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  1. They don't seem to work, they don't give a recipe and can't used in anyway to get a recipe either. They seem to be typed as books, but regardless of equiping it or not doesn't seem to matter.
  2. Speaking of duels, it's fairly easy to keep neutral/friends with everyone(and thus avoid bullying/duels altogether), why are there no "friendly" or practice duels? (or even school hosted duel tournaments!)
  3. I've had both once(when being a bully for a while), but will try again sometime. What about duel conduct? It would seem appropriate for learning when/how to challenge someone to a duel.
  4. I think something is broken with it though... I had Charm skilla at 7, observation at 12 and a familiar with observation 2 and 4 clique members(if that matters) and still failed an observation at the "Into the Blue Yonder" quest. That's not even an ending question(although close...), rather ridicolous...
  5. How exactly do you get the challenge to duel action though? After several playthroughs I've yet to get it.
  6. You need to be a ma(id)ge to use it?
  7. DuckSauce


    I've started over with patch4 already, got past the previous crash point, but I'll remember about that. While I'm here, it seems wand amplification spell doesn't work, it says no rolls required and I have a pretty good spellcaster, yet the spell always fails.
  8. Rated shortly after I bought, how many user votes does it need anyway?
  9. DuckSauce


    Currently completely stuck, no matter the actions I do(whole day of rest, training, using abilties, etc) I will crash when starting that day. There's no log to find so that's pretty nasty... this is on CP1 Patch3, any workarounds? Exact day is: 20 cheimare Error message received is: System error occured, application will be terminated. Also, it seems I can't bond with my familiar anymore(making pretty much for 2 wasted skill points at the start of the game, since no skills can go beyond 1), training or improved familiar handling can't select bond. With grooming I can't select anything whatsoever and no facet of my bond is improved...
  10. Yup same issue for me. In the manual it even says you'll get reprimanded if you're not in a library, class or your room. Well... you get reprimanded for being in libraries you're supposed to be allowed to visit, seems strange to me.
  11. So we can't be expelled in the first year even if the score is 10 on everything? Makes some leeway for focusing purely on... other subjects(mastery/gates? )
  12. Sorry, I meant the lowest you need to not be kicked out.
  13. Considering exam points don't really matter now, what is the lowest you can? 50 midterms, 100 end, or is less allowed for both, it was never clear for me.
  14. Wow. You'd think they'd run out of points to give you for one exam
  15. Seems scoring extreme on exams doesn't matter much(unless it has ... hidden benefits), so I figured maybe we could see about getting the highest scores for exams. I got 190 for arithmetic exam(mid terms): A certain +6 arithmetic and +6 properties of arithmetic ability combined with some narrow focus to get 2 of the other skills to 9 did the trick xD. Negation was also pretty high, since I seem to have a permanent +4(recently boosted to +5) bonus to negation parent skill(not sure where the +3 comes from though...) Anyway, lots of studying on this go, think I'll have a lot of time for the rest of the year freed up now
  16. Rock Paper Shotgun, this article to be exact.
  17. I got >insert name here< kissed lyre, a lyre that supposedly will give a 7 point expansion to the lyre skill, it's also suposed to be able to fire off a spell 3 times. None of this seems to work though, can't equip it and can't use it, this is in patch 2, and CP1, got it as part of the mysterious package background. On a side note: When will skill feedback be shown from location based things. For example, increasing merit, puzzles and glory in the puzzle room are never shown, same with mimicry, journalism and innuendo from two other locations. Lore is then practically lost in the huge amount of lore there is, plus any spells/actions/phemes(especially phemes) are also creeping into my "arsenal" without me knowing.
  18. If I should believe Impulse, I'm still at version 1, do I need to install all patches(from 1a to 3 + CP1) or just CP1 and patch 3(when it's out)? If I do need to install all, correct order or just dump it all in at random?
  19. One or more of the grammar related skills(or the parent skill itself) should be the only involved in order to get this option and be able to get a shot at succeeding. So pump up on some grammar and you should get the option.
  20. Ok cool, another bug, probably known as well, was that I sold my useless books(for about 90 pims), but instead of gaining money it reduced it and the results of the day reported that I indeed did not buy anything accidently either.
  21. Hey, Game's been very good so far, came on the forum looking for some answers on things already spotted some usefull things(such as the issue with books, sadly impulse didn't update, so I can't use them unless I update manually, afraid of wrecking my save though), I've yet to spot one of my problems though. I started with charm 1 and early in the year got a bit of a stench problem giving -3 charm(and another downside effect I can't remember), anyway this put my charm at -2 and after about a week or so the effect supposedly dissapears, but it's been 3-4 months since then and the stat is still at charm -2, is this a known issue(fixed?). Seems fairly serious if I want to attempt anything with charm rolls.
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