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  1. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but the size and position of some of your new pictures are a bit off. Some of them are off to one side, some of them overlap the first line of text. Using a 1024 by 768 resoulution and standard font size, if that helps.
  2. Well if you really, REALLY need to know, there is a way to replace existing portraits. Warning: I ain't liable if this corrupts your game, for loss of data or if your computer explodes. Neither is Black Chicken Studios. If something goes wrong, re-install and start from scratch. Step 1: Find your picture. Portraits and all the other pictures are stored in the folder Official Content / Resources. You'll see a lot of files with meaningless hexadecimal names. Open them using a program like Paint or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, this will show you the actual picture. Keep doing that until you find a picture you want to edit. Hint: I suspect that the portraits are between 40 kb and 65 kb in size, use that to narrow down your search. For the purpose of example I'm using file 4cadde54-e9d3-477e-be5d-ada4a3b5735f which is the portrait for Mairgrete Strakley. Step 2: Back up For the love of tiny kittens, BACK UP YOUR FILE! That done: open your file in Paint. Draw a mustache on the picture. Save the picture as BMP. Remove the BMP extension. Copy the file into your Resources folder, and overwrite the original file (you did back up, right?) Step 3: Start a brand new game. Changes only take effect in a new game. Now go look up the picture you edited e,g, look up Mairgrete Strakley in the Relations screen. Step 4: Profit. By the way, if someone feels like compiling a big list of portraits to file codes, I and the modding community would be grateful.
  3. Is it just me, or are the students of Varni more competitive? Every game so far, Varni has had the most merit points of all colleges, whether I'm in it or not (mostly when I'm not ).
  4. This typo got me all excited for nothing. The Library of Longshade "... spend a turn at the desks gain 11 Step Extentions to thier Choice of Subskill..." Experience proves otherwise.
  5. Ok, got my Locations over Lore thing to work. What I did was reinstall the game, then reinstall patch 2 and it's hotfix, then install the Consolidated Patch 3 over it. Are you sure this is fully cumulative? Or have I misunderstood what cumulative means? Edit: Aha, I think I found the problem: I didn't make a clean enough uninstall the first time. I reinstalled to a different directory and installed only the Consolidated patch and it works perfectly. Ignore the method above the edit, it gives you duplication errors.
  6. Wow, you guys are fast! I applaud your customer service. One thing though: "9) Locations now appear before Lores on the Lore Tab." This doesn't appear to be the case in my game. I checked the content mod, if that helps. Edit: Started up a new game, no content mod: same thing. Reinstall patch: same thing. Reinstall game, reinstall patch: same thing. Does it work for anyone?
  7. Not sure if this is a Bug or a Suggestion, but should The Athletic Field really be an Active Ability in Content Patch 1? I mean, why would someone use a time-slot to remove 2 points of Stress when they could Rest and remove all Stress and restore Vitality as well?
  8. Sorry, I didn't record how I unlock things on my first playthrough, but I *think* it's Astrology. I have 12 Astrology and 10 Planets, Stars and Theory, 8 Moons and 4 Comets, and it's not a Study Level (because I don't have that class). And I mis-reported before. It's actualy a 3 skill-step expand of Playfulness and Art Appreciation, 1 point towards a relationship of your choice, and a possible expand of Glory. All permanent. It can be cast once per day. I'll add it to the wiki at some point. Edit: Wiki is done: http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Fill_the_...ars_%28Spell%29 And another quick suggestion: Can you remove the action "Correspond" for characters with the Background: "Black Sheep", since it does nothing for them? Edit Edit: Another quickie: Could (or would) you remove all the locations from the action confirmation screen that don't have a passive ability? Except the Character's Room, of course.
  9. Too ambitious, I know, but the first post does say there's no limit for craziness. Name: Total Conversion Mod: Draco In Leather Pants (because Evil is Sexy) Content: Mentioned on the original Modding Team thread, this is the Grimdark Mod. Replace all the wizardry and light fantasy with their darker, sinister counterparts from folk legend, witch hunting and cultist mythology. Blood magic, demon binding, sacrifice and a strong incentive to kill off the other students before they kill you. While were at it, some intrepid artist can create some pale and evil looking student portraits. And hopefully we'll keep it Rated 15. Remember the Sith Academy in Knights of the Old Republic? That kind of atmosphere. Name: Total Conversion Mod: The Academagia to Shadowrun Mod Content: This is just a pipe dream unless their happens to be a lot of fans of Shadowrun pen & paper RPG here. Shadowrun is slanted towards realism, so it has a huge variety of skills and rules for every situation (kinda like Academagia does). It's a cyber-punk dystopia setting that combines low sci-fi and high fantasy, focusing on independent (and mostly impoverished) agents who risk their lives under the inscrutable and amoral employ of waring Mega-Corporations. Shadowrun allows everything from militant cyborg mages to anarchist Elven mosh-rockers to millenia old dragons with thousands of intricate conspiracies. What we really need here is a story line that can bind the whole thing together. Name: The Mundane Mod Content: Change the calender to match the real world, change currency from “pims” to $s or something, maybe implement some Harry Potter or Urban Fantasy style parallel worlds theme where magic hides in the shadow of the real world. Edit: I just can't bear to take this off my wishlist. Name: The Summer School Mod Content: Basically something to extend the game after the year ends, somehow or other. That done, the more Summer-type events we can fit in, the better. Also we can raise the difficulty for the Summer events, since the player will have a certificate in first-year wizardry and badassery.
