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  1. Morvidus College: College colours are black/Dark green. (like a typical EVIL WIZARD) Required areas of study: Revision (Picked up a suspicious number of new spells and phemes when Mastery was banned) Zoology (Study of creatures. Gates mages summon creatures) Typical Morvidus students include: Bullies, such as Phillipe Marcant Strange individuals who get along better with animals than people, such as Mairgrete Strakley Students who are publicly and loudly devoted to non-violent ideals, such as Eliana Carosi (Almost too publicly devoted to non-violence...) Hector per Vittoria and his dammable owl On the whole, Morvidus has the lowest social skill/student ratio of any of the colleges The college is located right next to a forest (Who knows what goes on inside the dark woods?) The regent keeps all his personal notes in code, in a locked desk (Like he has something to hide) Now, I'm not saying Morvidus is the favoured college of EVIL SORCERERS. On the other hand, I'm not saying it isn't. Just, y'know, there are conclusions one could draw.
  2. Hey guys, I just, um, "borrowed" a copy of the upcoming Negation exam. Not that I condone cheating, or anything. Think of it as a study aid Page 1: Practical (50 marks): Pick up the provided quill (15 marks) Open the provided bottle of ink (15 marks) BONUS: The ink provided has been enspelled with Iucounu's Prismatic Pigmentation. Extra marks will be given to students who answer their questions in black ink. Turn this sheet over and begin the theoretical examination. (20 marks) Page 2: Note that by turning the sheet over you have triggered a delayed combustion spell, set to go off 5 minutes before the end of the examination. Students are reminded that Academagia policy is to deduct marks for answers rendered illegible by scorch marks. Theoretical (50 marks): Part 1: Appropriate paranoia: For each of thsese common situations, 5 well-known danger signs have been listed. Within each situation, arrange these signs in order from most to least dangerous. Justify your answers. (25 marks) 1) When attempting to cast an Incantation spell: Burning smell Burning sensation Ominous rumbling noise Sudden gusts of wind Bystanders screaming in terror 2) When attempting to cast a Glamor spell: Sudden euphoria Synthesia Floating balls of light Motion sickness Bystanders screaming in terror 3) When attempting to cast a Revision spell: Agonising pain Target grows scales Nearby inanimate objects spontaneously liquefy Blurred vision Bystanders screaming in terror 4) When brewing a potion: Unexplained color change Unexplained foaming Bad smells Sparks Bystanders screaming in terror 5) When talking to another wizard: "I have a plan!" "Everything is under control!" "I am INVINCIBLE!" "Huh. What's that?" "AIEE! RUN!" Part 2: Conventional negation methods (25 marks) For each of the listed ways of dealing with hostile magic, list the usual advantages and drawbacks BONUS: List other common methods of dealing with hostile magic Countermagic, direct Countermagic, indirect Warding magic Barricades Running away
  3. Hmm. This is an oddity: Thoughtful study is supposed to be unlocked by Natural Philosopy 2, but my current character has Natural Philosopy 0 and the Thoughtful Study. As I recall, I had 2 Natural Philosophy skills, and tried unlocking a third (Anatomy) by casting a spell with an added pheme. It seems this temporary increase unlocked a skill perk, which really shouldn't be happening. Also, is Favor working correctly? According to the mod tools, the Favor tables come in multiple magnitudes. I'd have assumed it scaled with your relationship with the professor, but I've found no way to get a roll on any column except the first. And sometimes it fails outright, which isn't mentioned in the ability description.
  4. Ah. I suspected something of the sort. If this is a general error, Focus on Languages isn't the only ability that will need examining - Methods of the Masters, Student of Arc and Tail, and doubtless other skill perks also boost parent skills you may not have. Hmm. If skills are only updated when an ability is added/removed, that could hurt if you equip an item that boosts a parent skill, unlock the skill, then un-equip the item Rechart constellations: offers a bonus to "your choice of action", but doesn't seem to offer any way of choosing the action. Random event arithmetic 5: "it's She picking a fight again"
  5. Erroneous Continuance: After reading the entire letter from Gera at the beginning of the game, I got two "Done" options, one of them leading to Dexter Mercant and the Strange Doll (even though my familiar wasn't the strange doll) - That "Done" option is missing a pre-req. Typos: spell Sphere of Resistance: refers to the spell as deflective sphere in the description. Bright Young vernin final quest: We'd like to hear from @your name@ Random Event Student Cante: 3/4That's understandable, 3/4he thinks I acquired History's Focus on languages perk (+1 Language parent skill) before unlocking any language skills. Now I have unlocked them, it's not showing up.
