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  1. Sorry for the late reply, haven't been here much.


    Let's make this official: The Shadowrun mod is on hiatus.


    It's the same old reasons for any hiatus: time, money and hardware failure. A few months ago a virus trashed my system, I lost a hell of lot of data, including all the work I'd put into the mod. In addition I'm juggling my time between work, study, Elwin's game, and general living, there's not enough room to fit the Shadowrun mod in there. Give it a few years, I might come back.


    If it's any consolation, development using the engine Elwin invented is continuing. It's been dubbed the Transient project, hosted on Sourceforge, but its still at the pre-alpha and design stages so there's no public demo. We are looking for new members though, so if you like dark fantasy-cyber-urban-horror fiction, or want to stretch your dev muscles on the forum, go here:




    [/end shameless advertising]

  2. You make a hack/new Editor for this game or a complet new game?


    Elwin is suggesting a completely new game, with an engine customised to this project, which I suppose means it wouldn't be an Academagia mod anymore.


    It's a very tempting offer, but we'll see which engine this mod will get a demo of first.

  3. Speaking of inventory space, how about certain equipment slot can only be unlocked through surgeries?


    I still have to experiment with this, but I think inventory spaces may be hard coded in Year 1. Thats not to say that certain existing spaces can't start as disabled (or more accurately, all the items for a slot require the surgery before they can be used).


    Year 2 and Elwin may not have this limitation though.


    Overall, very doable.

  4. Schwarzbart;


    I can't guarantee how effective initiative will be, since I suspect most combat will take place in adventures, so it's up to the writer. The best I can do is link most of the Combat skills to Finesse and Expand that through Cyberware. This may change if Year 2 comes out with a huge and fleshy monster combat system, or if I migrate to Elwin's surprisingly flexible engine.


    Good call on the implanted weapons. For drones I was thinking of having a vehicle skill and a programming skill that could be divided for drones, or Matrix skills could provide a bonus to Vehicle skills if you had a datajack.


    Quality is certainly doable, but what do you mean by Fabric wear?




    Had an idea: how about a hybrid system wear a one-shot action installs the basic cyber-wear, like a limb or internal computer, and spaces on the inventory screen are enabled that allow interchangeable accessories, like a weapon or wireless uplink?

  5. 4) Nope, I've been under the radars for a long time already. Perhaps we should move to the PMs? Also, we can communicate through Skype, GoogleTalk or ICQ, whichever service you prefer.


    PM it is then, I'll contact you tomorrow.


    Back to the Topic:


    What do people want to see their Cyberware do? Simple augmentations like thermo-graphic eyes that Expand Insight? Or more complex, situational stats like maybe a Thermo-graphic Vision trait that pops up in adventures as an investigation, allowing you to see someone leaning against a door listening to you, or to negate the difficulty of seeing through smoke?

  6. ASCII maps and exploration are already supported as well :). Also several types of combat - Fallout-style AP-based with a map and turn-based without moving around while in combat (A'la Wizardry or Final Fantasy series).


    Sounds fun, is it included in the demo?


    Oh, and is there any kind of AI designed or implemented?



    What do you mean by three column format? In theory, I can try utilizing something different than default 80x25 console, although I'd prefer not too - text looks the best while it's 80x25.


    I was thinking stats on the left, main view area in the middle, and something informative on the right. A list of hotkeys or maybe a context sensative menu.


    One last question, since its late for me and we've kinda derialed the thread a bit: is there a website or anything where I can watch development or discuss this further?

  7. Press <Escape> to confirm your choice of a character.

    Source code - sure.

    Restriction: zero graphics :).


    Any chance of mouse support?


    What do think about throwing in some roguelike RPG type exploration, using maps in ascii style?


    Seriously, what do you have against graphics? Or at least seperating the console into a three column format or something?

  8. Take a look:



    It is pretty functional already, even though this exact project has almost no content in it (I am really bad at making game content). But there's some pretty beefy stuff supported internally; the only problem is, all current dialogues\events are hardcoded, since I had no need for externalizing data in one-man project. The bright side: syntax for dialogue\event files wasn't decided yet, so if you ever take on the offer, we can work out a universally convenient description format. Bad side: you aren't getting any GUI, all the writing will have to be done in good ol' text editor, though I will be able prepare some templates.


