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  1. Well, if its only a common item Im getting then its not likely going to be worth it anyway. So just another of those things I wont be doing anymore lol. Thanks
  2. The ability reads: If your Intimidation and Charm are greater than your victim's Courage and Insight (+1) you will extract a protection fee from them, taking one of their random objects and making it yours. My Intimidation is 12. My Charm is 6. My victim in this case is (of course) Philippe Marchant. He has Courage 0 and Insight 2. He has a Beekeepers Mask, Bird Food, a Black Salamander, and a Parrot Feather. Seems to me this should be 18 > 3 and I should get one of his 4 Items without fail, and yet I never succeed. What gives?
  3. I have Imperial Decree #37-01 Unlawful Taking of a Life. For the life of me I can not figure out how to use it. It does not seem to be able to be equipped and the ability it shows never shows up anywhere.
  4. If it is working as intended then it is nigh on useless. I can not at this point see any reason to cause trouble between two cliques. And if there would be a reason to do that, this action is still useless as you can only choose one side of the clique while the other is random. And on top of that, you are really only causing trouble between one random person from a clique you choose with a random person in another random clique. It does not seem as though there is any strife created between the two cliques. I highly doubt that causing trouble between Ana Flavia and Neta is going to impact Neta's clique or the other students in her clique in any way. In any event Ana Flavia is at this moment safely in my clique. I used demean to lower her relationship with Cosetta until the clique disbanded, then gossip to improve my relationship with Ana from zero to two. After befriending her our relationship jumped to 4. It is important to note that using demean will also lower your relationship with the person you list first, so in this case I had to list Cosetta and then Ana, so that Ana's opinion of me wouldn't change. Now I have her clique ability, and very importantly, knowledge of Theory of Incantation, which allows me to go to Contu's school. Mission Accomplished.
  5. I waited too long to get Ana Flavia Bessa into my clique (Clique Liquors) and now she has started a clique of her own (The Bessa Mob). The Bessa Mob shows two members: Ana Flavia and Cosetta Re. On the day of the Last Feast in Gelamenus, I had three Stir Up Trouble actions set up. End of day report shows that two of them worked. The first one decreased the relationship between Ana and Neta Xemutre. The second one decreased the relationship between Cosetta and Raoul Leconte. Neta is in a clique called The Champions of Durand together with Jere Niemela and Tulia Faspalla. Raoul is in a clique called The Long Afternoon Society with Philip Hauck. Stir Up Trouble says that it will "permanently decrease the relationship between members of a clique". Not really understanding the outcome of this action, why did it not just target Ana and Cosetta?
  6. Well I havent run any tests, but I guess the problem is Milena's relationship with Zoe before I befriend her. its -10!! My friendship with Zoe is 6 and it is 4 with Milena, so Im guessing the one Im better friends with stayed in the clique. Next time I have time I will improve my relationship with Milena and then try and see if Zoe drops out instead.
  7. Ok, I have a medium sized clique. Me Silke N Emilia P Zoe M Isabel G Vuillaume E Vuillaume got befriended by someone else in the click (or she befriended me) but I added the rest. In another playthrough I added Milena di M to this same clique (but with Vincent E instead of Vuillaume) and Zoe, Isabel and Vincent immediately left and formed thier own clique. On my current playthrough I have maxed out all my studies and while "Use Notes" is still nice for its 2 step skill advancement, I wouldnt mind losing Zoe (or Isabel, as Im rich now from all the wrestling) for Milenas Tutoring ability. I had to demean the heck outta her Clique but I finally got her out of it. When I then befriended her it said I was succesful and that I had gained the use of her Clique ability, but she was neither listed as being in my clique, or showing that she was in any clique on her profile. Also I did not have the option to use her Tutoring services. So my question is, what gives? Can someone be befriended and yet not join your Clique? By the way Im back playing after 2 years I think and the game is GREAT!!! Keep up the good work.
  8. So are the odds for the higher payout fixed? Is there no way for me to influence them, ie; raising my Criminal Law stat?
  9. Ok I pm'd you the save. It is from just before I took the Draught to be identified.
  10. Client v1.3.3.0; Pub v0.63.3.0 Cont 1.0 save in a minute
  11. Ok back from the Artifact Registry. It says I succeeded at it. Draught doesnt display any more info than it did before. Also it still doesnt appear anywhere as an ability.
  12. ??? No I didnt identify it. I will in one minute, but let me ask, do you mean to tell me everything Ive ever bought from a store and/or catalog has to be identified before I receive the benefits?
