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  1. I think he was trying to avoid stating that.
  2. You're right about the phemes. Oddly enough, my current character just learned about those two Conversations--among Older and Elementary Students--also through Arithmetic class. But the contents differed.
  3. Yes, she was simply attending Arithmetic class. No other subskill was learned. An issue popped up in my own play. I wanted to cast Number Knack, which my current character has learned, but it's not on her Cast Spells list. In fact, she knows 9 spells, but can only cast 4. I'm not sure why. If a spell was beyond the reach of her skill in my last game, she was still allowed to try, and fail. Typo about William Vickery: "shocking head of wily red hair..." It's probably supposed to be "wiry red hair."
  4. Bug caught by my wife: with both A Conversation Among Elementary Students and A Conversation Among Older Students in one's lore collection, they both default to the same content--the one for Older Students.
  5. I don't think she'll have any problems with furnishing that info to select folks for entry in the wiki. It'll just take a long time coming, because the development team for the game did such a sensational job building an in-depth product. Their detail can't be ferreted out on a single gameplay. It will take several to a least get a reasonable scope--and our play time is rather limited during the week.
  6. I'm more a wiki type, preferring the flavor and lengthy entries. She likes quick, dry spreadsheets. And she is using your wiki for assistance, though she's garnering more at this point from both her game, and mine own, halted before the new content patch. I'll be happy to add to the wiki, though I know nothing about its coding language. EDIT: I missed your question What she's building is a grouping of all spells, items, and locations by effect and duration, as well as effects of befriending different students. It's going to be a long time coming to get much of this, of course.
  7. Thanks, Legate. I really should have caught that about the saved game deletion.
  8. Sounds buggy, then, and like something you might want to consider adding to the Content 2 Patch thread, H.
  9. Any chance of expanding the list of buttons under your character's portrait, so that we could break out abilities and actions into two lists--the same with spells and phemes? Those lists can grow very unwieldy as is by midterm. If adding buttons isn't possible, perhaps buttons or tabs could be embedded in the lists themselves to switch between two subcategories. This applies doubly to Lores and Locations. Scrolling through all the lores to find a location is more than a bit of a wait. Allow familiars to each possess a single item, perhaps? Not at the start, but something that they might acquire in an event or adventure, or something you could pass to them. Something you could drag-and-drop to embed on their portrait, which would affect their abilities. A greater differentiation of item icons would be nice. Ability to delete saved games from within the game. This was posted elsewhere, relation to learning details about another student: "You can get "Listen Attentively" at Befriend level 5, and at level 10 you get "Leading Conversation" which does the same except that you choose the target." It seems to me that getting your Befriend skill all the way to level 10 is a long, difficult climb just to get an ability that gives you details about a specific student--especially since some of the skill and attribute decreases aren't apparent even in general clear from the impressions you get of them. Take Alan Driscoll, for example: while his text description states one of his main activities is a bit rude, there's nothing that would lead you to believe you'll get a -2 to Charm (if H's post is correct; I cannot confirm this).
  10. Just a quick note: When you start a new character, if you don't get the screen displaying the new Content patch, make sure you've placed the Mods subfolder under Academagia, rather than Academagia/OfficialContent. ...hope you don't mind my pointing that out, Legate.
  11. Fair enough! My wife's started building a spreadsheet of everything. I'm trying to hold her off until the patch.
  12. Legate, any chance that Patch 3 will be out today? As I recall, that was a possibility, at least, a few days ago.
  13. Power and responsibility are just the same thing, looked at correctly, as I know you're aware. The design team? Tandoor and korma.
  14. Well, demi-gods, at least. Or second tier pantheon types, beneath the design team, who obviously will (and deserve to) claim first place. They'll get the best and first cut of fatted sacrificial calves, while we'll get chicken tandoor. Good tandoor, mind you, and that says a lot.
  15. And seldom is. I was just commenting to my wife earlier today that it's really unusual to find a game whose creators spend so much time checking with players for bugs (not that it's in beta; it's the sheer amount of text that makes things difficult to cover). As well as seeking input, and providing direct replies about current and future content. Combined with a really distinctive product, that's just the way to go about building a brand.
  16. I think the topic was actually about increasing attributes, and we've wandered a bit off--from increasing via clique members to warnings that the same clique members may decrease skills or attributes, to their affect on other clique members. Much of that is admittedly my fault, so I'll just keep mum for a bit.
  17. We'll check there. Thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Then this may be a bug. I suggested it was History at the time, but when my wife checked, her character didn't have History as a skill. Despite having just acquired Early Empire.
  19. Wrong character, right idea. It's Neta Xemutre. If she's in your clique, within a short while you'll have to choose between her, and everybody else in it.
  20. Monteverdi

    New skills

    I suspect this has already been discussed, but my wife just acquired (through Joie de vivre) the Early Empire skill. She spent more than a minute trying to locate it under all her skills. It might be a good idea when a new skill is acquired to either link it when clicked upon the appropriate location in the lists on the left menu, or to state what it's a subset of. Just a thought. I'm delighted at the sheer diversity of skills, but she kept telescoping and closing skill categories while searching for it.
  21. She showed me the text of the event, and it said that a student had cast the spell on two others, one of whom was her character. It also said "Casual mimicry."
  22. I've seen it once before, in King of Dragon Pass. That's really where you lead a barbarian tribe, but it has a similar concentration on multiple choices, building stats (this time, of a council), selecting from a wide variety of optional activities over time, perusing a great deal of lore, and dealing with hundreds of mini-plots--some of them linked to places, or people, or objects; others random. It's one of my all-time favorite games. This could easily become another.
  23. I don't know if this is a bug, or not. My wife's character had a spell of Casual Mimicry cast on her and someone else by a third party. She then gained, not the spell, but a trainable ability called Casual mimicry. It would seem it should be one, or the other.
  24. I could be misremembering this, but I thought Sonmeil had a negative impact on your other friends in general. Can anybody else confirm or contradict? I could well be wrong, and would rather be corrected than give out inaccurate information.
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