    Dialogues themselves can set\read global triggers and counters, take in account your spells, items, skills, stats, make RNG rolls, call trader window and combat mode, and, of course, can always be expanded upon, so you'll most certainly have more than enough to play with :).


    p. s. Music and sounds are supported, graphics are not and won't be.


    Is the demo supposed to do more then cycle through three screens, or am I doing something wrong?


    Are you willing to share the source code?


    And what's the restriction on graphics?

  9. Also consider that there's nothing 'unliving' about mixed genes, so what would it do to your essence and magic? Imagine a shaman that uses surgical and genefixing techniques to alter himself into an image, mind and body, closer to his totem. Should he lose essence for becoming unnatural?


    Those are some interesting questions! I feel that while gene splicing may not technically be unliving it is most certainly unnatural, same as all forms of bioware. I believe one of the books (can't remember which, 3rd ed Street Magic maybe) described essence loss as something like moving further away from your Astral Image, which is a byword for your soul. Basically changing your physical form through invasive surgery or gene splicing would cause your body to be dissimilar to your soul, thus making it harder to overlay your spiritual existence with your physical existence. In other words you would be further removed from your soul. Or something like that.


    As for a shaman emulating his totem, I'm reminded of some of the trials you had to go through to learn Meta-magic. It sounds like a spiritual journey of transformation, where you sacrifice some of your raw magic (through essence loss) to learn more about the nature of magic (by gaining meta-magic techniques). That could make for an awesome story if done right.


    Just my 2 cence.



    I love Nightmare-ware, but it opens a can of worms. For instance, the remote-control drones thing is liable to induce the cyberzombie decay of body and/or mind (which I don't recall being especially mythical, but something that the corporations would occasionally force on people to get a high-functioning, fully expendable asset that is dependent on them).


    I suspect that the rules are different in some of the latest 4th ed books, which offer full conversion cyborgs (at least I think they do, I haven't read them), but usually packing yourself with ware didn't make you a zombie, just briefly insane and then dead. A true cyber-zombie was an abomination, a person whose spirit was bound to their own corpse, capable of magic with tons of Nightmare-ware augmentations. They were so heinous that they would warp astral space around themselves, making magic impossible.


    I haven't a clue about remote drones. I hope to include them, but I don't have many ideas yet.



    I'll chime in with a remark that if a project ever comes to halt due to Academagia modding limitations, I'd be much obliged to offer my (ASCII, console-based) Academagia-imitating engine and my coding skills as a much more flexible alternative


    Now there's a generous offer! Do please tell me more about your engine.

  10. Design Update: Cyberware


    Cyberware, and later Bioware, is a huge part of Shadowrun. Firstly it's the great equalizer for mundanes against magic. Secondly it permutes the setting in every way, you can't walk down the street without seeing someone with a robot arm or fake eyes, and public opinion spans the full range from revolution to idolization. Thirdly it's an excellent metaphor for the dehumanizing effect of technology run wild, and part of the larger theme of being manipulated by things far greater then the individual.


    Basically it just isn't Shadowrun without the 'ware. So how are we to model this?


    I've three questions that need to be sounded out before deciding, chime in if you have any thoughts or opinions.


    1) Do you want your Cyberware to be permanent or interchangeable?


    This is the difference between cyberware as a one-shot action and cyberware as an item. As an action it allows you to keep your inventory free for other things, though I don't know what those things would be yet. As an item you can use the convenient body slots in the inventory screen, take advantage of the shopping system, and probably mix and match effects in a more flexible way.


    2) Do you want to see Essence and Magic loss?


    A huge part of the whole dehumanizing thing is that it's literal. Essence loss means that every piece of 'ware you use take another chip from your soul, bringing you closer to the inanimate machine that The Man wants you to be. As a side effect it also takes you further away from the living force of Magic, so mages lose their powers in addition to emotional death.