  6. Well, Mod tools definitly make tracking down bugs easier. They happen, and then I can go into the tools and ask "Why did that happen?" So: New Venalicium adventure: Has slightly messed pre-reqs. You start at Venalicium 4 (The tutor's desk), searching for a cure for ravenprix without any clear explanation of why. And there don't appear to be any contiunances leading from adventure 3 to adventure 4. Besides, adventure 1 not only provides context for the whole endeavour, it informs you of the help desk. Also, unless something is wrong with the mod tools, the description for Perform: Harpshichord has a lore inserted at the end. And talks about violin, which is the wrong instrument. Subtle typo: Methods of the Masters ability increases "Negation, Incantation, Glamour, Negation, Revision, and Astrology"
  7. Ars Magica is a fine suggestion. Here's some alternatives RISUS: About as rules-light as you can get and still qualify as an RPG. Freely avaliable at the official site. If I was only running a one-shot, I'd need a compelling argument to use anything heavier. Eldrich Ass Kicking: Also simple. Not free, but gives characters a bit more structure than RISUS. (which isn't saying much.) I'd use that if I was worried about a RISUS one-shot degenerating into random wierdness (IMX, this takes around 5-10 minutes. Fun wierdness, so I don't worry about it often) Variant Wandering Monster High School: It's a game about fantasy high school! Easy to adapt to an Academagia setting One-Roll Engine. Between the free Nain supplement, and Monsters and other Childish things, you should be able to put together a pretty good Academagia setting. I like the idea, and one-roll Academagia students would be a very cool thing. A custom system is always a possibility - Personally, I'd hack someting out of the ORE system to better reflect the setting. I've always wanted to hack the ORE to use d12 rather than d10, and extending that to an academagia system looks quite doable (More games should use d12. Dodecaheadrons are the most stylish of the platonic solids ). But my GMing time is spoken for at the moment.
  8. Some recommendations, just off the top of my head: Patricia A. McKillip: Riddle Master of Hed, Heir of Sea and Fire, Harpist in the Wind A good trilogy, and one I'd recommend to people who enjoyed Earthsea. Jack Vance: The Dying Earth quartet and the Lyonesse trilogy Vance has a very distinctive style of writing. The fourth book of the Dying Earth series (Rihalto the Marvelous), follows the adventures of a decadent archmage. Roger Zelazny: The Chronicles of Amber Zelazny wrote some brilliant books, and the chronicles of amber are probably the easiest to find. Lord of Light is better, but is technically science fiction. It's just written like fantasy.
  9. mstevens


    Wait, there's a duel ability as well? I did not know that. I wonder what else we're missing. Anyway, platypus: Default Name: Gaya-dari Type: Platypus Breed: Duck-billed Beaver-tailed Wingless Platypus 2 to Insight, 1 to Charm, 1 to Fitness, 1 to Luck Familiar: Platypus dreaming Swiftflow the dreamriver, and sweet the dreamsong. But a discord grows within the harmony of the dreaming. To rally the platypus kin. To shepard the blossoms of conception. To guide spur against a darkness in the dream.
