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  1. I don't doubt what you're writing, at all. Literary copyrights are renewable in several nations (including the US and UK) up to a limit of 100 years, for example. But I don't recall any nations that have copyrights on audio recordings beyond 70 years, save possibly Italy. It's worth checking into, is all I suggest. The ownership of a given song is *always* known. Even when it's contested under law, the parties contesting it are always known. A copyright attorney knows exactly where this information is held on file, though it is available to the public. Most people just don't bother to seek out the appropriate court records in their nation to find this out--and who can blame them?
  2. About the period music: much of the recorded music from that time is now out of copyright. In the US, the copyright on recorded music is 50 years, so you're safe--if you just want to reproduce those old 78s, or a CD that includes them. In addition, many of the jazz and popular musicians of the late 1920s and early 1930s recorded for labels that long ago went belly up, without having their owners sell assets to any extant companies. As a result, a lot of stuff recorded by the likes of Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman, Fats Waller, etc, is available on a ton of small labels who haven't paid a cent for it. It's all literally in the US public domain. I looked into this about 20 years ago, when I was still working in public radio management, and we had to decide what things we could play without payment.
  3. This is just an off-the-wall thought, but still: consider either re-recording or using records made in 1930-1932. The mix of styles from 1925 through the 1940s and to modern times isn't bad in the game, but it can't help thinking that there's more original flavor in the music of the period. Would also like to see something I mentioned in a different thread, earlier: some way for the game to flag new Inspirations that appear when you make a Level in a Skill, so they stand out more against the older Inspirations. Nothing more than a slight difference to color, perhaps a dot or a small secondary color band across the card. My wife was grumbling earlier about a general inability to see what Skills are required once you're in the middle of a Caper, so the possibility to click away just to see the active Caper steps might be useful. The Art Deco artwork is excellent, though the anime style seemed a bit out of joint with it. That may just be me, however. I should add that it was all done very well, and the dialog was witty in a fashion I associate with some films of the period, such as the first of the Thin Man series, or screenplays that involved Ryskind,or Wilder. Nice job. A very different kind of "visual novel" game, and I'm all for that.
  4. So to find the newer Inspirations that appear after a Skill rises by a Level, compare the stats of each Inspiration by mousing over them. Is that correct? Would be nice if they had some very slight color coding or highlighting (or even just a color-coded dot on top of them) to make newer Inspirations stand out, though. Would save on the tedious process of mousing over a lot of Inspirations.
  5. I think so. So what you're saying is that I don't need to bother writing down the names of older inspirations for a given skill, to separate out new ones that appear when I make another +10 in that same skill--since all of them (for that skill) improve at that point. Would that be correct?
  6. Let's say you get a skill, such as Deception, up to 20. You check out your Inspirations for it--but how do you tell which are the new, better Inspirations that came with hitting that magic 20? I don't see any means of separating the older, lesser cards from the newer ones, and the values listed on them appear no better. Or is it just that all the Inspirations for that skill have a better yield once you increase the skill by 10?
  7. From Temperance SP V: "Tonight was the night everyone browses the markets. For the merchants and everyone in the community put their items out for sale." and-- "A single merchant had her wares spread out in shimmering display. Everyone passed by not even bothering to look at her. Suddenly people started coming up to him buying particulars." In the first quote, "For the merchants..." isn't a complete sentence, just a dependent clause. In the second, the merchant (her/him) appears to have undergone a sex change. Also, people weren't supposed to be looking at her--but at her wares. EDIT: The merchant is also described as "drawling" customers in, instead of drawing them in.
  8. That's correct: upon checking, I lack Clarity. But oddly enough, though my character has 3 in Character and 6 in Confidence, Rhetoric, the skill governing Clarity, is at 0.
  9. Just got the Golden Tongue spell. It shows up Spells in my Magic list, on the left hand side, but when I do a Cast Spell, it's not listed there.
  10. Just got this message in Matters of Concern to You: "Honor Plafox succeeded at using Inspire on All All Students All All Students Stress Maximum was temporarily increased..."
  11. From the event, Sima and the illumination spell: "You begin the incantation, but halfway in, you realize that it was transcribed incorrectly. It looks the right at first..." Should be no "the" before "right." From the event, Reitz and the very bad stomach: "The two of you set off, and you make sure to walk behind His." Should be him, and not capitalized. A few other instances of not-needed capitalization in the event, too. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I just used Confide on another student, and was told it was a success. But the student still shows the same old relationship rating with my character. Anxiety is supposedly added to my character, but not showing up. I'm wondering if Peaceful Heart and/or Salt of the Earth are interfering with Anxiety, and therefore preventing Confide from firing off correctly.
  12. Yeah, first Calligraphy, and now History have boosted Parental Approval by 5 upon hitting the magical 10/10. Still doesn't explain that second 25 boost, but I suppose I could roleplay it as familial recognition that Emilia's familiar also joined the clique.
  13. It seems to be happening more regularly, now. A week later, my character gained 5 to Parental Approval, without doing anything warranting it. She just used the Venalicium Library action. Could it be triggered by hitting a 10 at study and training for a given class?
  14. In the morning, my character attended a class in History. Directly following that, is the notification that she learned about Certificate of Imperial Favor. She's been studying at the Library of the Mantle of Stars a lot. Is it possible that there's some astrological effect that's firing, giving her that parental approval increase? Here's the evening's activities in detail: You succeeded at using Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars. You increased Your The Early Empire Skill Step by 1. You have learned about The Early Empire SP V. You increased Your Parental Approval by 25. You increased Your Theory of Astrology Skill Step by 2. Another thought: Emilia Strolin has been a member of her clique for some time. The 25 improvement to parental approval due to Parental Payoff hit months ago, but could it have fired off a second time? Will do.
  15. My character has learned about the Certificate of Imperial Favor, but there's no text in the right panel when its highlighted. Also, nothing else (item, recipe, action, activity) related to it. Perhaps related to it, my character's parental approval has jumped 25 points. I don't see anything else that could have caused this. Separate matter: I got a duel event with Corradin. The field for "late name" is missing in the final sentence, at its conclusion: " snaps something not to be repeated in polite company and spins on a heel, leaving you with the win."
  16. It shows up as a result after my character attending a class in Calligraphy. I don't see it under Items, but it does show up under Recipes. Certainly!
  17. Learning about this shows a blank screen, with no description.
  18. The last lines in the text are: You are blind if you think that all ink is created equal. Blink and misguided." I think blind is meant as a rhetorical repeat, instead of blink, which has no context.
  19. Having Rixenda in my clique, I decided to use Scavenger's Tales. She told me Academagia: Great Hall Entrance, which I already knew about for several months, thanks to one of the Mentor lessons. I don't know if Rixenda's supposed to repeat locations you already know, but if so, it does rather lower the value of using that action.
  20. I succeeded at the ability listed above, which supposedly grants you an invitation and access to the Workshop. And I supposedly lost the "Secure an Invitation to the Workshop." But the following day, the ability was still there to secure the invitation, and I didn't have access.
  21. "Now in my older ages, with all the knowledge a human could have..." Shouldn't that be "Now in my older years, with all the knowledge a human can have..."? He's of one age, and could is the wrong tense.
  22. Monteverdi


    And for what it's worth, I'm showing as running Client, Publisher, and Content 1.0. Is that up-to-date?
  23. Certainly does. Thanks.
  24. Monteverdi


    Beginner's Delving revealed it was as-written, and now could be used as an item. So it appears it shouldn't be showing its text early.
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