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  1. Which makes getting study bonuses to attributes before doing any serious skill training a good idea. Ha! Totally confirmed my theory. I just used Light of the Universe and Solid Demeanor to up my Charm from 1 to 4, the next day I trained Glamour Methods in The Champions Room once, and instantly jumped from 9 to 10! Remember that without those spells the Glamour Methods needed 8 steps to train (and I had 0 of 8), with the spell buffing Charm up to 4, the skill description showed I needed 2 step to train it. The extra +2 from The Champions Room buffed Charm up to 6, which was enough to get from 9 to 10 in a single skill step. Awesome! I feel like I opened the fridge and have seen the Light! Next question: if using attribute bonuses makes training easier, would using a skill bonus make training harder?
  2. I think it's related to your attributes. Glamour is governed by the Charm attribute, I had a Charm of 1 and needs 8 steps take a Glamour skill from 9 to 10. By comparison, I had a Luck of 5 and only need 1 step to increase an Astrology skill from 9 to 10. I also have a Strength of 3 and need 2 steps to increase a Forge skill from 9 to 10. I also think that each skill has its own training cost, judging by how different skills with the same dominant attribute still require a different number of steps. There is also an action called “Selective Focus” that “reduces the train modifier on a skill of your choosing by 1 point for 5 days, and making it considerably easier to turn skill steps into levels. ” (Personally I think the effect is too weak to be much use, but I suppose if you could stack 3 of them onto one skill it would be worth it). So, yeah, it's all relative. And if there are different training modifiers to different skills, I really think it should be included in the skill's description.
  3. Ok, just a few random questions and I'll call it a night. I notice that there's no nested drop-down lists in the menus, is this an engine limitation? Is the Emperor Sphinx action working properly? The lore says it should increase a skill I select, a random skill, and a skill I don't know, but I only get feedback for one random skill and I don't think my selected skill is increased at all. Can Random Events be linked into a chain? And can different options create different branches of Events? Oh, and can Events be linked to actions? When are the modding tools coming out? Will we be able to modify the in-game music? And pretty please can we have a volume control? Thank-you so much for all your fast replies and patience.
  4. Sorry, I might not be grokking this fully, so a few questions: Don't we need to start an adventure to figure out which skill to train? (unless you give us clues as to what skills we need, maybe in a lore description?) And if we can only adventure once a day, getting one skill up (assuming one pass), wouldn't the player be better off training? And wouldn't starting and failing each adventure just to find which skills we need waste both actions and result in no net change in stats? By the way, can you make adventures that take up all the actions in a day? Kthxbye!
  5. Hi, I just finished the game a few hours ago, and I loved it! Much karma and kudos to the team! But I'm posting because I can't find this suggestion on the forum. I think Adventures should be implemented differently. There's not much difference between Adventures and Random Events, and that subtracts both from their game-play significance and their dramatic tension. Adventures should be vast and epic, not short and intermittent. So can I suggest you string all the Adventures in an Adventure-chain into one long marathon-like event? What I mean is that instead of finishing one Adventure and exiting to the Calender; you instead finish the Adventure and go strait into the next Adventure in the chain, with no loss of time. You should only exit to the Calender when you fail an Adventure or finish the entire chain. This creates a check-point system in combination with the current implementation; so if you fail half-way through a chain, you can pick up where you left off at another time. As for balance, I think you already decrease a skill if you fail a skill check, if not then throw that in and your done. Finally, is it possible to implement this in year one or do I have to wait for year two? Kthxbye!
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