  10. Well, here's my first attempt at event writing. I'll be happy when Mod tools are out, and I can pull existing events to pieces and get a better idea of what the underlying numbers are like. Characters: @Random Professor@ Technically, you're not supposed to be off the Academagia grounds right now. But that's the sort of rule that is more honoured in the breach than the observance. And you have been working hard. You deserve a little break. Besides, this tavern has a nice dark, out of the way corner and while you're sitting here, nobody is going to notice you. Which is fortunate, since @Professor@ just came in and took a seat. A seat with a good view of the door. Comfy as this corner is, you can't stay here forever. How will you leave without being noticed? Investigation 1: Observation - There has to be some other way out. (Observation + Charm) Success: Hmm. There doesn't seem to be another way out. On the other hand, the place is very busy, and the waiters are moving around quite a bit, and @Professor@ has @his@ back turned to most of this. As you watch, a waiter, with his hands full of dirty plates, walks right behind @Professor@. This has definite possibilities (Bonus to Plot, Practical Jokes) Fail: Somehow, you seem to have developed tunnel vision. Door. Safety. Path to door. Path to safety. Professor watching path to door that is the path to safety. No matter how much you look around, your attention keeps getting drawn back to these fixed, immutable points. Exit 1: Theory of Glamour: Professors can only give detention to students they recognise, right? (Insight + Theory of Glamour) Success - With a few quick twitches of your wand, you cast a concealing glamour over your facial features. You adjust your hair, your eyes, your nose, and as a final flourish, you make your distinctive school robe appear as an ordinary, nondescript black garment. You saunter out of the tavern, and @Professor@ doesn't even look up from @His@ meal. (Expands Composure) Failure - With a few quick twitches of your wand, you cast a concealing glamour over your facial features. Subtle is best. It doesn't take much adjustment to make you indistinguishable from any other $Player's College$ student. And no professor can give the entire college detention. Which is true. And it works. After all, no professor can give the entire college detention. But they can deduct Merit from the entire college. Oops. (Deducts college merit) Exit 2: Patience - You just need to wait for the professor to leave. (Luck + Patience) Success: You order some dessert, and you wait. And you wait. And you order a different dessert, and you wait. And you wait. And you order a third dessert, and you wait. Finally, by the time you're halfway through your fourth dessert, @Professor@ finishes @His@ meal and leaves. That took longer than you were expecting. And cost a little more. Still, four desserts in one sitting is something of a learning experience. And very, very filling (-Pims, expand Baking) Fail: You sit, and wait. And wait. This isn't working! One of the waiters is glaring at you, you're bored, the professor is only just started @his@ meal and you've waited at LEAST a minute. Wait! @Professor@ just closed @his@ eyes! You sieze the opportunity, and dash for the exit. Unfortunately, it turns out @he@ was only blinking. You get caught. (reprimand) Exit 3: Plot - You have a Brilliant Plan! With which Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. (Intelligence + Plot) Success: Fortunately, you thought about this possibility before you ever entered the tavern, and you came up with a plan. Now, it's just a matter of putting your intent into action. You stand up and step forward confidently. "Fear Not!" you say to a rather confused waiter, "For I have a Brilliant Plan! With which Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!" Then pull out your wand and implement your plan. Sure enough, nothing goes wrong. Yep, you're brilliant. (Expands Confidence, Emotion: Smug) Failure: As you step forward to implement your Brilliant Plan, it becomes apparent that you overlooked one tiny, remote possibility. One small thing could indeed go wrong with your Brilliant Plan. You could stumble over an awkwardly placed chair, trip, and fall flat on your face in front of @Professor@. But the odds of that happening? Tiny! Remote! Not worth worrying about. You are so busy fuming about the unfairness of the one thing that could possibly have gone wrong with your Brilliant Plan with which Only One Thing Could Possibly Go Wrong actually happening, you barely even notice the professor's reprimand. (Detention) Exit 4: Practical Jokes - In for a pim, in for a quiple. May as well do something that deserves detention. (Luck + Practical Jokes) Succeed: You happen to be carrying a small jar of Velgrim's Perilous Floor Polish. You sneak up behind @Professor@ and carefully grease the area behind @His@ chair without being noticed. Then you carefully move to one side, and say "Good Day, @Professor@!" @Professor@ jumps up from @His@ seat, and spins around to face you. Well, @He@ tries. Velgrim's Perilous Floor Polish is a remarkably effective substance. @Professor@'s