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  1. So I've been poking around the files, wondering if there's a spell of thread necromancy anywhere , and I found a bunch of stuff that don't seem to be implemented either in-game or in the mod base. Can you tell me what these do, what they're supposed to do, and maybe how an intrepid modder might enable them? Starting from the tab menu: 1. Monsters 2. Sound 3. Newspaper Issue 4. Investiture 5. Memory 6. Nickname 7. Display 8. Default Rumor Description
  2. The ban just means don't get caught doing it, but if you can teleport everywhere your not likely to be caught easily. The other two just make it hard to learn, but it only takes one person who's willing to teach others, or at least prove that it's possible, and the knowledge spreads. Now if you can only ever teleport once per day, that's a proper restriction. Similarly, if like in the Terminator you can only teleport your butt naked self, or if you could only teleport to a place in direct line of sight (your natural sight that is, telescopes is cheating), that would be a good reason why teleportation doesn't rule the world. But even then there are applications that would give a huge advantage to the user, and inevitably other people will see their advantage and try to gain it for themselves. And once the knowledge spreads, humans being both curious and greedy, the restrictions will be relaxed as science pushes the boundry. That's why I don't like teleportation, it represents something like the invention of the computer, the automobile or even the wheel. Too big to handle.
  3. I've been think about this, and decided I'm against teleportation. It's the kind of thing that beats suspension of disbelief to death unless it has some huge restrictions on use, and even then it's a huge thing that can change an entire setting. Think about how awesome pirates in flying galleons are, and how much they'd cry if everyone just teleported to the next flying island instead of making themselves a choice target for pillaging. You don't want to see a grown pirate cry, do you?
  4. I found the holiday a nice change from the usual “To Be Continued...” adventure format. But I agree with Schwarzbert, it was a bit drawn out, especially for a forced event. Unusually easy as well, but maybe that was just my build. I find myself wishing (again) that adventures would force-start the next adventure in the chain when you passed and exit when you fail. Would fit the Venalicium Library adventure like a glove. By the way, is it just me or are the new DLC3 era adventures a bit longer then standard? They feel more self contained.
  5. I'm curious, have you found the event that takes place on , the one that has maybe 10 or so decision points in a row? If you have, what did you think?
  6. Yay! I've been waiting for this since patch 3, now I can play again.
  7. Adrian, Were you loading a saved game? Saved games seem to store all the images for some reason. Counter intuitive but there you go.
  8. Hey Nyaa, I just wanted to thank you for making that post. Everything makes sense now!
  9. Great progress! The list in the Idea Pool is getting a bit big though, are there any objections to adding a modding section to the Wiki?
  10. Ok, finished with the locations now. Fairly exhausted. Fingers hurt. Go, bug test and edit. :collapse:
  11. There's an issue on the wiki that I'm not certain enough of to fix myself (much as I'd like to). What are we going to do with Research Topics? Some of the discussion is here, I'm hoping it'll get more attention if I post it on the forum. All opinions welcome.
  12. Erthael: Yay! We're now one fourth of a Zombie Ninja Monkey Pirate! Kudos to you.
  13. Thank you very much .H. this is a great help.
  14. I might be having this issue with "Escape the Old Stocks" ability. I get the Lockpicking bonus but nothing else.
  15. Aha! Found one. Email sent. On closer inspection it appears that the border fade is missing, causing the picture to overlap the text.
  16. It's only happend during random events, so it may take a while to get back to you with pictures.
  17. Maybe an attribute system (grade = (attribute + avg sub-skills) * Study Level) or [ ½ Study Level + (average sub-skills) ] or something. Anyway, specialization shouldn't be a focus in year one, at least not compared to the real world. The students are only about 13 so they should be Grade 6 or 7 equivalent. But I will concede that specialization does make the game more fun. Just not realistic. Maybe this is something for the mods.
  18. This thread raises good points. Suggestions to the devs: 1) Can you patch year 1 so there's some kind of immediate reward for getting the highest marks? Maybe a point of Glory? 2) Can you change the parent skill to rely on an average of all your sub-skills?
  19. I like my music the same way I like my games: weird and wonderful. So for playing Academagia I put on some classical tunes like Vivaldi and the Carmena Burana. For normal relaxing I like powerful sounds like Korn, Godsmack, Soil, The Dark Side of Phobos (based on the game Doom, awesome stuff), and for ambiance I like James Brown and Optimus Ryme and maybe some game sound tracks. So yeah, eclectic.
