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  1. Many players (including me!) have submitted write-ups about their characters, be it as letters, journals, or just stories. Would it be possible to move all of these into one area? I believe the bulk of them are in the No Reload Challenge thread.
  2. I typed up a long entry describing this, then reread your reply. Duh, you'd already confirmed it. Silly me. Thank you. I remember a lot of pheme talk awhile back and thought that had been included or I'd have mentioned it then. For what it's worth, the mis-pheming doesn't happen all the time like it used to, so whatever you did improved things tremendously.
  3. Yep, I'm all patched up. Although I figured my character could not Guard the Mallen Star. It might be confusing to someone else (why award the action/ability if you can't use it). Also, phemes still don't get set right when you cast a spell. For instance, if I cast 6th Finger twice in a row and add muscle in the first and strength in the second, the first spell will reflect both Muscle and Strength while the second spell has no phemes. Likewise, sometimes if you try to add two different phemes to one spell, the spell conveniently forgets one of them as you scroll past. I shouldn't need to back out umpteen times just to reset my spell until the game finally gets it right. I know that was mentioned before, but I thought it was supposed to be fixed in CP2?
  4. Hmm, does the description say that? I admit I only scanned through it. Here's another blank description: Creativity 2 granted Painting. No information was provided.
  5. My character visited the Tapestry Room and came away with the ability "Guard the Mallen-Star." That would be fine, except the description specifically mentions Aranaz students. My character is in Morvidus. Not sure if the above is a bug because of that.
  6. Mumbles

    Hang Out

    Drat. I was afraid of that when Befriend didn't unlock it. Guess I need to wait for phemes to increase some of the needed stats to avoid three-step increases.
  7. Mumbles

    Hang Out

    Argh. I can't remember what I need to get this ability. I thought hang out was unlocked when either Befriend or Gossip was brought up to 10. My character has Social Skills, all Gossip and all Befriend at 10s, but no Hang Out. What does she need to do? Is it School Survival at 10? Thanks!
  8. Here's mine. I goofed on the last name, so Aria acquired a cousin. I decided to go a completely different route. She is my social butterfly, increasing flirting, dating, flattery and intrigue in lieu of more useful skills. Name: Aria Solari Fitness: 1 (2) Finesse: 1 (2) Charm: 2 (3) Strength: 2 Intelligence: 1 (2) Insight: 3 Luck 1 (2) College: Morvidus Classes: Revision, Zoology, Botony, Dialectic, Enchantment, Music Astrology: The Comet Omen: Shattered Mirrors Family: Sports History: Artisans of Some Skill History: Descended of Traitors Prodigy: Center of Attention Prodigy: Social Familiar: Cat (Pyewackit) Friendships: Bitter Hatred Friendships: Male Students Wednesday, Athonos 10 Dearest Mama and Papa (and Marco!), Be assured that I arrived in Elumia none the worst for wear save for a queasy stomach from some rough weather the Mermaid encountered as she traversed the Shining Sea. I am sore disappointed. We encountered not one pirate! I know folk say pirates are a tricksy and dangerous lot, but I do so think they look dashing in those loose shirts and stompy boots. The port at Mineta is everything I could have asked for. My eyes, ears and nostrils were assailed on all sides by a flurry of bright colors, cacophony of music and voices and aromas of foods from all cultures. It quite made my head ache. Due to a particulary favorable headwind, the Mermaid arrived a fortnight ahead of schedule. As this was during break, the Academagia was nowhere near able to take on a new arrival. Most of the staff had deserted the institution for the summer, including the cooks! I resigned myself to starving. Worst, and unfortunately for me, a rival school had waylayed my papers. The sea marshalls refused to allow me outside of the docks proper until my proper provenance could be verified by the Academagia itself! Let me tell you, I quite felt like one of Auntie George's musty old antiques. You may have guessed that I was not the only student so afflicted, and you would be correct. Several of us found ourselves stranded thusly. Even some parents were caught in the hullaballoo. The Sea Marshalls did their duty by us and provided barracks space until such time as our credentials could be provided. Now, Papa (and Marco since I know you're reading over Papa's shoulder) please do not burst a blood vessel at what I must next relate. Due to a clerk's horrendous handwriting rendering my name as "Ario" instead of "Aria," I was assigned to the--oh, there is no easy way to say this!