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  1. Hi, First off, I must say this is truly a wonderful game. I have been having quite a blast playing this so far.. very deep and well constructed, with such a variety of things going on that I doubt I'll ever be able to play the same game twice. One thing I'm concerned about though, but since I haven't had the time to really explore every option I'm not sure of... where are the game overs? I remember the old Choose-Your-Own adventure books, the ones written for us when we were kids around 7-13 or so (some were still enjoyable long past that of course). In those books, your path could lead you to a bad ending, or even death. Granted, as the books were catered towards the young, it was never a fully described gruesome death, but it was still a Death - Story Over, situation. So far I have encountered a few situations in this game where I was certain doing the completely red guaranteed-to-fail option in a dangerous situation would lead to some sort of "bad ending." Now I know you can be expelled, but what about bad endings that stop your character's career short aside from that? I was quite shocked to come out of a certain situation which I wont spoil on this forum with just a few bruises (some vitality taken away and maybe a point or two of stress added on). I was almost positive that the choice I made would be the end of my character. I don't really want them to be spoiled if they exist, but are there bad endings that can be the end of your character's career aside from being expelled? If not, it's a shame, because I think with the added "danger" of making a really bad game ending choice would make this game far more interesting than just a few bruises and some stress .
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