  10. I'm not quite sure this is the topic for it, but I've found a few typos: Character Creation phase 2: Omen: Shattered Mirrors “... your Intelligence Attribute is goes up...” Heritage: Merillien extra paragraph for no reason “...and modern Meril is generally </p> considered to...” Inventory: Spy Glass: “... ever suspected someone was talking about you but couldn't hear this, this spy glass ...”
  11. Could you change the way player portraits are handled so that we can have portraits be independent of the college? Separate the portrait and background image maybe?
  12. Nah, a better cheat would give a +50 bonus to all skill rolls; that way we don't miss the unlockable skills but can still adventure with all options and use the full effect of locations. At least thats what I'd do... if I did that kind of thing...
  13. I'm making an assumption here, but wouldn't it be easier to wait for the modding tools and use them to look up the adventures?
  14. Legate; Will we be able to influence the interface? Say, move the elements around, make new windows and tabs, and replace the backgound picture? I nominate this to be the modders credo... Heh, thanks. And sigged.
  15. I'm... hesitant to commit... but really, really tempted. I love mods. I love modding (though I've done nothing special), and this game has so much potential waiting to burst in a shower of viscera. Joyous viscera. Background: I'm a sort of itinerant programmer with some sporadic modding experience. I know my way around a design doc enough to know how to avoid them. I've got some high-school editing experience and I'm a native English speaker and I study story-design as a hobby. Just tell me where I can be useful. Will we still be able to create addons or scripts to extend the tool functionality? Is this true?!? My first mod was going to be a "Summer School" freeplay mode after the year was over.
  16. Ooh, thats sounds fun! Can we have spells that cause damage (or mutation) if you fail the casting? And I vote we should have more permanent effect spells, so long as they still have a fixed duration to prevent exploitation of phemes. Consider the Astrology spell “Fill the Sky with Stars” which expands Art Appreciation and Playness by 1, and expands a relationship with someone. It has a duration of 8. Note that's Expand, not a temporary increase. Does anyone think thats overpowered? 'cause I don't.
  17. See, it's things like this that make me wish a character could be randomly forced into your clique. The opportunities for mischief could be huge!
  18. Thanks, but are any guide lines still true? Are all actions independent of location or something? Will any of the patches try and bring it back some of the original design? Oh, and have you considered writing a post-mortem on how you built and designed the game? 'cause that would be awesome.
  19. I have a stupid question. What is the essential difference between an Action and an active Ability? For that matter, what's the differences between Action, Abilities and Spells? Why was it designed this way? What are the rules? Is it just an interface convenience?
  20. To make it easier for you I've updated the basic attributes on the wiki. Note that the data on the wiki is not complete at all, it's just what I could find already there. Find it here: http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Attributes
  21. Ah, so it's just a display bug. Shame, could have been fun. Anyway, can I suggest some random events that have a longer game impact? Like being told you have to share a dorm room with someone, which means a random person is forced into your clique. Or being picked for the rimball club and having a time-slot automatically reserved for rimball practice (attend and maybe improve skills, skip it and lose relationship points with the team). And can we have some more role-playing based events, like being given a nickname based on a distinctively high skill or attribute, or some gender or origin specific events?
  22. You know, I just spent half an hour writing out a full explanation of what I meant, with examples and test framework, only to find someone already answered the question. My post-fu sucks. Thanks. I think I'll stop derailing the thread now. Edit: No, wait, one more thing: I noticed that if I use a spell to increase a skill thats already maxed out (Study Habits at 10), I get Study Habits at 12 and the description says 1 of 2 skill-steps (Not saying Skill Maxed like it should). This implies I could further increase the skill past it's maximum, creating a possible exploit. Someone should look at that.
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