chair, with @Professor@ still in it, goes gliding across the floor, directly into a passing waiter. Waiter, chair and professor all tumble over into a heap. @Professor@ gets up, takes one step towards you, re-enters the polished area, and falls over again. Another waiter attempts to help the professor up, and joins the pile on the floor. By the time anybody has sorted the situation out, you've glued the professor's fork to the table, and disappeared into the city. You'll be getting a reprimand, but you've got such a story to tell. (Reprimand, increase Storytelling) Fail: Here is prank destiny made manifest. If you're going to get detention, you might as well do something truly audacious. And you've got just the trick up your sleeve. Literally - One of your friends 'let' you 'borrow' a stink bomb. And one of Velgrim's Mortifying Hornets. With the Hornet in one hand, and the stink bomb in the other, you creep towards the professor. Then @He@ looks up, directly at you. You're so surprised, you accidently trigger the Hornet. Since you haven't given it a target, it homes in on you. While you're trying to fend it off, you drop the stink bomb at your feet. And when you stagger out of the cloud of fumes, you stagger right into a table. And then ... Well, probably best to draw a discreet veil over the entire incident. Suffice to say there is no cloud without a silver lining, and @Professor@ is too busy laughing to reprimand you. (Stress, Emotion: Embarassment)
  11. mstevens


    This seems about right. The hard parts are really the adventures and the artwork. Default Name: Quoth Type: Raven Breed: Trouble-tailed stormcrow I can draw stick figures. Kind of. Maybe. Art is definitly going to be the sticking point on any mod I make 2 points to Insight, 2 to Int, 1 to Finesse. A raven is a cunning, devious bird of prophecy and omen (mostly bad omens) Familiar: Flying ahead of the storm In which your familiar indulges it's curiosity and love of shiny things, and needs to move fast to stay ahead of the resulting trouble. One Step Behind In which trouble comes looking for your raven, and finds you first. Bird of Ill Omen: Ravens are often unfairly maligned as being followed by danger. Actually, they're just cunning enough to move out ahead of danger. By paying attention to your raven's dedication to the better part of valor, you can often see trouble coming. Spending an action studying your raven grants increases to your Danger Sense, Flawless Timing and Shiny Obje- *ahem* Jeweler skills.
  12. Typographical errors: Vihuelan Practcum: refers to gaining "experience", rather than "expanding by a skill step" Item: Rymbaldian Plough-Stave: "consider the 'plough-stave'sacred" (missing space) Random Event Patrol 9: "the thing is,Llarina de Avuel" (missing space) Valedictory Lecture of Professor Ambleby: "... under the dragons gaze" (Missing apostrophe) Notational Glamour spell: "As it stands the Easy Read spell..." (Wrong Spell) Perform Music: Lute "Performing a musical piece on your Lyre" (Cut/paste error) Paint a fog (action) "impenitrable" (Should be impenetrable) Random event crafting 9: "Phillipe means someone to be catapulted not someone to pull the lever" (comma between catapulted, not) Teach (Revision Spell): Lists difficulty, not check (presumably Revision) Random Event Foraging 18: "Storytelling: show modest and ..." (modesty) Intense Focus spell: "Action Types Hostile"? Random Event Theft 3: Els Rottmundynhad" (missing space) Professor Storey's Office: Profssor's Desk "Imperil Palace" (Imperial) Random Event Arithmetic 2: "Professor ProfessorValenta" Member of my clique used Befriend on me Random Event Kitchen 4: "the cooks says in jest" Help Sheary Show His True Self: failed Character Study: "whySheary" (missing space) Turn Sheary into a smooth, bad boy: Character Study: "With 's help" (Missing character name) Random Event Tavern 13: Reason "that said,He" (missing space) Random Event Research 10: "ou take a big bite..." (Missing Y in you) Random Event Tavern 20 "Academagia" rather than "the Academagia" Daily report, after shopping from a catlog "The total cost of your purchases were -240". (cost is singular, should use was, not were. Inappropriate context for the negative number. Cost is a positive number, deducted from my cash on hand) Lore naming issues: The following Lores have seemingly arbitary * symbols on the end of their titles. Lores marked (x2) are dupicated, once with the * and once without. A Musician's Guide to Harpsichord Crafting* On Music, by Rieulle Chastellan* (x2) Song of the Morning* An Ivres Citizen's Letter to Her Mother* (x2), attained at different levels of Harpsichord The Science of Music, by Sigil Horncroft* How to Learn Songs* (x2) (gained from different sources) In additon, the lore Theory of Arithmetic SP V has identical text to the lore Most Special Occasions Description/effect mismatches: Earth sprite nest: says expand Artisan by 1 ss, was expanding by 2 Casting Scan Music only increased Lute, Harpischord subskills, claims to increase other music skills as well Feedback/Lack thereof: When an increase boosts your skill to the maximum level, even if there