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  1. Thanks for the replies Metis and Schwarzbart, I guess it was as I expected, close to not doable, but I was tempted to ask :) 

    If I wanted to try with the modding (which I don't think I will, because of all the reasons cited), there is not, as such, a list of all fanmade content available? But could I compile such a list comprehensibly by rummaging around the Writers Corner, or would that just catch some of it? At this point I guess I ask more out of theoretical curiosity. 

  2. Back again for my bi-yearly posts here when the urge to replay this gem hits me :) 

    This time with the following question - 

    Is it in some way possible to play Academagia only with content the developers wrote and not with fan-written stuff? I know they were included here and there in DLC's and in the last DLC's rather massively. It's great that this game motivates writers to participate, but if I want the original 'dev-vision/consistency' as it were, is it possible somehow? Or has the fan-made stuff gotten into canon/game mechanics/bug-fixes so much that it would be impossible to untangle?

    Maybe it is possible to only install certain DLC's or to manually remove adventures? Or, yes I guess, the easiest way would be to just skip adventures not made by devs, but is there a list of fan-made content in that case? 

    This question is not to step on anyone's toes here, I've played with all of the content for several years now, I do like much of it, but personally I'd like a little less content and a more uniform writing and vision in the adventures. If this is possible to do via modding, I'd try my hand with it myself, but I don't know if it's all a big entangled whole by now, nor do I know what content was made by who. 

  3. 11 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


    Thanks- I'll see if anything can be gleaned from that.


    It's a known bug in the reporting, unfortunately. :(

    It's unlikely to be corrected in Y1.


    Ok, thanks for checking it out :) 

    Will Y1 be in incorporated in the Y2 game, with a new engine btw? So that bugs like this might get fixed indirectly with a new engine and the game grows to encompass 5 years in one bundle?


    I'm in the final month on my newest character now, and am firing off all my Favour to get +1 increases to subskills. 

    However, it seems this mechanic is bugged (possibly only when you have already maxed the skill, as I have). For instance, "Professor Valenta increased Properties of Arithmetic Skill Level Maximum by 1" it says. Now, if I select it, it's still at 10, and saying 'Skill level at maximum'. If I however hover the mousepointer over its name, it says "Skill Maximum: 11. Skill Level at Maximum" 

    So, thinking it was messed up, but that I could maybe get it working, I trained Properties of Arithmetic at the Sphinx, and it told me "You increased Your Properties of Arithmetic Skill Step by 1.". I didn't though, nothing changed in the skill list. Also, Identities of Arithmetic wasn't affected as it should be if Properties of Arithmetic was 11 either. 

    So... Messy bug or me missing something?:)

    Edit: Seems it works if the skill is not yet maxed - I got a +1 to History of Magic when it was at 9. I trained it to 10, and could then also train it to 11. Now it says skill maximum 11 on the tooltip, but 'Needed for next level: 0 of 1" in the right window when selected. And it can't be trained further. So, this indeed seems to be a bug, but it can be worked around if getting those increases before your skill is at its usual maximum it would seem. 



    I got this bug as well now :( Lost hours of playtime to it unfortunately. 

    My clique is ok, but all relationships are at 0. All entries in Relationships, Skills and Research have gone. All my items are still there, but their bonuses are not added. Unequipping and then re-equpping the items properly restores them. 

    Curiously, "Use Ability" still has all my abilities unlocked, but 'Choose Action' only has 'Encourage Fellow Student' and 'Rest' as options. 'Use Item' and 'Cast Spells' are empty. 

    I haven't had any crash, so this happens super quietly - I guess we have to save often and on different saves to make do. You want my savefile? 



  6. 2 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:

    One thing to watch out for- if you have Increases, your Skill Level may be maxed, but the 'true' value isn't. The Abilities are unlocked from the 'true' value.


    Yeah, I guess it displays the 'true' value if I mouse hover over the skill, and subtract any listed bonus? Hovering over Materials Knowledge simply says the skill is 10, over Endurance, it says 11, with +1 from Controlled Breathing. Also, if the skill isn't trainable anymore, I guess that means its 'true' value is maxed out? That's why I'm confused as to why I don't get those two abilities :) 


    The abilities "Accept Commission" (Grand Forge: Personal Station) and "The Challenge at the Redoubt" (Redoubt of Champions) do not show up for me. I have unlocked both, my char has Enchant/Materials Knowledge at 10 and Rimbal/Endurance at 11 both listed as maxed out. Has there been some change to this that I wasn't aware of, am I missing something, or is it a bug?  