    But we don't necessarily have to do that to the player. Would you prefer Essence Loss without the Magic Loss? Or the option of becoming a magical cyber-juggernaut with no restrictions at all? Or would you like to go all the way to the extremes and become the mythical Cyber-Zombie Shadowrunner? Vote your favorite, and we'll decide how to implement it later.


    3) Finally, how extreme do you want your range of Cyberware? That's a wide open question I'll sub divide this one for ease of use.


    Nightmare-ware: Do you want to replace your hands with steel tentacles? Wear cyber-limbs proportioned closer to an elephant? Mix your genes with cats, lizards and bears? Scoop your brain out and live though remote controlled drones?


    Subtle-ware: Do you think Cyborgs should have more subtle assets? Like bone reinforcement, discrete implanted data-jacks, pheromone enhancers, replacement limbs that look and function like a very healthy human?


    Side-effect-ware: Do you think that having parts of you that you knew weren't real would drive you mad? Do you think that forcing unnatural powers on your body should provoke a bad reaction? Things like Wired Reflexes that make you faster then lightning, but twitchy and prone to moving before thinking. Bullet proof skin that removes your sense of touch. Eyes that can pinpoint the hairs on a fly from a mile away, but get bombarded with Spam advertising when you walk down the street.


    Fashion-ware: Cyberware thats just for fun. Things like skin that changes color with your mood, Cat ears for no reason, or a masterfully sculpted bum. The kind of things that you would expect bored young people with lots of money, no sense of style and access to high tech surgeries with a hankering for the bizarre.



    :phew: Long post.

  11. I just wanted to say that although I don't know what advice to offer I am nevertheless watching this thread with interest. Not only does a Shadowrun mod seem like a cool idea, I'm also going to mine threads like this for techniques and information to use in my own efforts at modding.


    Excellent, more modders can only be a good thing.


    And if you can't contribute to this project directly, you can still post your own experiences around the forum. It's still the early days, so it's like an untouched wilderness waiting for hackers to discover it's secrets.


    But enough talk, let us mod.


    For Science!

  12. Figured this was a more appropriate thread then the High Tech, Low Life one.


    So today I installed Academagia to a new directory and didn't install any patches. I installed the published from scratch Shadowrun official content and ran the game.


    It sort of worked, it loaded successfully and I could start a new game and enter name and attributes, but the System Error message box popped up while entering the name. Regardless the game ran fine, I joined a college, I could see backgrounds (although I think I'm forced to use the Academagia standard background types. My new background types didn't show up. Not good.) and classes and associated such were all there.


    Then I installed an older version which had a college but no classes. It worked just fine, no error messages. No skills either (but they are in the file), and no background (though a custom background was in the file), no images (because none were set up), and classes were still scheduled. I spent some time playing, classes seemed to be treated as if they didn't exist, there was no detention for skipping and I got as far as the weekend before it crashed for no clear reason.


    And just for fun I installed patch 11, rationalizing that since the patch was released with the mod tools, it should be the most compatible. With both versions I got as far as the opening adventure and then a System Error and crash.


    Research continues.

  13. try filling in a few other details, such as an Instructor for the Classes, the Legate for the University, and Regent for the Colleges. Essentially, make sure that all information on the General tabs are filled in. Possibly, you may want to make a Background for each Background Type as well.


    Done and done, though most of the entitites do nothing or Expand Stress. I've replaced the OfficialContent folder with the published file, start a new game, and get a message saying application will be terminated.


    Has anoyone been able to get a blank official content file to work?

  14. You can run a quick test, though- create an AMO with all the requirements except Classes, and see if the Client will run without. You may be able to get away without any Classes at all...


    And with that, he did.


    I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it takes less then a minute to publish Official Content if it has practically nothing in it. The bad news is that I can't start the game with any combination of the requirements listed above.


    Legate, are there any requirements that you haven't told us about?

  15. If nobody minds then I suppose it will do. Lifestyle assets can be handled a similar way, go on an adventure and be rewarded with a garage.


