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  1. You get to archive this thread when Y2 comes out :3
  2. I have detention, after the day the autosave takes place. How will the game handle that? (will it be counted, if so is it considered missed or attended?)
  3. Is there a way to put the game into windowed mode?
  4. >_> I have a character near complete that is using Three Suns and Shattered mirrors, does that mean this character is screwed or can he possibly survive the transfer to the future games?
  5. You may have to manually put the file address in; I personally couldn't find the folder, but when I put the address in it found it.
  6. Alright, let see how many questions I'm about to ask that have already been asked 1. How "often" will character portraits (player/npc) be updated between games, if at all? 2. Will some npcs have class changes (for those who you gave a class with a dominant skill of 1 relating to it)? 3. Is there a chance the player coming across a student or professor during summer break? (... if you say yes, I worry the sky pirate's family might raid one of them) -I know we can send a letter to a friend during this time --3.5(?). Is it possible to interact in some manner with a professor during summer break? ---What do the professors normally do during the summer break? 4. Will we be getting a gradebook in-game (Y2) saying how everyone did; we already know each others grades just not if they officially passed. (This way we can check if it's actually correct) 5. Other than favors/additional classes is there a point to keeping a non-regent professor at 10 relation?
  7. Oh yeah, is there any actual importance in the choices at the ending scene (character leaving after exams) or is it more just there to give some closure for the game? (It can be both)
  8. Awhile back I think Freespace asked if there was a reward for perfect attendence. Well I'm here to ask if it allows some absenses (for example a 1 fit character would most likely not have perfect attendence because they will at least head to the infirmary once). Though I'm more asking how many time slots could be missed but still be rewarded.
  9. Okay.... I was able to make it appear a week and a half later, but~~ when I tried to do it again it didn't appear. Either way, it did end up appearing though seems that it can take a LONG time.
  10. .... clearing cache >_>, gonna need to give me instructions.
  11. It has been a week in game and no Love emotion. The only thing that I can think that might alter this is either On the Prowl or Life of Avarice; either way have a male player character with Uliva at 13 and haven't recieved Love.
  12. (looks in) I got a character with a 13 relationship with Uliva, now the thing is I didn't receive the Love Emotion, I can however confirm she did obtained the Love Emotion. Is this a bug or intentional? My character has the emotions: Affection, Calm, Elation, Hungry for Peace, Peaceful Heart, Salt of the Earth, and Yearning for the Imperial Past. I currently have no stress.
  13. Now I have another question, though I'm looking at Basia Rydz while typing this. "Do these jealous students, mentioned by Mettis, only go after the PC or also NPCS?"; I'm asking this because according to the magical document Freespace made Basia is number 33 in total and number 7 in her college. Thus her autoimatically gunning for a Morvidus traitorous wealthy pirate's son seems a bit to far ahead for her particularly.
  14. My technical first clique, I think Uliva befriended me and brought me into her click Anyways, my first clique (in the steam version) is Uliva, Emilia Strolin, Rikildis von Kiep, Miya, and Prudence (YOUR SOUL IS MINE PRUDENCE, I USED 4 CLEANCE AND CHEESES ALONG WITH 8 TIME SLOTS TO MAKE YOU PASS DIALECT, AND I ENDED UP LOSING 10 POINTS IN BOTH NEGATION AND INCANTAION TESTS) I added Uliva because of what I said above (she was the first character to be nice to my 1 fit characters of old T_T ), Emilia and Prudence I happened to start adding them to my Cliques at some point (can't remember why exactly, but roughly 70% of cliques I've made had them, at least), and Miya and Rikildis are more just "Hey we don't have a Clique" (also I've had Rikildis be a enemy in past games).
  15. Some Y2 questions, that may or may not have been answered already somewhere in these 400+ pages. 1. Will there be anything that reacts to the player being rank 1 in their class, or is it the Honors that matter? (Just had a student who had crushed 4 of his 6 classes (rank 1 first honors), but had a meh class only receiving lower second honors) 2. Is there/will there be : a way to help clique members who have failed one of their classes in Y1? (I know there is Set Example in Y1 but that doesn't cover study nor do I see a way to tell if they have a 10 study; kind of want to save Prudence) 3. Curious how or if the family traits will affect the summer vaction event, but mainly if a combination creates a unique event or if one supersedes the other. I know at the very least the location for example the Sky Pirate supersedes other locations, but wondering if for example having noble, descendant royalty, wealthy, etc. have some form of alteration. 4. Has anyone figured out the descendant of traitors backstory is (or it's possible future impact). Main thing I noticed is the fact you can only have it or royalty, even though such a thing could happen.
  16. (facepalms) omg I can't believe I forgot it records the history for the date; well I was sleepy so I guess that's why.
  17. Is there a way to open up a save file to extract mid-term/final scores? I always end up remembering Freespace's grade document after I complete the game. Also I loaded the autosave that is made at the end of the game, and there is another month; is that suppose to be there?
  18. Why am I by chance learning Mastery and Gates from Longshade Library, I don't want to die (T_T) I'm just trying to increasing my study habits
  19. I had someone join my Clique without my knowledge, is there a way to rip him out of it? I'/ demeaning but he has yet to leave (he has a -10 with me, and I have no idea about my other 3 members).
  20. @Schwarzbart Thanks, completely missed that ; man 2010 this has been a long time.
  21. >_> welp, don't have email confirmation from Stardock anymore; I do have the product code. Oh well.
  22. After reading a bit of this thread, is the way I too can be as awesome as Markus is by using the "Cleanse and Remake" spell; or is it through some other means (I understand class skipping at least, even if I've never used Cleanse and Remake) Another question (perhaps two) did that many people really fail in your game? Edit: or is it just incomplete data?
  23. Yay~~~ we're moving towards the greenlight. The oh so distant greenlight. :3
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