    I'm playing with the newest 3.0.12 version. 

    On a sidenote: In playing this (great!) game again after a 'small' 6 year break I notice there are still lots of typos and also some not so great grammar interspersed throughout, which is a shame for such a text/immersion focused game. Do you have some tools you use to make reporting and correcting easier than just noting it in game, alt-tabbing to a textfile, writing the original text down along with the fix, repeating and then mailing it on this forum? Because in another playthrough with a new char, I might be willing to help out trying to catch everything I see if you'd like. I see the last CP is about to be released though, so maybe there's already been done a lot of editing in that one? 

  8. It seems I just keep on going ;)


    I ordered something from a catalog (Briardi's Negation Catalog), a Circlet of Negation, and I still didn't get it delivered to me after 14 days. Slow postal service?


    Edit: Oh, now I got it. Slow postal service indeed ;)

  9. The save I already sent to you should contain both of these I think, just didn't think much of them until I rested and they didn't disappear (no, my char doesn't rest often ;)) - tell me if you need an updated save though.


    I had the "Excessive" affliction disappear by getting a +1 to Insight from an adventure. Also, I got "Goosebumps" at around the same time, though I can't see where that came from.

  10. I cast "Embracing Excess" so that I got the "Excessive" emotion (-1 Insight), and on top of that, the cruel Phillippe did something to me so that I got the "Slightly Queasy" emotion (-1 Insight). Resting does not remove those, and they are not listed under "Abilities and Actions", so I cannot see how to remove them. Is this a bug, or did I miss something? :)

  11. I noticed that the tooltip over 'Mastery' says that skill maximum is 10, even though it is at 11 naturally. It's the same with Research and others, that have been raised above 10 naturally. Dunno' if that is related, or is something else.

  12. Ah ok, but it's not under Abilities or Actions either. Also, I did not get a note saying I had gained it, when my Mastery went up.


    I do hope it's not me being blind and/or having missed something, but I have a savegame to show it, if you're interested in bughunting.

  13. My base is 11. I got Mastery Methods, Mastery Spells and Theory of Mastery up to 11 (By researching the Theory of Mastery topic, and then training the skills from there), then Mastery went up without me getting the spell. I then researched the Mastery Phemes topic, and got that skill up to 11 as well (figured maybe the spell needed the Order theme to show). Total Control is still not showing in my spells listing.

  14. Yes, I have research at 15 actually, with +4 from bonuses, and Cryptology, Filing and Library Knowledge at 11. I got access to the library months before that however (I don't remember how), hence my ability to Study Gates and Mastery. But I don't have the Explore option as stated. Thought I might then get it by getting Research up to 11, but no luck there.

  15. It seems gaining access to The Venalicium Library: Forbidden Archives no longer gives you the "Explore the Venalicium" ability - I have had the "Study Mastery" and "Study Gates" ability for a long time, but when I got my base Research skill to 11, there was no mention of getting access to "The Venalicium Library: Forbidden Archives" or the "Explore the Venalicium" ability, as I think there should be? (unless something was changed somewhere along the road).


    Also, I noticed some skills in the tooltip say: "Skill maximum 11. Needed for next level 0 of 2", when they are are 11, or "Skill maximum 11. Skill at maximum" when they are at 10. Seems something was switched around.

  16. After succesfully completing the "City Hall" adventure (part of the "Walk in the City" or some such chain), there is no follow up adventure in the Adventure selection window.


    This also happened with the Ghost Familiar adventure chain (can't remember the names). Happened when my char had just made some Mineta party illusion for Pamela, thus succesfully completing that part of the adventure chain. No follow up adventure afterwards, that chain just disappeared.

  17. In the quest "Icanicix's Class Reunion", which is the last of the "Godina's East Tower" chain, the difficulty for the three options (Incantation Spells x2 and Reason) seems to be set to impossible (purple), although it is listed as red in the Adventure selection window (that's with skill levels of around 10-12, and attributes of 6). When I boosted skills up to 18, it was still purple in the actual quest and after 10 saves and loads, I conclude 'not doable'. Unless this particular quest needs very high scores, I guess it is bugged (also because the adventure selection window lists it differently).


    Sacrificing a member gets you past anyway, but you miss out on the last part of the tale sadly (which is in general something to consider? To let the player see the rest of the text, eventhough he gets past by sacrificing).

