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  1. Steven J Brust's "Vlad the Assassin" series was as huge an influence on my teen years as Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series.
  2. Why wait for the mods? Punch out some ideas and we may be able to get it into the DLCs if the Legate is willing.
  3. Oh yeah, I totally look forward to the adventure where the player has to assemble an army of figures. Perhaps he/she has to hunt down several limited edition figures? Mmm...theft, debate, negotiation, planning, plotting...*drool*
  4. Just make it a character background of "Snobbery" and you're set. Offset with an expanded Parental Approval for the income and bonus to Intelligence and/or Strength and you're off to the races.
  5. My thinking here during most of my spell creations was that I know how I play a game; once I find an exploit, I hammer it home until I can brutalize everything. There are some things in the game like that, of course, but if you could amp up certain skills within the first 4-5 months of game play, you could cruise through the game with hardly a fail, which would kill the fun. I agree with the drug concept in that it is temporary. If the increase is temporary, it forces you to make choices about how to spend your time, i.e. do you want a larger increase in skills that is only temporary, or do you want to spend your time permanently increasing said skill by marginal steps? That was my thinking for my spells, but I can't speak for the rest of BC
  6. I personally love the idea of a "success" leading to damage and nothing else at times; it just goes to show that playing to your strengths won't always leave you smelling like a rose! I have no qualms about making someone lose something like a Skill Step in a failure, but I don't think I've ever done that as a consequence of a success. Damage and Stress are easily overcome; I say put 'em in!
  7. My advice here is to plan the adventures out with the thought in mind that players/characters won't always do the next part right away. I'm sure you've already noticed that while playing When I plan out my adventures, I try to make sure that each one ends with a player returning to their room so that it flows better with the calendar. Finally, watch out for too-specific times or whatnot in Adventures, since they can be undertaken at any time of day (or day of the week).
  8. It'd be great to see some more local and interested talent rise from the forums.... (HINT HINT HINT) I've seen some interesting Adventure/complication/event ideas...I'd love to see more of these fleshed out by the authors and see what happens!
  9. If I'm understanding your question correctly, you're asking about when spells mention using additional Phemes in the spell? Some of that is for color, but some is a subtle reminder that you can add Phemes to spells when you're casting for additional effects and bonuses. A Pheme's magnitude is an indicator of how difficult a Pheme is to create, so that can sometimes be considered a warning about your skills before you start tacking on Phemes. Finally, remember that if you're casting a spell in which you've added Phemes and you fail the magnitude roll, the entire spell will fail. Feel free to post up a specific example (or MSG me if you want to avoid spoilers for the others) and I'll try to answer in more/better detail.
  10. In the spirit, is anyone just dying to have a small, semi-private library with rare and somewhat dangerous books named after something/someone they like? Reply with some cool names and I'll see what I can do
  11. Impet, Duly noted and accepted! Per your suggestion, I'm adding in a small 'bonus' structure to one of my Adventures that should be in the first DLC as well as some branching options and different rewards.
  12. As the time approaches for new adventures and occurrences, we thought it'd be nice to get a more specific feel for the Adventures players are wanting. While we can't promise filling every desire or need, if there's something specific someone wants to see or some skillset someone wants tested, this is a great place to let us know as we start doing the dirty work.
  13. There are also a few ways to cancel out detention, but I'll leave the finding up to you. Happy Hunting!
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