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  1. Yeah, you should remember to think in ValveTime...plenty of time to play Academagia
  2. I would very much like to join this fine group of explorers, adventurers and gentlemen.
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    Good question My answer would be: I didn't want to include results in the encounter that I'm not sure can be coded...
  4. Yay, a new writing! Awesome job! I hope you'll write a lot more!
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    Disclaimer: I'm pretty tired right now, but wanted to post this (had the idea in my head for some time now) because of my joy for the DLC, so it's kind of WiP right now, and some revision will hit this later... Meta No...nonono! You've overslept. Again. Tearing yourself from the dreamworld you grab the nearest article of clothing and dart out the bedroom. A long corridor here, a left turn there, up the stairs, through the archways, past the revision classes and...BAMM. You bounce off @random_male_teacher@'s chest like a rubber ball. - Well, well...if it isn't the famous @player@! Skipper of classes, Avoider of Detention, the Prince of Missing Homework! My pleasure...you'r majesty - he (@random_male_teacher@) says, irony dripping from his every word. - I think it's high-time you learn some..."life and timetable management" young man. - he pulls out a small wooden doll from his robe - Let me introduce you to your new friend and companion; this here - he points at the doll with his wand, murmurs a few words, and phemes start to envelope the doll changins its shape, slowly altering it limb by limb, until it looks exactly like you. - is you. It's clear that you are unable to manage your own life, maybe seeing it from a different perspective is all the help you need to chisel away your problems. He hands you the you-shaped doll with a smile that sends shivers down your spine. - The doll is programmed to follow verbal commands, so you won't have to use magic. Your task is to carefully plan his every day for a whole week; it's up to your judgement what he does and when he does it. After a week it's going to evaluate your performance. If you manage to use the available time for good you will not get detention, if you however wastes its time as you do with yours, it's detention for both of you. Widening the smile (which now is sure to give you nightmares) he pats you on the back and continues his rightous patrol down the corridor. With absolutely no chance to make it to the class now, you head back to your room and put the doll on your desk. It just stands there motionless... - Dance! - you command After a few quiet seconds the doll bursts into a horrible display of limb throwing. You watch in ave as it reprduces your exact moves from last year's Hunt party. - Activity for the morning is completed. I have lost 1 point of confidence and gained 1 point of endurance. Parrents approval incrased by 2.3 points. I have two more activites left for the day. - states the doll with the sound of grinding clockworks --- Skill: N/A (always succeeds) Truth to be told; you really let things go awry nowadays, maybe this little project is what you need! Careful planning is the key, so after a delicious cup of steaming Grim Berry tea you get to work... Rewards: + X school survival + X study methods + X stress Skill: Engineering Even though it looks like that the doll is made from wood, you know it's an automaton; a construct of mechanical gears animated by magic. With some manipulation you might be able to program it to give you a perfect score. Success: Even though the complexity of the doll is beyond anything you've seen, you manage to understand the basic functionality of the different gears, tubes and assorted parts. After a good hour of work you manage to switch some of the gears into positions they should only be after a perfect week. After the final modifictaion is done, you reanimate the doll with a little magical spark and watch with a smile as the gears spring to life... Rewards: + X in engineering + X in malice + X in sleight of hand Failure: The complexity of the doll is beyond anything you've seen, you just can't manage to understand even the most basic functionalities of the different gears, tubes and assorted parts. After hours of trying you think you've finally managed to achieve something. Sure some of the gears are missing and you've broken a few bits here and there, but you have a good feeling about your handiwork. You qucikly reanimate the automaton with a spark of magic and wait... - Activities for the week completed. I have lost 1 point of confidence and gained 1 point of endurance. Parrents approval incrased by 2.3 points. My score is 1 from the possible 275. ...oh-oh... Skill: Forge Even though it looks like that the doll is made from wood, you know it's an automaton; a construct of mechanical gears animated by magic. With some luck, a good forge and a steady fire you could make copies of the doll, and fool around with them until you get a perfect week. Success: Even though the complexity of the doll is beyond anything you've seen, you manage to understand the basic functionality of the different gears, tubes and assorted parts. After a few mistakes you manage to create a perfect copy. Early field tests show they are in perfect working order, so you create as many as you can then head back to you room to continue with the second phase of the plan... Rewards: + X in forge + X in malice + X in aesthetics Failure: Even though the complexity of the doll is beyond anything you've seen, you manage to understand the basic functionality of the different gears, tubes and assorted parts. Recreating it is however a completely different story; you just can't seem to reproduce the intricate details neccessary for the pieces to work as intended. After hours of failure you manage to create...something. It's deffinetely not what you wanted, it doesn't look like you at all, but unlike the others it didn't explode either, so you put it in your pockets and head back to your room. Rewards: - Automaton Abomination --- Automaton Abomination: This horrible piece of clockwork and magic is the grim reminder of your failure to create an automaton. It might not be pretty, smart or helpful in any way, but its sad face always reflecting its sad state of existence makes you appreciate your life a little more... + X School Survival + X Befriend
  6. You need only the latest one (as it contains the fixes/additions of the previous ones) EDIT: Ninja'd like never before...Legate you're fast...
