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  1. Out of pure curiosity, what band would that be?
  2. IF you can get the declare vendetta to work without crashing. Still finishing up my most recent game pre-patch 3, so I'm not sure if it is still an issue, but I am sadly a victim of the vendetta crash issue. Very unfortunate because my guy should be awesome at dueling and I really wanted to check it out, but no go for the moment.
  3. I have another side question on Cliques, will they and their names automatically carry over into Year 2? I accidentally misspelled the name of my clique, and while I don't mind going on a finishing the playthrough with this character and his oddly named group of friends, I don't want to be stuck with it in Year 2. Conversely, is there a way to currently edit clique names that I haven't noticed?
  4. I guess it depends on what sport, but you see freshman in football and basketball playing all the time. Maybe it should just be made very difficult to make the team, but I still think it'd be nice to have. As far as the Rimbal fields, I think it's just a matter of using explore a bunch on the Academagia campus. I'm only in my second game and I've found them all. Do you use explore a lot?
  5. Any word on this yet? Solved in Patch 3 perhaps?
  6. Hi all, just noticed the new modding board and wanted to throw myself in. Totally dig the game, despite its flaws it is something that will eat up a huge amount of my time. Reminds me a lot of a less strategy focused and more rpg focused relative of Kings of Dragon Pass, one of my all time favs. So I'm just going to start throwing out some things I would like to take a stab out when the modding tools come out: Name: Nemesis Adventure Content: Create a series of adventures that revolve around a rivalry with another student and him becoming your arch enemy. This would go beyond the current, -10 relationship, then duel rivalries. I would actually like to have sides drawn and full out series of events fleshing out the rivalry. Name: Negative Backgrounds Content: Has already been mentioned elsewhere, but essentially more backgrounds that have harmful effects and at the same time give you more creation points to work with. I also want to see if it is possible to make negative attribute values; right now a value of zero is considered average, so I would like it possible to make below average and poor attributes. Name: Rimbal! Content: Adventures chronicling the joining of and playing on the college rimbal team. This would involve playing matches during the year and if possible would take the form of specific timed events like Exams are now. That way we could lay out a season schedule, etc. That's it for now, it's nice to meet you all and I look forward to building upon what we have started. Awesome community surrounding this game so far!
  7. I'd like to see a sort or filter ability for phemes and locations. For instance having a small dropdown menu under phemese where I could select a parent skill and it would only show me the phemes which affect that parent skill or its subskills. Same with locations. With all the phemes and locations you end up acquiring, this would make it much easier to locate the ones that are useful for what you are trying to accomplish. Also, I think this may have already been suggested, but a way to save templates of base spell + pheme combinations, so we don't have to memorize and recreate combos we like over and over again. Lastly, on the character creation front, as there is discussion over whether or not more customization points should be added and currently a level of 0 in an attribute is considered "average", can it be made so that we can take away points from an attribute to make our character below average or even poor? This would provide more flexibility in point distribution without adding more points and also make characters unique as their weaknesses and strengths would be more pronounced.
  8. I just tried Vendetta and I am getting an application termination crash as well. I've tried it in a couple different situations and same result
  9. What are the chances that this is restored in year 1? Can we get an over/under here?
  10. Cool, I look forward to it!
  11. Thanks, I will give it a try!
  12. Ok, gotcha on the endurance and spells, but the skills themselves? I guess we have to wait on Rimbal adventure addons for that
  13. This still requires the same, try-fail-reload mechanic that i think breaks the tempo and mood of the game. With spells during adventure in addition to the existing skillbased choices, it gives a much better pace of obstacle-solution-progress-obstacle-solution-progress, etc. Reloading a game shouldn't be part of the game mechanics. (i understand you don't have to reload, but with the current time constraints it is unrealistic to trial and error adventures without reloading) there would still be preparation and pre-adventure strategy involved, my way just gives more flexibility within adventure.
  14. Does mean that there was absolutely no point in me devoting a lot of time to all my Rimbal skills? Do they serve no function as of yet?
  15. I would also like more information on this process. Doing a search on the forum says that in order to duel you need to enter into a Vendetta then start an adventure which leads to a duel. How does one start a Vendetta? I have a -10 relationship with Phillipe because we keep going back and forth casting nasty spells at each other but I want to put this kid in his place! Me want Vendetta and Duel!!
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