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  1. So your midterm results have an influence on you finals grade?
  2. I have a strong feeling that with Black Sheep, the summer vacation that starts off year 2 will not be enjoyable for your character. Heh
  3. The ability 'Go To The Slipped Crown' Says in the description "your chance of a random encounter is increased by 15%" and the message it gives upon successfully using it says "You temporarily increased your random event chance by 15". However it makes it impossible for me to receive any encounters at all. While training mastery I chain used it for a few weeks and never received a single encounter. I even tried reloading the game 30+ times and still never had a single event occur.
  4. My latest character I'm enjoying a lot. He's in Morvidus with the Faux Dragon familiar. Classes he's taking are Incantation, Negation, Revision, Glamour, Rhetoric, and Zoology. The clique I put together includes Beatrix Von Wetgen, Durand de Thiomines, Hector Per Vittoria, Phillip Hauck, Rixenda la Serena, and Vincent Eins. They have some lovely clique bonuses.
  5. Does your midterm exam result have any effect? I don't currently play a character that is taking athletics, but is there any way to buff the parent skill for it? Because I never found any.
  6. I always rest prior to reaching that point, but yes it has to be equal to vitality or more.
  7. Fitness also appears to determine how much stress you can take before getting ill effects.
  8. Even with the buff of temporarily increasing the chance of success, I still don't succeed heh.
  9. When I succeed all it shows as a change is an increase of stress by 3. Am I so unlucky that all I get is the negative effect, or is the benefit hidden somehow?
  10. I got it through the mysterious package. So all I need is to find the portal key now, despite my skill in gates, right? Even if by the time I find it, the letter is gone from my inventory?
  11. I assume it has something to do with exploring a certain area until you find an area which leads to another area. I too would like to know the hard way prior to the DLC changing it.
  12. Awesome thanks. Any chance you might be able to confirm whether the portal key is obtained through a random encounter, adventure or by some other means?
  13. But if I use the letter and find the portal key days/weeks/months later will that work, or does it require you to have both together? I agree any tips would be great.
  14. Not only can you not equip Herald's Whisker, but in the adventure it describes it as being the size of a cats whisker (from the place you retrieve it it couldn't be much longer than one foot). Then suddenly it becomes the size of a sword when you identify it. It's not a big deal but it is a bit strange.
  15. I look forward to it, but does that mean the letter is useless without the key? Or am I missing some other prerequisite? If I use the letter, will it store that information if I come across the portal key or meet some skill requirement needed for it to start?
  16. The description doesn't indicate that, but I see you're right when I apply it. Thanks
  17. When I was training my familiar, I noticed I had the option to train it in any skill that I had unlocked on my character and couldn't train it in the skills I was lacking. For example I could train it in mastery, gates and even dating but I couldn't train it in flirting which is a skill I am lacking.
  18. Sorry if this topic has already been addressed. Am I missing something? Is there some secret benefit to using a creation point on that? The only purposes of that family trait I can think of is to increase the difficulty of the game or possibly create a Mr. Potter imitation.
  19. I'd think it would need a wand and beyond the monkey pet I don't know which could actually hold one. I doubt they can use spells, but I may be completely wrong.
  20. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I was wondering if it is the same vice-verse? I have the Schohanwicht School Invitation letter, but I don't have the portal key. Heh. I identified the letter and it tells me a familiar will wait at my window at midnight and stuff, but there is no adventure option to trigger it. Nor is there an ability/item/action for it. Edit: I loaded the game prior to identifying the letter, deciding to let it sit there until I can get the adventure working. However, it vanishes from my inventory after one day whether I identify it or not.
  21. No problem, I hope it works for everyone else. I'll try researching some spells and the needed phemes for them then, thanks too.
  22. I had this problem with win7 64bit. I tried changing the student, date and reputation level but it still crashed consistently. What worked for me was by running the Academagia EXE in compatibility for Windows XP SP3. Now I can declare vendetta and duel with no error messages at all. The problem I have now is that I cannot cast any spells in duels. What I can do is 'break the dueling circle' and 'pace', and once the npc I'm dueling moves close enough I can strike with sword, punch, slick, wrestle etc.
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