  7. Will be a special kind of deja vu.... (now I'm off to write a new event...)
  8. Yayifications!!!! Thank You very much!!! A grand day indeed...
  9. Well...I haven't been able to find ONE recipe so far (yes, I know I suck ), yet alone getting the commission skill OR materials...
  10. I always try to make some kind of "crafter" character...I have yet to make one which could actually tie his shoelaces...
  11. You mean...you guys really put our stuff in the game? That's...just...amazing! Thank You
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    Boo's cool, but for me, it's Cespenar all the way baby!
  13. That, I can totally agree with. What I meant is that, I see no point in a mod, which's sole reason is to change the portrait of NPC students.
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    I'm meaning to add a BattleMace familiar, which could be upgraded by certain plastic parts found throughout adventures, random encounters, etc... Still working on details. In my head that is.
  15. Why would we want to change the portraits of students? They look great, and what would it add to the game?
  16. I live my life according to that sentence.
  17. Disclaimer: I know this is impossible to add, I just had this idea and wanted to know what you guys think. So this would an alternative spellcasting system that would work the following way: - Each and every pheme would belong to a category (nature, psychology, light, dark, etc....you get the idea) and they would be the building blocks of the spells (the snow, fire and water pheme would belong to the nature category...again, you get the idea) - Every spell would require certain amount and types of phemes (2x nature + 1x dark) - The spell would work if the pheme requirements are met, but (here comes the good part) based on which phemes you put into the spell, you would get different side-effects/bonuses (putting a fire pheme for that nature slot could increase the effect of the spell, while putting water there could increase the duration) This would be cool because - It would really emphasize the whole "build your own spell" theme - It would really emphasize the whole "gotta catch em all" pheme hunting theme - Would fit better with the background of the game (using different phemes on your palette to construct the spells) - By creating a sweet drag and drop spell-crafting interface it would be more than amazing So, what do you guys think?
  18. @Vegejor Weird, I didn't have any problems with the "getting into the game" at all. What's more, I find the UI easy to use and the mechanics of playing the game (not the actual gameplay mechanics, which are beyond mere mortal minds) easy to grasp (but then again, I've played a lot of Dwarf Fortress). I agree that the game is huge and there is a certain annoyance factor when you continuously fail at whatever you attempt, I'm getting a good grip on the game, yet I still suck at it...you should see the marks I get... My biggest "complaint" actually lies in a very basic design decision (one that you have kind of mentioned); I think there is just too much to do (which is good), but absolutely not enough time for it. Attending classes are (let's admit it, we are between ourselves) not much of a fun, and they take up the biggest part of your time (and the game). If you skip them you get detention, which then gives you even less time to actually "fool around". I think it would have been better to make a whole day's study a simple action or to increase the number of actions you can take a day...
  19. Pure gold. The amount of gifts and the way it makes (would make) the whole experience of Academagia more real and personal...I really hope this will be put in the game somehow!
  20. Fantastic job Erthael Thumbs up!
  21. What: - A random encounter (adventure would be "HCCP - as in, Hardcore Community Contribution Project), where one person starts the story and the others each pick up 1 - 1 exit and continues from there. How: - The topic starter begins a new story and finishes it without providing exits. The next contributor adds an exit with its required rolls, flavor texts, rewards, etc. - Only "rule" is to try creating matching sections. Length, tone should be consistent throughout the whole if we wish to run these babies for the DLCs... Why: - It should be fun, and fun it shall be. - Putting our resources together, we should be able to create quality encounters relatively fast (as each contributor only has to pay attention to a given section of the whole, the individual sections should be deeper than otherwise) - It could create a never ending bond between the modding krew (which is kinda small at the moment, but it could change any day...) ---- You just love sleeping, but who doesn't, right? The layers of warm blankets upon layers of sheets with the smell of spring...it's a piece of heaven, especially during times of heavy study. Getting up in the cold, hitting your face with icy water, shoving down some unwanted food your throat while the soothing images of your now cooling bed still lingers in your memories however, is what you really hate. And Mondays. Magic and power is for the strong and willing to take, and as such you slip into your comfortable (yet slightly fluffy) slippers and embark on the perilous journey which finally leads yout to the bathroom. After a few essential stops there you are ready for another step down the path of a successful mage - making your teeth shine like the Glass Towers of Verdia. While trying to recall that dream you had about a weeping wall your brushing slowly halts to a stop. Looking into your own eyes in front of the mirror, you can't help but to notice the complete lack of hair on your head. Not that you don't look good with your now shining head, still this mysterious absence of hair bothers you. This is going to be one of those weeks...again.
  22. Awesome! I love it! The brute strength failure is gold... Just a minor note; im pretty sure you would get detention...in Academagia the only way not to get detention is to be already in detention...
  23. Sweet! Can we get a rough ETA? You know...just to clear schedules, and we ought to ask...
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