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  1. Sorry to bother you again Zelefis, it's good to see your mod is still improving. Would you be able to add, say, four more options just like Inheritance: Sands of Time and Tutoring: Time Management to the normal cheat mod? As before I don't want to cheat too much, but with a few more points I'd be able to get everything I want at character creation and still have a couple points for a familiar, which I always neglect to get in favor of other bonuses
  2. Vettor Conta of Morvidus gives a bonus to planning, which offers +1 intelligence and +1 insight at only 3 or 4 skill steps. He's easy to overlook but I consider him an easy stat boost due to unlocking planning.
  3. Thanks for the mod work Zelefis, it will probably be a while until people really figure out the mod tools so it's cool to see someone putting them to use already. Maybe if tweaking the character creation points isn't an option you could add a 'cheat mod light' which only adds one or two points to the starting attributes instead of maxing them, which could in turn free up points for starting skills.
  4. Would it be at all possible to add something which simply gives a small edge to the player? I'd love to have a mod option which adds maybe six points during character creation or something along those lines.
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