is still room for training, the skill display will clam your skill is at maximum rather than showing you how much training is still needed (Conversely, once you have trained to the maximum level, the skill display *won't* say so if you have an additional increase) Minor exaustion has decreased two random skills. Which random skills? Who knows? Other issues: The shops Joy of Music: Catalog c and Daniel 'Big Danny' Carter's Storefront appear to be empty Godina students apparently don't have visitation rights to Godina common room, or its South corner. Which raises the question of who can use the common room. Oddities, probably working as intended: If two colleges increase their merit at the same time, both can win the merit prize A character without a familiar can still pick familiar training/escapades backgrounds Selective Focus: Skill selection NOT broken down by parent skill
  13. Okay, notes from my last game: Typos: Events/Adventures: Random event arthmetic 3: "ProfessorValenta" (no space) Random Event animal pen 3: You are really looking forward to His' class today (Should introduce Prof before using his/him) Random Event Morvidus Common Room 4: "Tthat", "If I hear anybody that we.." Random Event Classroom 13: "MissEparvier" (Failed Acrobatics check) Random Event Potions 4: Observation check introduces "Him" w/out introduction. Familiar- Making the rounds of the acadamey: "slither" of cheese, rather than sliver Making the mask, Guard Duty: These adventures refer to 'Academagia', rather than 'the academagia' Guard Duty: The introductory text switches to italics about halfway through, and stays that way. Lores: Lore: Werston Creast on Birds: "Would it not so showy"? Lore: The Legend of the Man from a Distant land "...who murdered his rival. .He..." Rule of Law: Blank Lore Repeated lores: Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian* (Has unwanted 1st line) (Elumnian 2) Lecture on Elumian Language Structure* Elumian Words Commonly used in Modern Spells* On Music by Rieulle Chastellan* (Notation 1) Grammar in Oncestrian Language* (No repeat?) (Oncestrian 2) Lecture on Oncestrian Language Present in Magic* (Oncestrian 6) Origins of common Oncestrian words* (Oncestrian 9) Excerpt from the Article, The Merlien Accent*(Merilien 9) Rimbal Plays II = Advertisment for Omimage Moccasins Correctly Pronuncing Elumian Anatomy Terms* = Correctly pronouncing Elumnian anatomy: a primer Oddities Random Event Homework 7: Get a Zoology option well before it's clear you're dealing with an animal Random Event Grammar 2: Planning check reduces the options avaliable to intimidate Random Event Rescue 3: Research doesn't open a new option. Introductory Letter 6: 2 "Right, enough of Gera" exits Misphrasings: Random Event Defensive spells 1: "The spell to a very powerful spell" This is a very akward phrasing. Ice Pheme: Does it really need to mention that it's used in Revision three times over? Holiday [The Sententae]: Picture misaligned. I'm not sure this is actually an event specific bug; I recall encountering a misaligned picture another time before I started to take notes, and I don't recall the picture being misaligned on this event last time. Ability issues: (Description/effect mismatch) Improved Familiar Handling: Expands 4 subskills, not 2 Compare grammar: No cooldown, but description claims one. Charming cadences: Temporary expansion? Narrow Focus: History claims +2 to two. Only pick one. Air Fountain of Gineza Gano: End of description claims expansion of Glamor, actual abilities are all passive increase Bugs: NPCs try to befriend self. Silly NPC Can do the same adventure multiple times in one day (And succeed multiple times, too) reprimanded for tresspassing while using Prof. Sido (And he explicitly grants visitation rights the first tme you attend his tutoring) Current Debate 12 (Bonuses) Steps to next level: 1. Can't increase Daily report: Increased max. level for Calamities during History class. Still have Max 10. Oddly, after loading the game later, History class later boosted Calamties to 11 Wand Amplification claims no roll required, but I still failed. Corrin d'Alfi failed to cast True Friendship; Agan, no rolls required There are ways of boosting your study level in a class you're not taking (e.g. Venicilum libriary has an area that boosts Music study). This MOSTLY has no effect, but it seems that the first time it happens, you get the perk for study level 1. Feedback: No notice of losing an emotional state. Also, some emotonal states (Love) seem to be connected to a specific NPC, but don't mention which NPC. Balance issues Venicilum Libriary linguistic section probably needs some perk compared to Prof. Sido: Both give the same skill boosts, but Sido's tutoring also gives a relationship boost and visitation rights. Also, I generally find Sido's tutoring unlocks earlier. The imperial decree Parental Fidelity costs $100. It you $20. This is not a useful item Stat boosting spells seem massively more powerful than stat boosting locations like the Debating stone and the unmarked temple Culiman shop: Empty? I was reprimanded for skipping class while in infirmary. This seems harsh.