--to the boy's dormitory. Naturally, I spotted the error at once, but when I complained to a functionary, I was told the paperwork had already been filed and I must make the best of things. Besides, he said, the girls' dorm was full up. The fellow did take pity on me. He made introductions between me and one of the harried fathers waiting with their sons. The gentleman, a Master Jaconelli, vacated his private room (an office transformed to bed chamber by the addition of a cot and chamber pot) and bunked down in the common room with the other lads. He admonished the boys to be on their best behavior and treat me like spun crystal. Hah! I'm sure Marco recalls with no fondness the myriad bruised shins I've given him over many a friendly rimbal match. Do try not to snicker too much at the vision of me as fine lady, dear brother. Still, the boys remained quite gentlemanlike. Some were quite cute I grew quite fond of all of them, sort of brothers away from brother, so to speak--though none could replace dear Marco. Master Jaconelli's son, Luti, is a fellow rimbal player. We managed to improvise a shortened field along the pier and hold a few fast and furious, though water-downed, games. I'd say the rival school's plot was the best welcome I could have had if it was not for the reaction of a few of the girls, who refused to accept the handwriting mix-up and spread some...rather unsavory...rumors about me once we did arrive at the Academagia proper. I'm sorry to report that I've been painted quite the flirt. Matters were not helped by Cousin Olivia, who, eager to prove she was not one of those Solaris let slip that I, on the otherhand, was. Immediately, my rivals branded me as a traitor. As if that was not outside of enough, several students, mostly girls, shunned me entirely. Olivia was charmingly contrite once she realized her mistake, but the damage had already been done. She insisted on setting things right. I will never again call Olivia a social butterfly, for, with a bit of help from myself and another girl from her school (Emilia) she conducted a counter-campaign that quite turned the tables on those cats Rikildis von Kiep and Joana Lio y Rossollo. There are those who still judge me for something my great-great-grandfather did, but most students after an initial wariness now treat me as any other new arrival. Honestly, I simply do not understand why I should be blamed for something the old fellow did in his youth. After all, there's no proof that Prince Hadrian wasn't the eldest twin. It only made sense to support him. I know, I know, Mama. Victors write the history books. Still, I find it all quite vexing. Papa, I am sad to say that your letter of introduction to Forge Mistress Illumia had no effect whatsoever. In fact, she sniffed, tossed the parchment onto a pile nearly as high as her head and informed me in no uncertain terms that she and only she would be the judge of my skills and I would train as all the other 'prentices until such time as she deemed me worthy of finer work. I had the impression she was a bit put out with me for daring to put myself forward in such a fashion. That is a setback, but I will endeavor to impress her with my skills as is my duty and not let the family down. Professor Chastellain, on the otherhand, seems quite impressed with the schooling I have had to date. So, Papa, you did not throw good pyms after bad when you hired that composer to tutor me in the arts of Voice and Lute. I do so wish I could lose myself in the music instead of hammering away at a hot forge! My other classes go quite well. You will not be surprised to learn that Zoology and Botony are my favorites, though I find Revision absolutely fascinating just as I'd thought. Well, Dear Family, Pyewackit has taken to eating spare parchment so as to alert me to the fact that the dinner bell has rung. I must say adieu, though I promise to write again soon. Papa, if you could advance me a few pyms on my allowance, I would be so ever in your debt. One of the school's grizzles slobbered all over my best robe and I am unable to rid it of the stain. Until then, I remain your loving daughter, Aria p.s. I'm blue! I knew I should have dodged that Henning boy's potion! p.p.s. Olivia seems quite taken with one of the boys. Normally, I would never tell tales out of school--hah! A pun!--but this Cyrus fellow strikes me as quite...smarmy, not really the thing. Please don't mention it to Tante Chlotilde yet. I promise to keep an eye on Olivia and not let her get into too much trouble.
  9. Rats. I liked it the other way since it takes forever and ever to build up your familiar's relationship with you. I suppose the money and object make up for it. Also, Level 6 Journalism teaches you about expose. When you click to read more, you get a blank screen on the right. ETA: Same thing for Investigative Report
  10. I automatically changed my evening slot when it was set on Detention. I don't want to get reprimanded for skipping it. Unfortunately, I saved before I realized what I'd done. I don't see Detention listed as a selectable. Is it?
  11. Drat. There went my plan to have Olivia be Cyrus' little brother in disguise, who followed him to the Academy against family's wishes. The real reason s/he stalks him so much is out of pure hero worship and/or jealousy. I guess the old trope is usually a girl pretending to be a guy, though.
  12. Legate, I don't know if this is a bug or not. Before when I selected Town & Familiar, the overall Familiar Bond increased by one. The last time I did (I chucked that char. for a different reason) only the Stars Bond was increased. The overall bond was still at zero. Which is correct?
