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  1. Is it actually possible to get negative parental approval/lower emotions? From the player that's been a black sheep from beginning to end
  2. F12 says Client V1.0.3.1 Publisher v0.63.3.0 Content 1.0 I started this one last week, and I'm fairly sure I remembered to tick the content patch at char creation. I might be missing patch 4, though.
  3. Ability: Prowl through the discarded. Not sure if it's a bug here. I got Stenchtastic. The status was there for a day and then it stopped appearing (I had re'used prowl, so twice in two days). A month after minimum, I've tried to rest, but... despite no "Stenchtastic" status to be seen, my charm is still stuck on 0 (whereas it was on 3 before). Not sure I completely understand if the status is still here but invisible (then I need to find out how to get rifd of it) or if it's gone but the charm doesn't come back (more of a bug).
  4. Ability: Study Monster "If you succeed on a difficult luck/zoology roll" If it's the same logic as for the spells, I guess the description should be changed to be more precise.
  5. hecquaro


    Cage of locusts. Description says it "expands stress" and "imposes penalties to all Actions, Abilities and Spells until rested". Quite vague on these effects, in relation to the other spells where we'd get numbers or percentages.
  6. Action Perform Music: Voice The text in the day report said which rolls were required for the effects, but it is not on the action description, making it a bit tricky to re-find. Random Event Taver 3 Used Glamour to cast a spell to remain unnoticed. The text says I get the shadows to bend around to hide me, my teachers won't mind a bit of magic to get out of a brawl and... I'm back at the choice screen, glamour option gone, forced by the difficulty of the rest to just "stand still and hope for the best". Either the text of glamour is misleading, or my exit didn't end properly.
  7. I love that one. Makes my students feel more "self-made" in an "I'll prove them all" way... and as they couldn't be bothered to write to their family, that's just perfect Though I wonder if I'll not regret it in year 2. In year 1, I see it more or less as a free BG point.
  8. Plus, we're talking about a target audience of... how to say... number crushing reading happy nerds? Not to forget "borderline compulsive optimizers" somewhere in the mix. So anything, litterally anything you can throw in the head as a feedback is positive. A sheet with the percentage of success/failure on random events? A "Score" given that includes every study point, competence point, spell cast, adventure finished etc.etc.etc. that they could try to beat? Exam scores? Presenting them their archetype (see the idea coming from clique and abilities subject)? Graphs (amount of value carried over time, timeline with small events -illness, adventure completed, duel, befriending...- written on it, exam score related to average/minimum/top exam score...)? Background picture with a small conclusion text scrolling up à la movie credits (I didn't say trapezoid text, hence no star wars effect)? Posibility to compare your character sheet with other students? The idea, here, is that playing the year is, like... 40% of the fun. Creating the character (and planning a bit his/her evolution) is another 40%. Feedback and looking back on how it went is the last 20%, the tool that can make us think "What can I do better/different"
  9. The same way that there's parent skills and subskills, there could be some kinds of "archetypes". An archetype would be represented by a certain whole of skills/subskills (not necessarily all of the subskills/parent skills together by the way). Each point in a skills/subskill related to the archetype would make your character lean towards it. Each time a skills/subskill of the archetype is chosen in an event/adventure, it would make the character lean towards it. Each time a skills/subskill of the archetype is being rolled in a spell or temporarely boosted by a location, it would make the character lean towards it. At the end of the year, the archetype with the highest "score" is basically the personality your student has leant the most towards (in case of an equality, it is randomly chosen). Each archetype is attached to a clique advantage for year 2 and... voilà! Some skills/subskills could be in several archetypes, of course. As for building/finding out of the archetypes, I'm sure the community can give a hand As I see it, an archetype should be represented by 20-30 skills/subskills, that is to say around 10% of the skills. As an example: GENIUS IN HIDING Aesthetics Analyse Anthropology Applications of the Arithmetics Architecture Biology Botany Brew Chemistry Concentration Creativity Curiosity Dedication Engineering First Principles Geometric Laws History Librairy Knowledge Logic Magical appraisal Memorization Patience Planning Puzzles Reason Research Rethoric Semantics Study Habits Trigonometry Zoology If this archetype gets the most point at the end of the year, the clique gets a special attribute: "Genial Tutoring", allowing, once a week, to get a +1 to a train (or study?) activity, increasing the skill twice by one step. One can also imagine some "negative" competences, that will give a minus to an archetype when used (in our example, things like brute strength or pure luck, anything that undermines a failure to understand the undercurrent of a situation to take advantage of it). Complexe? Probably. Interesting? Quite, I think
  10. Don't know if it's a bug, but the text for Spavia Theater: Musician's overlook says that "If, on the other hand, your skill with a Lute is 9 or higher, you have an open invitation to drop in on the Spavia Theater every seven days or so...". I had my Lute at 10, and only got the location by visiting from the Orchestra Pit. The text leads me to believe that reaching 9 in Lute should disclose the location, though.
  11. hecquaro

    Random Event

    Random Event Rescue 5. Succeeded at the Magical Appraisal investigation, didn't add an option. I chose the basic exit, as it said "x is in no danger, you'll find help on the way", but got a negative ending, so I'm guessing this is another case of new exit not shown.
  12. hecquaro

    Random Event

    Random Event Lake 9, I succeeded at my investigation throw, it says there's a log nearby I could use. But only the investigation exit got taken off, I'm left with Swimming and no new choice.
  13. hecquaro


    I just cast veil of aversion on myself (because difficulty 3), with two air phemes on it, successfully. The report tells me twice my finesse has been increased by 1 (as should be), but... it's still showing 2 in my attributes. It was also not showing any noticeable increase during the related event, though I saw that my planning option (day of the fools) was blue with a planning of 4. So... did my double air finesse combo really work? If yes, then, it's just staying invisible and I'll have this +2 bonus until I rest?
  14. Event "Random Event Search 10", where I'm asked to try cookies. Tried observing, failed. Chose exit one (eat a cookie). In the first page of the result text, I only get one line at the very bottom: "ou take a big bite of the cookie and your eyes bulge. It's super" Next page begins with a big Y, followed by "Salty!". The rest gets displayed correctly. I'm guessing this is not the way it's meant to appear
  15. hecquaro


    Actually, when there is an event, with colour code and ranking, what is it based on? Pure skill? Minimum roll? Maximum roll? Another method?
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