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  1. Arnaz won the location to the Champion's Room, along with full visitation rights. As an Arnaz member in good standing, my character tried to access this, but couldn't find it under action, ability, spell, or item.
  2. Monteverdi


    When I click to highlight it, all the information about the book is there, complete with the +3 to running skill listed. I assume this means it doesn't need to be identified, since unidentified items are usually represented by a blank screen.
  3. Monteverdi


    This was supposedly fixed a long time ago, but I just got Epic: Kensab the Illician today, and can't read it.
  4. I do have Negation, so that explains it. Looks like the text needs adjustment: "The Know Thy Enemy action is an essential action for the beginning student, but a master should consider it important as well," etc.
  5. "Winds blow widely, sending a breeze of calmness and clarity; bringing a scent of knowledge with it." Singular/plural confusion. A wind brings a scent of knowledge with it, or winds bring a scent of knowledge with them.
  6. My character just learned this, and it's described as an action. However, it doesn't show up under the Abilities and Actions screen.
  7. I just checked A-Sharp's website. The information is that the game will be next on the iPhone and iPod, and "Our goal is to keep King of Dragon Pass’s unique stories and basic game play, but simplify things where possible." I suspect they believe (with some reason) that the giant iPhone/iPod market isn't into simulations with that level of density, so simplification, rather than add-ons, is the order of the day. I've been hoping they'd do a followup title, given that Web-based games now sell well, unlike when they first released KoDP, but they're still pretty gun shy. Perhaps after the iOS version comes out and does well, they'll reconsider.
  8. The text specifies that use gain 2 points to Oratory during the duration of your stay, but your mentor, while introducing you to the location, states that you gain Oratory for the duration and roughly a day-and-a-half afterwards.
  9. It's been a longtime since I played Academagia last--around the first or second patch, in fact. So I was wondering if there is now an easy way in the game to find out what effect a classmate will have on joining your clique.
  10. If KoDP is released for the Apple next year, I hope A Sharp upgrades the PC version for "little extras." It's an extraordinary game.
  11. Yes, I think that clarifies everything. So magnitude is a term specifically referring to Artificing and Enchantment. Without those, it isn't relevant. Thanks! Parenthetically, this means just a few more things to do with future characters. Which is great, of course.
  12. Legate, I was asking about magnitude in relation to another pheme, which I don't think has to do with enchantment. At least, I think that's the case, or is the pheme Anatomy only of relevance to Artificing and Enchantment? And my other questions weren't answered--to be honest, I'm more confused now than I was, previously. Would it be better if I made this into a separate thread?
  13. "Shaking my head like a dog...I stepped out of bed and walked towards my traveling pack that lay in the corner of the room. "There was nothing that could erase that image from her head..." This appears to transition suddenly from first person to third, and "her head" confuses things.
  14. If I could continue this question on magnitude just a bit...? Anatomy states: Increase Anatomy Anatomy (Magnitude = 5) Biology (Magnitude = 5) Natural Philosophy (Magnitude = 3) Opposition Mangle (Magnitude = 4) Would this mean that the Anatomy Pheme could be used with any spell related to Anatomy, Biology, and Natural Philosophy? What is Opposition Mangle? Does "Magnitude = 5" mean that Anatomy must have a value of 5 for a 100% successful cast--and if not, what does that 5 mean? And how long does the increase last? Forever? Because no time limit is stated. Thanks!
  15. Oh, so this isn't a personal merit thing, but a college one, like Compete? Thanks.
  16. Errus Vlada just awarded my current character 4 merit points. I can't see any category tracking merit points for me, however, and I don't see anything defining what merit points do.
  17. Having gotten these, I equipped two, and tried Use Item, Use Ability, and Choose Action. Nothing was available to eat a chew under any of them.
  18. Monteverdi


    Clicking on Patience, when increased or decreased, brings up an explanation of Patience on the right--but labeled as the Malice Skill. EDIT: No, Patience does appear to be a subset of the Malice skill. Which, when you think about it, is pretty odd--but there it is.
  19. Thanks--and you're right, I just discovered that a new saved game takes about one-quarter the bar. If all is well there, all is well with me.
  20. I've just noticed, having started up a new game for the first time in a very long time, that the saving bar which fills with blue, to indicate the progress of the save...? -Mine isn't filling all the way. It fills about two-thirds of the way, then stops. I've tried loading such a saved game while in Academagia, and there doesn't seem to be any problem--yet. But that's not to say there isn't any data corruption that could affect future gameplay, so I thought I'd inquire about whether this is now standard.
  21. Description: "Visitors can use the Room to Send forth the Night Terrors..." From a description of the Cold Room, this is what's meant by "the Room," but any reference to Cold is missing in the description.
  22. "As the music dipped to the glorious denouement of this famous and exquisite peace..." That should be piece, not peace.
  23. Thanks for the response, in turn, Legate!
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