play. No familiar.
  18. I don't remember anything about my familiar. Said what skill I increased most, went by the garden, thought about what I'd do over the summer, rescued random student. Did I blink too fast? #3 I like the other person's suggestion better.
  19. Very Last Day: 1. This should be in red or something with a warning to save your character. 2. Rather than choosing Morning, Afternoon & Evening actions allow the student to pick three NPCs they want to run into. 3. If not that, then show the results of that last day before final credits. At this point I don't know if it even matters what I select for my last day. 4. Kudos on thinking of two clique members to visit instead of random students (and for the random encounters to be with students you're actually friends with). 5. If you do have a rival, maybe provide an encounter with your lowest (one of the) NPC relationship. 6. It would be nice to do something/think of your familiar. I miss my character!
  20. Thanks! Study Monsters is a new one, isn't it? I was curious what it would lead to.
  21. I'm trying to Study Monster for the first time since I never have. My student currently has a 15 Zoology and a 5 Luck. The ability says it needs a Luck/Zoology v. 10 roll. It looks to me like I have a 20, so why do I keep failing? Also, it bothers me that you state this with a slash. To my math mind that indicates Luck divided by Zoology. Took me the longest time to realize you meant Luck+Zoology.
  22. Thank you! I bet a lot of posters will appreciate that.
  23. I just asked if we could have a separate forum area for these. I, for one, enjoy reading them. It would be nice to have them all in the same place. I'm sure a lot of posters haven't even seen the ones in this thread.
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