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  1. I did a once-per-week correspondence and ended the year with parental approval 130. It gave me peaceful heart and another one too (I can't recall its name).
  2. How do I send you an image? Do you have an e-mail?
  3. The vast amount of clicking in this game makes it a little prohibitive to play, as compared to other games in my library. Keyboard shortcuts for the more monotonous clicking chores would be fantastic. Instead of having to use the scroll wheel or click "page down" to review what happened during the day, why not just the down arrow button? Instead of having to click to "lock in" the turn, why not just allow "enter" or something? I would very much appreciate a game which didn't automatically result in users developing carpal tunnel syndrome through usage. It is easier on a person to tap enter or the arrow keys instead of clicking a mouse. Most text-based (i.e. older style) games had keyboard shortcuts, for what it's worth...
  4. I tried going to the wiki in Mozilla and also in IE, but the current layout seems to make it unreadable / unusable. Is anyone else having that problem?
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