  18. Sounds good! :)


    Another thing I kinda' miss in Academagia is more interaction from NPC's to the PC, and not just the other way around. Like with midway exams, people commenting on your scores, clique members approaching you on their own, things happening that you have no control over (instead of you being able to plan all moves ahead), an organic story to some point. I guess you held off on elements like that for the first game in order to get the basics right, but such a feature would be awesome... And a lot of work designwise for branches ;) Though I think you could do something with not-so-much effort that would still seem like a lot of interaction, as long as the branching is contained or not a 'real' branch at all. Like teachers commenting on your exam results once, and then that's it, or clique members being aware they're in your clique, or if you've helped them out on an adventure, but nothing more. For instance. Ah well, you've probably talked through all of it, but would be interesting to hear what you've decided and why :)

  19. Heya,


    recently I picked up Academagia again, a game I've enjoyed playing several times now. However, this time, by also reading through the forums and approaching the game with a more 'how efficient can I make my student?' attitude, I noted an aspect I'd like to share my thoughts on - exam scores and how they are transferred to Academagia 2.


    I've always previously played my games without using spells (or locations) to boost my scores (much), and if I do it like that, I end up with exam scores of 100-130, which in ingame terms is considered to be pretty good (better than everyone else who isn't boosting with spells - I can't remember if NPC's do that at all, haven't reached finals yet on this playthrough). In this thread - http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=786 - the Legate says they thought player scores of 100-150 would be outstanding and would prompt special recognition as elite-students at the start of Academagia 2. Also, he says that this would have to be revised based on player input.


    Now, with the right spells, and a very min/maxing mindset, it's somewhat effortless (except for some save/loading) to reach scores of 1000 in all classes with the right phemes. I think this is a design weakness (and I mean this in a nice way), and that it hampers immersion/consistency in the game. So you do 10 times as well as the best student, because you're doping yourself with spells, and nobody else in the game does that. That doesn't seem like a talented student to me, more like one who is gaming the system, both in and out of the game.


    If you play Academagia without boosting yourself with spells like that, there is competition and the rush to be the best. If you boost your skills, it just gets unreal, and ingame the teachers don't seem to react to such unbelievable scores either. It seems like the designers are thinking about rewarding players who finish with good scores at the start of Academagia 2, but my point is that these scores are not 'good', they are extreme. Gamedesign wise, I see how it has come to be that way - someone started gaming the system more than the designers thought they would (classic), ruining the progression scale the designers had in mind. The game isn't geared to react to that (i.e. other students don't do this, the teachers don't react to 'magic doping', and the designers thought 100-150 would be good.).


    The game could be made to react to it of course (i.e. other students could use the same spells, and teachers could comment on, or ban such over-reliance of magic, creating some stories and morales ingame), but I think it's still broken that this can happen, because the range-spread would continue to grow over several games, with min/maxers and 'normal' players, so that you'd have to design in a lot of special cases for each group. Wouldn't it be better to somehow limit these scores, so that 100-150 is actually the highest you can get? (with some leeway, but not 10x leeway, as now).


    My simplest suggestion here, would be to check who is an elite student based on who got the highest score in the different exams, and not the size of the score itself. I.e. if a player finishes Incantation with 111, and the runner up with 108, then the game notes that the player had the highest score, and events are set in motion in the sequel that comment on this. And if the player had a score of 1000 and the runner up had 108, then the exact same happens. Saves a lot of hassle with the design mechanics, though it is a bit crude and doesn't address the mad spread in ranges between min/maxers and normal players that will happen as time goes by. Not that I don't think min/maxers should come ahead with heavy use of save/load and mathematical calculations of what is most efficient - that's fine, the world has room for both boardgamers and roleplayers ;) - I just think the current spread is way too much and that it ruins immersion/consistency to some degree.


    Not the Holy Grail for me (well, not much ;)), just something I noted when playing through the game this time and reading the forums... What are your thoughts on this? :)

  20. no mater how many Skillpoints you get you allways only increase at max by one Subskill level so the points that was to much are wasted.

    So if you can chose betwean 2 random Subskills of a Skill or on random Subskill of a Skill by 2 the first is usualy the bether.

    Later depnding on your Atributes you might see that a subskill need 2 or more Skillpoints to increase a level.


    Ah thanks! Just needed that clarification to have it make sense.

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