  13. The description for Courteous Gestures (don't know why that action is coming up so often!) says if successful, you get a +2 relationship bonus with a member of the opposite gender. So why did Emilia Picotti attempt--and succeed--at using it with Olivia Solari? Is there something we don't know about these two?!!!
  14. This was mentioned awhile back, but the poster didn't have the event number. Random Event Tavern 7 reads: "Instead, he crumples the note and snears." It should be sneers.
  15. Well, drat. It took me a bit to check the Adventures for my first duel. Maybe Philippe is just a coward? Seriously, it does sound like a bug.
  16. About the dueling, I only used it once and that was awhile ago, so this is from memory. After declaring your vendetta, you must select Adventure. You'll find an adventure (can't remember what it's called) about the duel. During that adventure, the combatants set up a place and time (mine was in 2 weeks). The event is marked on your calendar. When that day arrives you'll go to the duel screen. Note: Make sure you check out the spells you want to use and the necessary phemes. You will need to add each pheme to your palette before you can cast the spell. There was no description for phemes or spells at the time I went through this, so it was pretty rough. Maybe roll-overs have been added since. I should check that out one of these days.
  17. I just checked. Neither of the 2 remaining clique members were in negative relations with any of the old clique members. Some were as high as 4. My character lost members she had 10s with. That just seems...weird. That's like your best friend telling you they hate your guts and never talking to you again. Mind you, they are thirteen, but still. Please do implement those changes. I'm sure other players spend a lot of actions getting their cliques built up. It's no fun to have it disintegrate and not have the option to stop it. This is the first time this has happened to me through many characters and always large cliques. Only one other time when Joanna got friended did I have a problem. That time t here was a warning pop-up. I was under the impression the player was always asked to choose sides.
  18. I don't understand what you mean. Make a choice? Why didn't I know this was happening so I could try to prevent it? Who made the choice? My character or one of them? As a player, I would like to know why/when my clique is destroying itself. Also, the clique did not splinter when I first wrote this. It wasn't until a couple days later that I noticed I was missing them. When I first checked (when I noticed the family bonus was gone) all clique members were still listed with me.
  19. This happened to me again in a big way. I have Emilia Picotta and Emilia Strolin and Hector whatshisface (+3 Bond guy). I have a few others who added skill stats, but I've built those skills so aren't sure if they disappeared, too. I first noticed when my parental approval dropped from 31 to 11 with no explanation. Then I was checking my familiar for something and noticed the 3 Bond was no longer there. Next, I looked at character stats and saw that Charm was back to 2 instead of 5. There aren't any negative emotions. Everything was fine until sometime during Hinosi. Unfortunately, past days for whatever reason don't show the parental approval, so I can't pinpoint when that changed. Note: I had another weird bug just before I noticed this. I'd keyed up the Muffler's adventure, the "Get to know your familiar" adventure and a third one (can't remember--probably standard Aranaz one). I only received the Muffler's eating adventure (which was selected for the afternoon) and none of the others. I noticed the messed up stats after that, but not sure if they're related. ETA: Now the only people left in my clique are Aymeri and Emilia Stolin (still without the parental bonus). The other clique member are in a group called the Night Flyers. They are Emilia Picotti, Hector, Silke, Carmine, Ana Flavia and Montague. All of these people were in my clique. There was no notice of in-fighting or notice that they left the clique. No one is there who wasn't in my clique (i.e., who stole them away).
  20. Random Event Hidden Room 4 After saying "to the student who needs the luck," you have, "{NEED TO ADD ITEM Jade Necklace}" on the next page.
  21. Random Event Familiar 15: After failing to use Conversation and then Revision, student is told, "...by the time you track down (?) and convince him to...."
  22. Obviously, my character is your typical Aranaz lead from behind type of person.
  23. What does that mean for my character? Anything bad? I didn't friend Emilia until the afternoon, so that's probably what happened.
  24. The report said I was successful in befriending Emilia. Olivia didn't attempt to befriend me. I figure she must have befriended Emilia at the same time my character did. How dare her group trump mine! So weird. Oh, well. So long as I get the bonuses.
  25. This is a first for me. I don't know if it's a bug or a game mechanic I have yet to see. I attempted to befriend Emilia P. on my character's first day. I didn't think it worked because I didn't get a pop-up asking for a clique name. The end of the day tally told me I had succeeded in friending her. I checked out the clique and was surprised to see it was called The Beautiful People and that Oliviia Solari was part of the clique. If I remember correctly, Beautiful People is the name of her clique (or maybe Emilia's). I did walk away from my PC for a moment. Did the game revert to the NPC's clique name when it had no input from me?
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