  20. Go for it. Here is as good a place as any.
  21. Actually they seem to have a random element. Can anyone confirm this?
  22. Groovy, but don't just keep the guys to yourself, post the file name so I can map them. By the way, I think Emma Watson is about 20 now.
  23. Name: The Very Quickly Customise Portraits Before We Get The Tools mod Content I refrence this topic Adding Customized Portraits Using this technique, could we start a project to improve or replace all the in game pictures? Maybe insert some cosplay photos or to prepare some resources for future mods? Edit: In aid of this project, I'm maping the pictures to the file code, post your findings! First player portaits: Aranaz Female Portraits 489498b6-c801-44c2-9b9b-842af493b6d9 115bd84c-1b3c-4f92-8098-d4f727acdd05 Avila Female Portraits ce042c4f-402f-4abb-8d3f-a953cc3a79a3 8525b86b-8ca1-46cd-b298-bbc38191c625 Durand Female Portraits 820fead7-8117-4960-95ab-fb67293647e3 e8bff217-814d-4d29-9614-bce866d0bac9 Godina Female Portraits 382cb079-114c-40cb-9535-06e564c3fd9b 2bb9781b-1c39-48d8-af77-3b98b6545008 Hedi Female Portraits cc2164ec-f947-4492-bc33-c692fd0c6513 b3b5885f-939d-48bb-8654-41b6bc58fdac Morvidus Female Portraits fa6c7515-911d-4af7-b357-87910f91f42c d91b66df-8b1e-46ac-bd7b-4ccc65f9f3cc Vernin Female Portraits 26e35025-530c-46a2-a9d9-357e8b4105ed c8053ad5-dd53-4234-baa5-d7db3d58d3b3 Aranaz Male Portraits 4b0130ac-f7f3-4d8d-b5c3-81b8384c8f37 0724936e-1d70-416b-a677-7b794b1c29aa Avila Male Portraits 736175f5-f90d-449a-9a37-673fd6446a89 f294e390-2038-481f-9ebc-7940c5dcf5f3 Durand Male Portraits 7ca6a510-02da-403e-97f5-6d1202e9cb1d b45f9073-c6df-402e-b569-a07de69cb965 Godina Male Portraits 2efcf2c5-38d1-419e-bcf2-f218d3f86892 79676f19-90e8-4baa-932d-e537a86002e9 Hedi Male Portraits f294e390-2038-481f-9ebc-7940c5dcf5f3 5bfe6c45-4b21-4f4b-9364-8ff05469bf2b Morvidus Male Portraits 15d789f1-f256-4b6d-9760-22fb716e71c3 e9c99b20-a383-4274-b32d-b10aa432f1bd Vernin Male Portraits 622163e6-3b1c-4150-89e9-6027933e9162 5f36ca33-fea7-48e7-9f11-1fb4c31c9c6f Second the Students: Work in progress! A * Alan Driscoll - b0b242b6-3c18-4b90-8f66-39e12b907826 * Amada Kiffer - c20e8b28-638f-41f6-bf39-7b3eb2776f4d * Ana Flavia Bessa - a36d2c7b-5e46-4ae8-98d7-d6835399d8a0 * Asmita Tidar - cea406c4-fc3f-464d-9acd-016a17252122 * Ausdauer Mollers - bcdf9278-a331-4d45-937a-78698fb3110c * Aveline Cincebeaux - 115bd84c-1b3c-4f92-8098-d4f727acdd05 * Avgust Kostrodyrets - 62aadd00-f1ab-4317-b792-82c9b473b76c * Aymeri Couer - fc1054f4-5b95-41bf-ae6d-2fd87bf669d5 B * Basia Rydz - afa69e75-322b-419b-805f-f02282b807d5 * Beatrix von Wetgen - 8e8ce5ab-5bbf-495f-88bd-fe4887be5b23 C * Cante Caviti - 518a4035-fed4-4606-b16a-51f727b192ac * Carmine Sturzo - ee0bc8d8-3871-409e-8ff8-7fae4981e9b5 * Caspar Pfeuffer - 18b78358-dc25-4629-92bf-a53b424cdb4f * Catherine Chard - ce49cd57-2c6a-48ee-acf6-f6e57bebd5a9 * Cinzia Ammacapani - 7753e1a9-f5db-4757-bc89-1cefb8d45734 * Cirillo Laziosi - 467d96dc-66bc-48ae-a035-63adc5062d43 * Cordelia Troublepot - fc756290-7330-49c8-a6f1-f8f56faa6802 * Corradin d'Alfi - eeb23127-8c3c-401c-a74a-86547aa4cbdc * Cosetta Re - caa0e169-769d-4dea-9f4c-e5b51e1a2ca0 * Courtenay de Surval - 1fcc8765-48ce-4257-b70b-e11eae6118c9 * Cyrus Dawes - dcc35df2-299f-4717-ad92-b8ed82d4df4b D * Durand de Thiomines - c729f501-403b-4e0b-9c23-e8a464ca179d E * Eduard Solov'ev - fdd023b8-765c-44b2-a4e6-e9dfaf489baa * Eliana Carosi - b5bb0333-8378-442d-b9b6-1e313894be0c * Els Rottmundyn - ac503e98-42f6-4dab-856d-df1a87e995f8 * Emilia Picotti - c185d639-1b03-4398-9448-f9fb9c2dc724 * Emilia Strolin - 433fde1f-31db-4a25-83c2-fac02930285a * Everwine von Zoedorf - 87e98f85-8bb3-4bd9-bc02-4004713d476a F * Flore Yveuillet - a56058b5-3253-4c23-a9c0-23869cffacf6 G * Girars de Periarde - 1c1e3d56-4d46-4933-a807-3ce66e5741fa * Grainne Inneith - 43aad914-682c-4849-943e-31b8c678de9e * Gwendy Zuyder H * Hector Per Vittoria - d005472e-8870-4a0c-aa05-2320e7ddb4b4 * Herbert Downes - b820e0b0-e140-45ef-bbd9-16423f1a42fc * Honors Plafox - d224f7bc-eb30-4fb8-81f6-e29ac9ef2f02 I * Irene Oxina - 6689d2ff-46e6-4701-9bf4-dcf4801bd95a * Isabeau Glorieux - 39fbb811-fccc-4c09-a49e-1d41dc491435 * Iustus Venture - c099bac6-bd68-4aea-be56-24ccda20b6de J * Jere Niemela - 80d3fe16-ffcc-4eae-a39d-48d4fe6a1a52 * Joana Lio y Rossollo - 1187d493-5bd2-4533-b07d-9ee7c2723e73 K * Katja Quinnecht - 9a42c647-94eb-439f-8588-920c11511be5 * Kurt Henning - a2105a80-b8cf-4fa1-ba7f-06b62e4f6e0f L * Lambert Cobo - a8281086-1435-4c4c-ba40-d985deae53b8 * Leopold Rassent - f25035b9-f8e5-4367-a29a-ba5c7a734f36 * Llarina de Avuel - f1360e6e-d279-4971-9446-159559e57777 * Luti Jaconelli - d4758a6f-954e-4ac5-969b-d2b99cb9811c M * Mairgrete Strakley (Female, Morvidus) – 4cadde54-e9d3-477e-be5d-ada4a3b5735f Third the Teachers: Evdokseia Valenta (teacher) - 3ad3e3c8-b34d-438f-84e3-c8108b5de49b Lisle Aventyrare (teacher) - 2cf8da86-d6ef-4c28-a2d4-e8ee7936e539 Contzel Ringraeyer (Teacher) - 2ba40bd5-fc08-4fb3-b242-14849d2971d6 Tarvixio Sido (Teacher) - 8493734e-8e31-4489-8814-4b0e8e786946 Matain Leith (Teacher) - 38a8e233-810a-4f40-9534-994420c55e8c Rieulle Chastellain (Teacher) - 970d4d77-6849-42e1-a5a3-574e1dca89c5 Regnault Pachait (Teacher) - 7183872b-96b5-4515-bbc8-868d57f31224 William Vickery (Teacher) - 02bc0665-9e51-4c2d-b326-c25f1638a4af Fourth are misc pictures of interest: Pirate face with saber - 625d1f8b-d79c-4660-8632-7c1f4d26eaca Skeleton holding a Wand - 0d9f1b35-12a5-4ac1-b3e6-1da9f13782b8 Edit: decided not to make a mod wiki due to a suddan lack of free time.
  24. I say we do the same as I did to items and spells, only categorize the location and actual effects. Structure the categories like this: Locations - Locations by Skill -- (Parent Skill) : for locations that modify the Parent skill --- (Sub Skill) : for locations that modify the Sub-skill -Locations by Area -Locations by Ability -- Active -- Passive For each location you just add the skill categories they modify + area (e.g. Academagia Grounds) + Active / Passive Ability + top level category Locations. In fact, as long as there are no objections, I'll probably implement it myself in a day or two.
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