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  1. There is a shop (I forget which one) that sells both, a book of gates and a scroll of mastery which give you all of the subskills for both. That is the easiest way to unlock them all, providing you can not only afford them but find the shop.
  2. Lucien

    Mod Tools

    Ah I see, Thanks. Publishing now, sometime tonight I'll see if it worked.
  3. Lucien

    Mod Tools

    After step one and two, it doesn't appear to save the mod changes I made. Mod base is not renamed, and there is no file on my system that I can find that matches the name I changed it to in File>Properties. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Need to find someway to get a 13 point relationship with Marlein Knoht. lol
  5. Lucien


    With the latest patch (#38) it no longer allows me to use a custom portrait by replacing the file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Academagia The Making of Mages\OfficialContent\Resources". I've tried switching it to different school presets and none of them appear to be replaceable. Is there another way to go about replacing them? Edit: After testing, it appears to only be an issue when using a user made mod above the official patch in load order. I don't see any problem so far by simply having the official mod on top, so it is in fact not a problem at all for me. I don't know if the load order will cause issues with other mods though.
  6. Great! I'm sure it took a lot of work to get the mod issue fixed. Thanks a lot for resolving it.
  7. Lucien

    DLC 8

    Aw. What's the status on fixing the mod issue?
  8. Will the additional electives replace the mandatory slots making us need to drop certain subjects in order to gain new ones? Or will we be attending more and if so has it been decided how many? Is there a list somewhere of the new subjects in year 2 and so on? I've noticed a few teachers with no subject shown, due to them not being for first year students.
  9. In the later years of education are all of your classes elective, or will each house always have their mandatory subjects? If they do become elective,what year does that take effect?
  10. Nice work. I made a custom portrait as well.
  11. Great, I look forward to it. I don't have a lot of free time so I'll wait for that to be released in order to start a new character.
  12. Yes, that is exactly what I meant. I assumed the art style for portraits might change for year 2, so it wouldn't be worth spending the time replicating that particular style.
  13. I meant the creation of a student background along with their own adventure and clique bonus like the others, not a person who only appears in an adventures or simply importing one you played. But it sounds like that won't work with plans for year two.
  14. I guess I don't understand, because people were reporting that the mod worked fine when the DLC 5 consolidated patch was released. When should we expect to hear about the outcome of the testing?
  15. Retired_Deer Thanks. I didn't realize the problem has been going on so long. From the description in the cheatmod thread it sounded much more recent. I tried your solution of patching without storage.dll and it worked wonderfully, but that adventure list is a bit overwhelming/confusing and I decided to wait for a solution or use an older patch.
  16. I don't know if it's too early/late for this suggestion, or even if its already been asked. I apologize if any of those factors are the case. What is the possibility of having forums members create characters who will appear in year 2? Writing their descriptions, quest, school house, etc. I'd imagine some would find it quite entertaining.
  17. Any chance that the last consolidated patch that works with mods can be uploaded again. Perhaps even maintain it's link in a sticky thread for others who may prefer using it too. All of them appear to have dead links.
  18. Thanks a lot. Back to making enemies and researching. Edit: Researching works for me now, without starting a new game.
  19. That would be great. I don't mind waiting though if it's too much of an inconvenience.
  20. No problem. I really look forward to patch #6 then. It'll be hard going without that +1 to Mastery Phemes max.
  21. Prior to the patch, if I researched in the characters room I never failed and if I attempted it anywhere else is would constantly fail. Now that it selects the appropriate place automatically, it forces me to fail every time. Is it supposed to take a high research skill in order to succeed? Because even at 5 in the Research discipline with 5 in each sub-skill I still continue to fail, just by trying to train the subject to 1.
  22. Legate was referring to the Portal key and the invitation letter there. So that comment there makes me think you need to use exploration either way. Because obviously the standard locations haven't given the items to anyone yet.
  23. In the spoiler section I wrote how I discovered it today. I'm sure it's not be the official way however.
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