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  1. I think you missed the point. The problem isn't acquiring the skills, it's finding them in your skill list once you have them.
  2. Yes, please. Even just indicating the next threshold alongside the scores would be a major improvement. Especially since the intro text describes them as having marked thresholds.
  3. Many of the subskills are very difficult to locate in the skill list. Negation Spells is obvious, but good luck figuring out which magic skill has Phemes or Palette on the first try. The non-magic skills are often worse; I had to expand almost the whole skill tree before I found Diplomacy hiding under Heraldry. There are several ways to solve this: Make it possible to search the skill tree for a particular skill. Allow the (sub)skill list to be sorted alphabetically. Clicking a subskill name opens the relevant parent skill and highlights the subskill in the skill tree in addition to opening the relevant lore entry. Lore entries for a subskill tell you its parent skill's name. The problem is also present when picking a subskill to train, but fixing it there is less important if you can back out and look it up in the main list.
  4. The Discoveries: Libraries history option says, "This background grants you an extra level to your Library Knowledge and Filing Skills, and grants you access to two libraries - the Library of Manetele and the Library of the Mantle of Stars - from which most of your fellow students are technically barred." It's not quite explicit, but this strongly implies that you get Visitation Rights to those two libraries. Yet in the game that I just started in the latest version (patch 3 + content patch 1), I have been assigned detention for trespassing on a day when I only attended classes and visited the Library of the Mantle of Stars. Since I'm clearly allowed to attend class, I can only assume that I've been reprimanded for visiting the Library of the Mantle of Stars, which I should have Visitation Rights for! In a more blatant example, back on my unpatched game I was repeatedly reprimanded for "trespassing" in the Champion's Room, despite having gained knowledge and Visitation Rights through using a Merit Prize! The instructors at Academagia are capricious, certainly, but it's just blatantly unfair to punish me for visiting a location I've been told I'm allowed at.
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