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  1. I don't see a thread title that deals with the issues I raised, but in any case, I am grateful for your response. -So end of 2012? Pity; we were hoping for end of this year. But small companies make slow progress on big games, and this is definitely a big game. Excellent news. Hopefully, just static artwork will be employed, and no voices. That would hold down costs on features that add little to nothing for the target market, while reserving attention for the areas that really need it, in my opinion. Well, but they could buy whatever renditions of classical compositions they chose again, if they want, and I'm hoping they won't. Because these added no distinctive flavor to the game, while merely cycling through. Not that new music need be employed, but with so many centuries of music available, it would be just as easy to focus on a particular era, instrumental format, and (where required) emotional sense, as it would be to buy Dvorak's Ninth, Boccherini's Night Music of Madrid, or Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture, once more.
  2. Legate, I was just curious if there's anything the developers can tell us (yet) about changes in the second year game, and when approximately it might be expected to hit. That's the generic question. More specifically for myself, I'd add the following questions: Will the visual interface be the same, or redesigned? Will the music be different, or the same? In advance, thanks for anything you can share.
  3. We really could use a "Guide to Getting Good Exam Scores," though. My wife and I both struggle to get average scores on our respective characters' midterms and finals, largely because we put so much time into visiting sites, taking adventures, training familiars, etc. We could forgo all this, but I suspect at least some players have achieved a happy medium we have yet to discover. I heartily second this approach. A lot of it is simply flavor, and I think there's much to be said for flavor. If a librarian whose cousin is an instructor for a course comments approvingly on your extremely high score at the midterms, it adds not just a sense of accomplishment, but one that's very much within the realm of roleplaying. A weave of extended relationships (not by any means all familial) would help to spread the word about you and other students, resulting in a sense of community within the game. I'm sure this is something you folks already realize--but I thought it couldn't hurt to provide my two cents of support, either.
  4. I have to say, I am amazed at the regular bug fixes, improvements, and add-ons that have come along for the game. It's something of a running joke with my wife, who is the kind of person to develop spreadsheets of everything as she plays. She started one and gave it up, after the changes began coming down; and now, it's a matter of slight irritation that she can't create one because of the Academagia's continuing evolution. Please do keep it up!
  5. Lutherangamer, if you want a sense of the game's depth, just play through three months' time with three differently configured characters--or even characters configured in a similar fashion. I've done the latter four times, and each time I've had a very different experience. True, it's only one year, and you may end up feeling as though there's no "payoff" when you finish, but the experience along the way is truly rich. It's really quite a unique title.
  6. St. Trinian's meets Harry Potter. I don't know if anybody gets the first reference, there.
  7. I don't know if it's mentioned before (other than by myself; and I had a number of comments at the time), but it would be nice--if possible--to receive some sort of incentive reward if you scored highest in any skill in your class at midterms. Nothing major, just a minor perk, with perhaps limited uses, but always a nice little trophy-like object you can keep in your closet. Otherwise, midterms lack any outcome other than realism. I've got nothing against realism, but in a game, it should probably serve some other purpose, as well.
  8. The non-violent type but poor mage should not be left out, either. Enter: Casting by taco. ("It's beef, guys! And I'm not afraid to use it!")
  9. My wife trained, and learned Properties of Arithmetic SPIV. This gave her a text drawn from "Excerpt from a Novice's Gide to the Properties of Arithmetic," which was already linked to something else.
  10. My character just received a reprimand for carrying too many items--yet the inventory screen shows she has a 0% chance of discovery. Bug, I think.
  11. I was told that using this by my current character succeeded, but no sum of gold was named. When I checked under inventory, her gold was still at 0. Logically, if she succeeded, shouldn't she be showing some cash in response?
  12. Correct. My character had a run-in with some sort of brownie type that stole some coins, and I thought I'd check her cash.
  13. Too late to check that during the Event, but I will in the future. I didn't see an Investigate option, but used Conversation, and then Dedication, I think. It seemed odd that was there.
  14. I went to check inventory, and discovered that the inventory, calendar, and control buttons were gone. I'm assuming that's deliberate, but how do I check wardrobe, knapsack, etc, at this point?
  15. It's the event where objects in the classroom are whirling out of control. I had this same event a few days ago without problem, but now, instead of giving the instructor's name, Kate Badcrumble, it gives the following text in the event: "Your classmates are laughing at you until [start of link] As a heavily outspoken advocate for the female students in the Univ The female students in the school dote upon her, partially because she [end of link] arrives and fixes it herself using a simple spell."
  16. Agreed. Perhaps in the text towards the conclusion of the event it can be hinted at, after you've made your choice of responses. Oh, no question about that. I just think it creates an unintended bit of misdirection as it's currently placed.
  17. This begs the question: if it doesn't last outside an event you've already succeeded at, and you know you've succeeded, does your temporary increase in chance of success for that event bear mentioning?
  18. My character just got "You've temporarily increased Your Chance of Success by 15." I'm not sure what this means, as it comes out of nowhere. It's not linked to any explanatory passage, either. Ideas?
  19. Yes, you're right. Gaining it seems to have been sufficient to get the full benefits. Thanks!
  20. My error--that should be Minor Focus. I gained it as a result of an event, and it shows under the Action type "Research Beneficial." (Or is that two Action types? They're on successive lines.) Apparently it can be used to increase my character's stress maximum level, so I wanted to apply it, and I assumed that meant training in Research. I've done that three times, though, and it hasn't shown up. I'm not sure what else needs to be done to get the benefit of this.
  21. I agree with this--with this proviso: give it as something your character learns from having met and befriended their mentor. That way, students in general won't have it yet, but your character will.
  22. I got Inner Focus with a new character but evidently, I can't use it. It's a Research item, but does that mean it won't show up until I've, well, researched, or trained Research? (That double use of a single term is a bit confusing.)
  23. Legate, not to pick nits, but shouldn't your topic under announcement entitled "Warning: Potential Issue with CP2, ...more information as it comes," refer to CP1, instead? I suspect most people will realize this, but some might be inclined to let reading the post slide because CP2 isn't due out for a while. Just a thought.
  24. It doesn't matter what College I want. It's what college my current character thinks best suited to his/her goals in life. I'm not being snooty, here--it just means I don't have a preference. I design a character, and a college selection isn't a matter of liking one better than another, but of finding one that emphasizes what they want most out of life.
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