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  1. Actually, I found it kind of funny. On the very first patches, almost every skipping of classes more than 2 days a row was punished with a detention. After some of the new patches, 4 or 5 I believe, I could just skip the entire week with no reaction from the proffesors My relation with teachers rarely reach more than 3 points, so it's not the reason I suppose. But, frankly, I loved this ooportunity
  2. And how high is the bonus? I tried to use that feature in my very first game, but didn't notice any difference, but it was a basic version of the game, without patches. For example, if we cast a spell that has, say, intelligence+negation v7, do my chances grow, when I add a point of stress to that? So now it should be int+neg+1 point bonus v 7, am I right? I actually didn't used that thing lately, since I didn't see the sense...
  3. Oh my, the problem is I don't remember which patches I've installed so far I know I that normal patches overwrite, so we don't have to install all of them, but does that apply to DLC's? BTW, is there any way of quick checking what version of Academagia I have? If not, it should be added in a... new patch ^^
  4. Actually, it was save of the totally un-patched game, so I suspect that the bug doesn't exist in the newer versions. Thanks anyway
  5. I gathered some uncommon plants, and then went to shop in order to sell them. Everything seemed to be ok, but when I clicked "sell" button, my money didn't change, and the plants appered in the shop invetory. I feel a bit cheated because of that Why did that happen? Is it ok or is it a bug? And there one more thing, if we talk about gatherinh plants, the things look like this: I find several plants of the same kind (e.g. sassdrake), but I have to identify each one separately. I think it would be more logical if the identification applied to whole kind of the same items, not only a single specimen.
  6. Ok, one more question and then I will stop bethering you. The issue is, that I've discovered a new ability: Study at Esteban's school of Incantation, to be precise. And I have it on my list of abilities (the one on the left), but when I want to actually do that, there is no such option to choose from. It is weird, baceause it is not a passive ability (or maybe I got something totally wrong). And it is not a first ability that I can't do without any visible reason. Why is that?
  7. Wow, that's a quick response Many thanks to You!
  8. As written in the title - I don't get this clique idea. I have noticed that some students formed cliques, but I have no idea how I can join them. In my "cliques" info it only is written that I have to make some friends. I have a relation 10 with several students, does that mean that they are my friends?
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