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  1. I'm not familiar with any ways to temporarily increase them unfortunately. Could you elaborate for my knowledge with future characters? Regardless getting his acting up to 10 made the skill check black and I managed to pass it thankfully. Although I had hoped he would be able to breathe fire instead of the insight bonus I got. Not sure how useful having 11 insight is at the moment, haha.
  2. Hmm. Alright. Guess I'll bump my familiar skill up to 10 then and hope I can make it after enough tries. Tempted to just try and keep reloading until it works since it's so close to the end of the year but I don't want to do that with this character. Wish me luck, heh.
  3. It's the Faux Dragon familiar and the adventure is titled Familiar Adventure Faux Dragon 6. It saddens me even more I have so much trouble with this quest since the text is blue for it when I pick the adventure but two options (interrogation and manipulation) are purple and the acting one red.
  4. Took a break from the game and I've returned and am very pleased with all the DLC that's been added to it. Definitely going to need to roll another character or two after I'm done with my current one. But on to my question - I've been having some trouble with my familiar's later adventure parts. I've got his skill in one of the options at 9 and the option is still only red so I was wondering does modifiers like glory and flat bonuses like using re-chart constellations affect your familiars rolls? Been trying to wrack my brain on ways to help my familiar pass his rolls but that's the only ones I can think of so far.
  5. It's the same part as mentioned by the OP: Search the abandoned warhouse for the hinted - a secret door I figured you had it looked at but I just wanted to be sure since the OP only mentioned it failed when he used one method but I can't get the adventure to succeed using either method. What a waste of weeks all that training in explore was... Heh.
  6. Since it wasn't mentioned in the initial post, I wasn't sure if it was seen or not but even when I succeeded at exploring the glade option and I found the water, I still was not able to complete this part of the Mentor quest.
  7. Ahirman


    I've been trying to cast Asking the Universe and I have yet to see the spell succeed despite the fact it doesn't require any roll. I've tried changing locations from my room and so far it still hasn't worked.
  8. That sounds very promising. I would be sad to lose some of the clique abilities I have at the moment. It's nice having 6 charm just because of your friends being your friends. Another thing I was wondering is if there was possibly going to be the ability for your character to bring something to the clique. Perhaps an adventure or something you can purchase during character creation that could give benefits to others/yourself. Every other student has a clique ability and it seems like you basically add nothing unique to it, especially if you didn't even create the group yourself. Not sure how useful it would be since it might only be something the members of your group would benefit from. To be fair, I haven't improved my social stats that much yet or experimented with things so maybe there are more to clique than I realize at the moment other than sacrificing them in an adventure.
  9. Might as well give a general hello to all, despite the fact I tend to lurk. Hello! I would describe myself as a gamer with a wide taste in games playing things ranging from any genre of strategy, adventure, first person shooters, simulations games, and so on. Came across this little gem while looking at what Impulse had in their store after getting Elemental and saw this game had a high popularity rating and since I hadn't played a good simulation game in awhile I gave this a shot and was most pleased with that gamble. I am currently studying for my masters in pharmacology and when I'm not buried in papers and experiments, I waste my time away staying up late playing games (Too many 2 am nights due to this game...) or role-playing. I suppose there's SOME aspects of a social life in there as well, heh. Not sure what else to say at the moment other than I should probably get back to work.
  10. I know asking something like this is probably way too soon but the thought has been in my mind for a bit and I was wondering what thoughts you had on the matter at the moment: Will the abilities students have when joining your clique remain the same and they gain new ones or will they change completely in later years? I've been enjoying the stat bonuses some of the clique members I have give me and that led me to wonder whether I should see them as temporary bonuses or something I can count on in the long term in later years.
  11. Would that include inducing certain emotions on other students? I was browsing one of my clique members at one point and noticed she had something along the lines of Love as an emotion but wasn't able to get much information on it beyond that. Was that a result of her using her own actions on other people or a result of a high relation with her? Haven't had the chance to beat my first year yet so I'm not sure if it changed anything later on but I've been curious on that for awhile.
  12. There comes a point where difficulty is irrelevant and all that matters is how awesome you look while doing it. Even if you fail. At least you fail in style.
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