  13. Well I looked at it and scrolled down to where it lists the ability of the potion and doing so reveals that it is a 1 point increase for four days, I sure wish I knew that when I bought it. In any event I put it in my backpack but "Draught for Brains" does not appear in either my selectable things to do or in my list of abilities and actions.
  14. I often use Advocate at Daribus Conley's Court. The first time I ever used it I earned 80 pim. The next time it was 20, then 30, then 30 again. Except for the first time Ive never gotten more than 30. The description says I should get 50-140 if I win, on a (Int/Criminal Law) Vs 10. My Int is 8 and my Crim Law is 12. I should win every time. Why am I not getting more money?
  15. I bought a draught of Brains and hoping it would mean a permanent + Intelligence. Turns out it didnt come with instructions. I cant equip it and it doesnt show up under the Use Item choice. There is no Activity or Ability that says "Drink Potion" what gives? Maybe it's a paradox. In order to be smart enough to figure out how to drink whats in the bottle, you have to drink whats in the bottle.
  16. If through items I am wearing/holding my chance of discovery is -4%, and I visit someplace like Jorndathal's Circus : Freak Show with a discovery of 3, am I immune from being discovered?
  17. On the 17th of Hionosi, (in which I went to class twice and then used "Study the Fields") I got a random encounter of 3 students from Morvidus Breaking into Vernin. Of my choices I picked "Character Study" (colored in blue) first and it seemed to be successful but it didn't change what I did anyway which is use "Wrestling" (green) to capture them. I succeeded as two ran away while I caught the third, a professor then came along and caught the two that ran. It said everyone was amazed and that I would be talked about for a long time or something like that. The end of day report says (in addition to the skills I leveled by studying the fields) that I temporarily increased wrestling by two and that I increased my courage by 1. (Also Phillipe Marchant liked me 1 point less, hardly a surprise he was one of the thieves!) It seems those bonuses are tied to the action I took in the random encounter itself, so what was my "Reward" for catching the thieves? It sounded like it might be Glory but it didn't list any. More importantly the next line reads "You have caused yourself to be reprimanded by Orso Orsi." Checking ahead reveals I now have a detention (My FIRST of the year!) on Monday the 22nd. How in the heck did this happen? Where did I go wrong? And why is it from the man himself? The Academagia Fields are a 0 discovery zone and in the random encounter I didn't leave Vernin. I am not carrying anything illegal, and I am not encumbered in any way (I did have one bag of "Glamour Mints" in my knapsack, but nothing else) What gives?
  18. I absolutely choose Vernin for the Merit possibilities. Ive had characters in Godina and Hedi and found they fall far behind Vernin pretty quickly. I remember reading something the Legate posted which said Vernin has more students and therefore a natural advantage in the Merit race. In the game posted above, Morvidus has been coming on strong in the last month. I don't like to lose any merit prizes so I compete whenever anyone gets close. It helps that Ive worked on my Compete skill as I often get the full 6 points. I find that competing on a Saturday seems to inspire my fellow students, quite often 3 or 4 different students earn merit for Vernin on the Saturday that I compete. That is usually good enough to last us till the next award, and sometimes we go on a roll. In my last game we ran out more than 100 points ahead of Morvidus after they had closed to within 6.
  19. On the 7th of Hionosi: Aranaz-------266 Avila---------236 Durnad-------236 Godina-------216 Hedi----------206 Morvidus-----356 Vernin--------356 Just found it a bit odd that every one ends in a six! Those guys in Morvidus will just not go away! Thank goodness for Vincent Eins, he is one merit winning little dude for Vernin, we have won every merit prize so far but its been close lately. Guess Im going to have to chip in some more, help old Vincent out...
  20. Yes I do believe I talked my way out of it. So I did save her, and she is grateful, and I do know where the Seven Stars is, and Im welcome to pay to eat there, but because I don't remember saving her I cant eat any cake or enjoy any ginger ale? Well that's gratitude for you. I eat there all the time! And for 25 of my (parents) hard earned pims! You'd think she'd come right over to my table and just offer me the free stuff. Guess she figures if I'm not gonna ask, she's not gonna offer...
  21. I have never used it as it has never appeared on my list of usable abilities. [Redacted]
  22. I have her gratitude, I got the random encounter with her and I saved her.
  23. Well I chose the "Wealthy Family" option and it says through years of long training in the court of nobility I have learned the duties of a page. Fine, if I have to choose page to get this, fair enough, but it is still listed under my abilities.
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