    Another important thing, I gather from this post by the Legate that Daily Classes are mandatory.


    The game requires several things- a University, Colleges, at least 6 Classes, I believe.


    Can anyone think of ways around having classes, or of ways to use classes in a Shadowrun setting?


    I was thinking of making classes like “Eating” “Sleeping” “TV” etc. or integrating them into the Lifestyles somehow, but these are silly ideas. Anyone got a better one?

  16. Schwarzbart, so you'd want to see something like this once a month?



    <Coffin Motel Event>

    Main Text










    An electric shock jerks you awake and your head slams into the ceiling a few inches above.


    You rub your head awkwardly but the coffin is too close to your sides to reach properly.


    A green light is flashing into your face, you blink until your eyes make out the words on the screen.


    “Reservation Expired. Renew Y/N?”


    The coffin gives you another painful shock just to check your awake.


    Exit1: Say “Yes”

    Test: Money => 100

    Success: You pay for another month of claustrophobia in a can and are rewarded with the smiling face of a corporate logo. The light in your eye thanks you for shopping at Aztechnology Transit Hotels and hopes you'll enjoy your stay. You turn your head and go back to sleep.


    Add or Retain Emotion: “Life in a Coffin”.


    Failure: You briefly see a message flash on the screen “Error: Credit Exceeded” and then you're rudely flushed out of the cubical.


    Looks like you need to find somewhere else to squat tonight.


    Expand Stress

    Remove Emotion: “Life in a Coffin”

    Force Start: Lifestyle Event


    Exit2: Say “No”


    You crawl outside and leave.


    Remove Emotion: “Life in a Coffin”

    Force Start: Lifestyle Event




    <Lifestyle Event>

    You're shopping for new digs. What do you choose?


    Exit1: Just pick a building that hasn't fallen down yet. (Street Lifestyle)

    Add Emotion: “Life on the Streets”


    Exit2: A high density, fully automated Coffin Motel. (Low Lifestyle)

    Prerequisite: Money => 100

    Add Emotion: “Life in a Coffin”

    Reduce Money by 100


    Exit3: An apartment in the hotel district (Middle Lifestyle)

    Prerequisite: Money => 500

    Add Emotion: “Life in Boringburg”

    Reduce Money by 500


    Exit4: The penthouse suite of a full-service hotel (High Lifestyle)

    Prerequisite: Money => 1000

    Add Emotion: “Life at the Top”

    Reduce Money by 1000

  17. Hey guys, just to let you know I've started hacking things together for the Shadowrun Total Conversion.


    Thing is I've hit a snag, and I'm liable to hit some more as development continues, so this thread is to discuss workarounds for everything that goes wrong, anything you'd really like to see, adventure fluff submissions, questions and whatever. Just toss in any idea you have, and someone somewhere will find it useful eventually.



    Lets start with this: As part of the mod, I'd like money and lifestyle to matter.


    For money, I need to reduce money regularly and track the amount of money to do stuff like increase stress when you can't pay rent, etc.


    For lifestyle, I need to be able to effect rent (the amount of money regularly removed), be able to change lifestyle (from homeless, to poor, to middle class, etc.), and provide an effect for each lifestyle as a way to encourage players to move up the list.


    I can't think of how to simulate this behavior in the mod tools. Any ideas?

  18. Woe;


    Off hand, I believe negative Attributes are possible. Skill Steps increase the more negative the Attribute is. If an Attribute is 0, Skill Steps required are (I believe) the same as if it were 1.


    What about a Fitness of 0 or less? Will that result in a Max Vitality of 0 and a constant illness?

  19. I have a compatibility request:


    Can you pretty please not use the system's default color schema on the mouse over popups?


    The reason I ask is that I prefer to use a red on black scheme, but every so often theres a problem where the text and background will be the same color, like black on black. That's happening with the new mouse-over windows on the attributes and adventures.


    It's trivial to change my color scheme to Windows default and back, but it's annoying to do that all the time, and the Windows colors are ugly. It's more important to someone with serious color blindness.

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