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  1. Sorry. I wasn't very clear. I meant I'd stick with Pamela since I don't spend a character point on her.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I thought I'd gone nuts. I'll stick to Pamela until Patch 4.
  3. Did Bond go away? My familiar still has it listed in its skills, but when I try to train familiar (three separate times) the Bond parent skill is not there. The trainable abilities go from Blackmail to Botony. Does the familiar need to have its Familiar Kinship raised also? I don't remember doing this before. My character has a 3 in Familiar Kinship. She's also had the familiar adventure with her mentor. And, heck, I'll ask again. Any chance of keeping the original Adventure names for the entire adventure? It gets confusing if you're running more than one Adv. since new ones pop up all the time. The old, "My adventure is the fourth one down," rule doesn't stay true.
  4. Thanks! It freaked me out a little when I saw her in my clique. I almost reported that as a bug, then I realized that just because I've never had it happen before doesn't mean it can't happen. Wouldn't she have had to befriend me, though? As I noted in my edit, our relationship is at zero. Or maybe she's friendly with another member? ...or she infiltrated our super duper top secret clique meetings, mimicked our secret handshake and hung out so long we all think she's a member! Maybe she's a spy! Or a monster in disguise! Or...maybe my character's been hitting the books too hard. So, even if a student beats the Block Puzzle, they don't always get merit for the school? I must have misread the description. Thanks for the speedy answer!
  5. I'm new enough to the game that I haven't experienced nearly all of the variables. It's quite possible these are features I simply haven't run into before. Three things have stuck out since installing the update today. (Hint: I did delete and reinstall the game first.) 1. Oriabel Sidot suddenly is a member of my clique when I didn't befriend her. Is this normal, a new feature or a bug? 2. A lot more cliques are being formed by students. Is this due to Befriend being available from the get-go? 3. Last, I know the Block Puzzle is not nearly so glorious but my character beat it twice and the school never received the promised 5 merit points. She still only has 1 point in Puzzles, but that could be one of those weird step skills. ETA: Just checked. Oriabel has 0 relationship points with my character.
  6. CP1 - Character Creation: This occurred with five different new characters, two from the very beginning and the other three from using the in-game screen to go back and make a new character. I didn't notice the duplication on my very first character, so I don't know if the process of using the in-game screen somehow spawned the duplicates or if I scrolled past so quickly they didn't click. Bad Luck Magnet appears 6 times as choices with the same color text. Friendship Bitter Hatred also appears 6 times.
  7. When I wrote my original comment, I hadn't run into anything with a specific female angle. The flavor I'd seen so far in-game had all been geared more towards male characters, so I asked. For you whippersnappers, I'm an older player who back in the day was always forced to play male characters or female ones that only were ever provided with male options. So, when a fun game looked like it might have made a similar mistake, I wanted to ask. I'm glad to say now that I've played a bit more and been given a little more lore that this does not seem to be the case. Cyrus was good friends with my character before the adventure began. I figure she has that, "don't try that on me," attitude towards him. The adventure says it's testing ways for guys to woo girls, not general dating info. That's why I say a female character may not be as interested in knowing if that works or not (other than the "be on the lookout for some sleaze trying to use this on you" angle ). Also, what mirror? Does my character have a mirror someplace?!!! I
  8. Noooooooooooo! I just learned about the Block puzzle place! Figures. Kidding aside, thank you very much! Can't wait to try!
  9. Tease away! I meant my female character isn't as interested in attracting other girls as she would be guys (though some wouldn't mind, I know). Darn. I thought it would be funny if Cyrus was really trying the theories out on her without her knowing. It is cute how the characterss act like kids instead of appearing to be much older. I remember seeing the bully girl adventure but have never done it since I've never cottoned to her character. My main problem with the Cyrus adventure is that he talks to my female character as if she's another guy. It felt weird. Anyway, I'm glad there's equal opportunity. I just learned something about girl conversations somewhere or other, so that's good.
  10. Maybe it's my imagination, but my female character seems to learn a lot of skills that should be of more interest to guys (i.e, the dating skills). Somewhere along the way, I know you can also learn about Gentleman's Handbook or something like that. She's also currently helping Cyrus Dawes with an adventure. So far, Not a big deal. It's just a little weird. Do students pick up skills that sound more female oriented later on?
  11. Well, shoot. I DL-ed it. I must have had a senior moment and not installed it.
  12. I repeated this twice. Went to Killikki (sp?) shop to sell items. I had over $500, sold a few items. Returned to school. I now only had $94 pym and no new items. That is, I didn't accidentally buy anything. Returned next day to same shop. Sold $1180 worth of items. Came back to school and now have ZERO pyms. I'm pretty sure you don't sell items to lose money!
  13. I have one. Don't rename your adventures as you progress through them. It's difficult to tell which adventure you were doing if you return to that after taking a few days off to train or do something else. Keep to the names. If you want to, you can add Phase 2, 3, 4, etc., to them.
  14. Thanks, everyone. After the initial reply, I have attempted to cast them. I think it was Glory (the one my mentor said was easy). I thought it would be useful since I was attempting to get someone new in my clique. I haven't succeeded casting it even after several attempts. (I'm past midterms). I tried adding in phemes on occasion, but those never worked. I wish the Wiki or FAQ or manual addressed spells and locations in more detail. My mentor told me about them ages ago and there's no easy way to go back and find out which encounter with her it was and reread it. Heck, since that sounded like a request, It would be great if I didn't need to back out of my action screen (sorry, don't know what to call it) in order to double-check information on locations and/or NPCs when I need to select one. I'll keep plugging away.
  15. I'm new to Academagia. I understand (sort of) the difference between Train and Study and even Research. I do not, however, understand when or why I'd want to cast a spell. I looked at the manual and also the You Tube tutorial and didn't find what I was looking for. Help me out, please? _________________________________ P.S. This BB questions the spelling of the game.
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