  14. Favour seems to give a skill expansion sometimes. Is it possible that you're using favour, getting a bonus to a maxed skill and having the bonus fail silently - That is, a variant of the issue that arises with random skill expansions?
  15. Random Event Rhetoric 2: Typo: "Professor Her" (Several instances) Bug: Remember the problem where events were providing entire chunks of student biography rather than just a name? It showed up here, only for the item Stink Bomb, instead of a person Bug: one of the students was refered to as (?), instead of a name. Oddity: I picked the magic option to resolve the event, and it refered to my character using a specfic pheme (Evaporate) which he didn't know. P.S. I'm taking notes on issues that arise as I play at the moment. Do you want bug/typo reports on the various repeated lores, or do you already have that one under control (e.g. Elumnian 2 unlocks both "Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian" and "Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian*").
  16. An anthame does seem more practical for drawing symbols than a rapier. And there's a background that starts with an heirloom dagger. This has definite possibilities.
  17. Huh. Who knew the humble platypus was so loved. It'd probably be possible to put together a small mod consisting of nothing but variant playtypus familiars (The conventional Duck-Billed platypus. The rare predatory Eagle-Beaked platypus. The bat-winged platypus. The three-headed, fire-breathing mutant platypus ) And speaking of lyre-birds, there does seem to be a lack of avian familiars at the moment. According to the wiki, there are hawks and owls, but no other birds. It seems to me that there should probably be crows/ravens, parrots and some more exotic birds as well (Kookaburras, for the Australian familiars. Ducks, swans, peacocks...) Also, it looks like backgrounds should be fairly simple to add. There's probably a fair bit of scope for modding in new backgrounds, both negative and positive that don't quite fit in the game proper. Scholarship student, Older sibling attended Academagia, Omen: Rain of Frogs, Raised by pirates, raised by wolves, raised by evil necromancers who refused to accept the death of their only child and instead performed blasphemeous rituals to ressurect me to this bleak mockery of existence, etc.
  18. Name New Familiars Content I want to add a selection of familiars, mostly based on Australian marsupials (and monotremes). The mod would grant Wombat, Quokka, Koala, Wallaby, Echidna and Platypus familiars. Probably only a single background option that would randomly select one, much like the current Exotic Familiar background.
  19. So, I just finished my first game. A couple of points/suggestions about the UI: 1: The skill screens are currently laid out like this: (Not actual game text) Needed for next level: 0 of 2 The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected. Dominant attribute: Insight I'd find it much easier if more of the game-pertinent information was visible without scrolling, something like this: Current Skill 6 (0/2) War subskill (Insight) The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected. 2: If I pick an exotic familiar, I'm asked to name it without being told what type of familiar it is. This is kind of irritating; I might want a hedgehog named Commodore Prickles, but it's a silly name for an Iguana. Could the "Name your familiar" dialog mention the breed of familiar being named? 3: Since "Inform on a student" pops up as a study perk on a couple of occasions, it's possible to get some fairly random selection of student information at the end of each day. Would it be possible to seperate your clique members in some way, so they're not lost in the random selection of students? 4: With the content patch adding many more active locations, would it be possible to have seperate "Use Ability" and "Visit Location" options when deciding on the day's activities? 5: On a similar point to the previous one, there's a lot of locations. When we have to choose a location, would it be organised by explore location (Academagia, Academagia Grounds, Imperial Reserve, etc), as the training selection is organised by parent skill?
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