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  1. Really looking forward to that Content Patch, Legate.
  2. Take Magalda Quaranta: "...As a benefit of being in her clique, Magalda's closest friends will enjoy Increases to their Rimbal Plays (+3), Rimbal Positions (+1), and Rimbal Tactics (+3) skills. This obsession comes at a cost, however, in the form of a penalty to one's Concentration (-1) and Composure (-2) skills." So if an Event comes along that taps Concentration and/or Composure on specific responses, chances to succeed will be less certain if you're in Quaranta's clique. She's not the only one, either. There are some clique leaders who drop other skills, and some who directly drive away other friends of yours.
  3. So you can't employ it in the Action part, but only as the place you start the action from? Because that sounds a bit counter-intuitive--assuming I understand you correctly.
  4. Level 10? A lot of time spent pumping up Befriend. Not denying it may be worth it to some, though. That's one of the very nice things about the game: there are any number of ways to approach it from a perspective of "advancement." But my point was that adding friends to your clique isn't necessarily a win situation, but may represent tradeoffs with losses to subskills involved.
  5. They can also decrease subskills. Listen Attentively helps discover things like this about other students, but it's randomized. You can get clues to what a person will do to your character if they join your clique by checking out their personality paragraph.
  6. A relative of mine had downloaded it illegally from a pirate site. I spoke to her mother about this, but then watched it being played for a while, and decided it looked very good, indeed. So I bought it. Good work deserves support.
  7. Thanks! I like your attitude. Straight answers, and (where possible) fast work.
  8. I've gotten my wife interested in playing the game, and she's started up a new character. She has the book "The Need for Concentration," but the sub-skill doesn't appear in her list. Even with the book equipped, no sub-skill appears. Assuming it's something she must find out about to learn, shouldn't the book still give her the sub-skill, and a point in it? Logically, after all, the book is helping her "discover" it.
  9. Does the Champion Room show up in regular Exploration--that is, instead of through Merit? Because if not, that value of 5 is either active even if you're allowed, or a useless figure.
  10. Woe, thanks for the response. That confirms attributes being a major source of the relative difficulty for learning skills.
  11. I like the fact that other characters can befriend you, but is there an option to remove that friendship? I haven't seen one, and some characters in the game are pretty divisive or come packaged with strong negatives.
  12. I've one suggestion that doesn't refer to the game as-it-is. It's something I liked about another text-heavy, options-heavy life sim, King of Dragon Pass. It had many mini-plots, and many of them didn't started with the player's tribe. They might start with another tribe, or an individual, or a traveling group. You might get caught up in one part of something bigger, or become considerably involved in it. So for example, when Phillipe Marchand targets an especially mousy classmate with bullying--I forget her name just at the moment, but I'm sure recall it--you have options to resolve that one instance. But it might make sense, seeing that you tried to protect her, for this classmate to attempt to befriend you, and to involve you in other aspects of her own life. Similarly, other students who draw you into their circle. At the moment, there's one who offers an action to give hard-nosed criticism that adds stress, but might provide insights. That's good, but it would be nice if I got the sense through an event or two that he had a life, as well, and that my character was a peripheral player in it. Am I making any sense, here? In other words, lengthen the events into a series centered around an instructor, a location, a classmate, and give you the occasional bit part that still includes significant choices. You don't save the day, but you do affect the progress of matters a bit.
  13. I see. It's strange how some skills require only one step--all my current character's Glamour skills, for example--while others require as many as 6. Must be due to the way I configured the character's background, which makes a lot of sense. So when it states, ""Needed for next level: 0 of 6," it really means, "Progress to next level: 0 of 6." You may want to consider changing the phrasing of that just for clarity's sake. I assumed the needed part meant I'd reached the 6 already, since I only needed zero more to make that level.
  14. I'm still a bit confused. I looked at at Incantation Phemes, and it states, "Needed for next level: 0 of 6." Presumably this means I can raise it the next time I train it, but that in fact doesn't happen. If I train it, it stays at the same level. I have to train it a second time for it to rise.
  15. This has happened repeatedly with Incantation subskills. For instance, my Incantation Phemes is at 6, and I want to raise it to 7. I just trained it now, and have been told "You succeeded at Train. You increased your Incantation Phemes Skill Step by 1." But on the left, under Skills and Research/Incantation, my Incantation Phemes is still at 6. I know that if I raise it a second time, I will get the same message and this time, it will truly go up--because this has happened several times, before.
  16. It is achieved through merit. Has a significant chance of discovery, however: 5.
  17. Personally, I think 10 points is just right. It means I have to make choices, and can't become good at several things--at least not without working hard to figure which spells to use in advance, and which locations to start at. With 10 points, I can create a student who has a distinct background. With less, I wouldn't have those distinctive features. With more, he/she'd be too well-rounded.
  18. I kept hoping there'd be a hidden dynamic that would allow my character to cut a few classes after she'd risen to the top, but no--she was expected to sit in, even if she already knew it all. That seems a bit stiff, as does giving detention for a character who incurs injuries and therefore misses detention.
  19. Is it perhaps one of those things where you can only check it X many times within a given period of time?
  20. Thanks for the quick response! I've had no luck finding any way of building a bond with Pamela, for example. The only interaction I seem to possess is training up a skill. Beyond that, there's nothing. Granted, I didn't choose a familiar, so I shouldn't expect to bond with one; but since one was provided, there should be some way of establishing a bond that shows up prominently as "0" on its screen. Or am I missing something? That's always possible. I see. Thanks. So the Preparation Location is just one that adjusts starting conditions for the second. Then I don't see how what my mentor said made sense. She said I could build relationship points with various instructors by competing. One entire mentoring session focused on that. (By the way, the writing and tutorial for the mentor is really, really, good. And don't let anybody tell you a strong game can't be built on text!) Yet I've never seen that happen, and what points I've received with instructors--just one or two, total--came from events. Which makes it very difficult to have any effect on those relationships. In sum, she's telling me Compete allows me to build those relationship points with instructors, but it seems she's wrong. By the way, was I right about a bug when I'm told a skill has been raised, but it really hasn't--and requires two improvements to get raised? Or is this a case of advanced skills that have to be incremented in several steps to level up once? Another point, this time, about the music. I enjoy the classics a good deal, but--and please don't take this wrong!--these are all over the place. That's to say, taken together, they're too different in all respects to establish a unifying feeling for the game. It's as though I were to put together a CD just of things I knew, without reference to the game they were meant to be played under. As I suspect you've already paid for the rights on these performances, that's it, but if you do offer a second year of the college, consider focusing the music selections more. Maybe a single group of instruments, or a time period, or a composer. For example, all guitar music by the Renaissance Spaniard, Gaspar Sanz. Or the harpsichord composer, Domenico Scarlatti. Or all Renaissance dances. Or all chamber works by Boccherini. Thank *you* for seeking responses by players, and for dealing with us in a timely and courteous fashion.
  21. Thanks, Nightguard! I was only viewing them under the Actions menu. It still would make sense to have all that info the same in both places--but at least, now I know where I can find it!
  22. Yes, that's what I suspect for Horoscopes, too. And the instruction in enchanting from one professor, too. Only I think that fits alongside "you"ll get a raise of x in a random y skill if you do z" sort of thing, and probably should be stated in the fine print.
  23. If I use the skill once, it vanishes for at least a week, then reappears. Is this something with a timed use? Because if so, I don't recall seeing anything in its description that would suggest this.
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