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  1. Bah! Sorry about that then. I'd skimmed for it, but clearly skimmed the wrong places. Carry on.
  2. It's a minor bug, but could annoy new users: When starting a new character, the first choice you're given is whether or not to read Gera's letter. If you select the option to read the letter now you get a dialog screen that says you're about to read the letter, but after that you're pushed to the scheduling screen as if you'd decided not to read the letter.
  3. Following up on Woe's experience, a note for those uninstalling because they had Content Patch 1 installed: The uninstaller seems to leave that in place (the "Mods" folder remains after the uninstall), or at least my Impulse version did. Reinstalling to the same location would leave that mod in place and confuse the game. The solution: After uninstalling, remove the Mods directory manually, then do the reinstall.
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