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  1. the easiest method is to train up the library knowledge subskill (parent skill research) as it provides library of the longshade at 3, library of the mantle star at 6, library of manetele at 9 and the sphinx's room at 10 while the sphinx is by far the best (as pointed out), manetele (1 to choice, 1 to random revision, 1 to random forge but no skill check) can be useful before you've got the skills/spells necessary to reliably pass the skill check for the sphinx thoughtful study (natural philosophy 2) is an alternative although getting the necessary subskills unlocked can be difficult
  2. most of the time when you have a skill check the subskill in question gets unlocked whether you succeed or fail (unless i'm mistaken) personally i tend to leave adventures until after midterms by which stage my character has a broad range of skills (i'm somewhat of a reload-abusing powergamer so that by then i have quite high skills, several quite high stats as well as significant amounts of gold/glory) i've also found spells to be invaluable when doing the later parts of adventures with skillchecks vs 25+ (i think) popping up
  3. easiest way is usually to cast any of your spells while adding a pheme that increases the subskill in question alternatively quite a few can be unlocked by making use of the passive abilities of some locations
  4. (using patch 8 with hotfix) is this adventure line working as intended? -i seem to remember the "spy school" and "where's the pixie?" adventures being essentually the same ie i found the pixie under the bed in "spy school" yet had to find it again in "where's the pixie?" -after being told about the pixie armour by aymeri i went off and found it on my own to give back to the pixie yet afterwards i had to capture the pixie which apparently proved my loyalty to aymeri which led to us both going to a lake to find the armour (i found the needle with the odd "hidden exit for investigation 1" option) -as an aside there also doesn't seem to be a stat increase reward at the end of it all which i had previously assumed all the student adventure lines had (emilia picotti even has 2 giving a total charm bonus of 5 if you have her in your clique and fully complete her adventures) sorry if this has already been addressed or if i misunderstood the sequence of events
  5. hedi includes glamour as a compulsory
  6. how about going for hedi instead of vernin? it seems a much more appropriate college (note that each college has 2 or 3 mandatory courses) i personally would also take revision as i think that it fits the concept of general spellcasting better (rather than of a particular type) and it later provides access to a location which opens up the enspell skills (which fits the bill even more)
  7. Aranaz - beware courtesy Avila - tyranny shall not prosper Durand - courage and hope Godina - wherever the foe Hedi - speak quietly of riddles Morvidus - friendship is the treasure Vernin - prepare i think that's them all
  8. was having a gander at familiars during character creation and came across a couple of things: -the snake familiar has 6 extra stat points as opposed to 5 on the rest -the faux dragon, doll and ferret only have 1 starting adventure while the rest have 2 -both rabbit starting adventures are Familiar:xxx quests while the others have 1 Familiar:xxx and 1 normal while any/all could be intentional i thought it would be best to ask just in case
  9. just a small thing but, on the topic of character creation, when picking backgrounds which add to fitness/vitality it appears to only add to max vitality so that you start with less vitality than should be eg if you choose a character with fitness 1, family:sport and prodigy:physical you start with 2/6 vitality
  10. i was casting an investigative glance at the character creation section and came across a few things: *** before i begin however i'm using the following assumptions - each backgrounds should offer a 6 skillpoint (sp) bonus - stat+ =4sp - stress/vitality+ =2sp - +1% =1sp - +1 to action =3sp - familiar stat+ =2sp - familiar skill+ =1sp - named location =2sp there's a few others but those should be the main ones *** -heritage:auncish ("recieve") -omen:shattered mirrors (stat+1%+3skills=8sp) -family:sports (stat+4skills=8sp) -family:wizards ("by selecting this background, you learn about each of the magical sciences (incantation, negation and revision)" implies there only are 3 magical sciences in total -history:artisans of skill (stat+3skills=7sp) -the station backgrounds that grant pims do so in addition to 6sp -deeds:town and familiar (didn't notice bond increase, at least not when checking familiar stats after just arriving) -academy:clameil school ("you gain 1 in each revision skill" - does not name each subskill as done elsewhere eg prodigy incantation/negation) -apprenticeship:page ("by selecting his action" - typo, i believe it should be by selecting this background -apprenticeship:student at arms (stress/vitality+3skills=7sp) -discoveries:courts (named locationsx2+1skill=5sp) -exploits:merchants of llice (50pims+5skills=5. i find it difficult to say 50pims=1sp as in one of the status backgrounds you receive 6skills+200pims+50parental approval) -exploits:shipwrecked (stress+5skills=7sp) the following are very minor and can be safely ignored to be honest -when using "by selecting this background", sometime the word "background" is in caps while in others it's in lowercase -with the exception of the discoveries/exploits and friendships screen, all backgrounds start with "by selecting this background" escept the following: inheritance:family heirloom familiar bond:exotic prodigy:negation inheritance:preservation of high society
  11. sorry, was off having a closer look at character creation i'm not sure what specs you're looking for but i'm using xp sp3 and .net 3.5 i also found that the problem persisted even when the content patch was installed with none of the code patches as an aside when i was checking through character creation i noticed a handful of fairly minor nitpicky things: -it's possible to pick "deed:town and familiar" and the familiar training backrounds without having a familiar (the backrounds will still affect pamela though) -the remaining points displayed on the bottom-right button will not go over 10 even if you do not assign any stat points and choose a backround giving you an extra point (although you do receive the point it just doesn't display it) -"history:famous campaigners" was a bit vague on how many points are added to famous battles and confidence -"inheritance:a spy's stealth". just a minor detail but i found that the use of "(a subskill)" and "(likewise)" in brackets and unusual choice as i don't believe they were used elsewhere during character creation -"exploits:exotic blackmail". "and therefore to your blackmail parent skill" seems an unnecessary addition that i don't believe is used elsewhere in character creation -"familiar training:helpful spy" was a bit vague how many on how many skill points in total were gained -"academy:vihuela school of music and magic". it seems odd that the fact that it cost 2 backround points was stated after the lore as opposed to after the effects as is done with the 2 familiar training backrounds
  12. for me it appears that every time i check the "content package" under mods it adds an extra instance of the new backrounds in character creation ie the first time it is checked after a fresh installation it adds them but after exiting the game and starting a new game resultings in them being added another time. starting a new game without checking the box does not add another instance but the ones that were present are still there
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