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  1. I've doing Run a Moderate Course to increase Fitness. It doesn't seem to want to raise past 5, even with save-scumming. Of course, it may just be the RNG hates me.
  2. Is the max of any attribute you can have is 6?
  3. Is it a gradual thing, or one that only happens once you reach a certain threshold?
  4. I'm not sure how, but I've seemed to have picked up the impression that a high parental approval improves your emotional state. I was wondering if this was true or not.
  5. So on a weekend day I could use. Question Self Calculate Odds Irregular Study at Contu's Is there much Saving and Reloading involved? Also, the description mentions possible raising of attributes. Has this happened to anyone?
  6. I paid the 900 pims tuition, and tried it 8-9 times, and only got it to trigger once. I was using Calculate Odds, but that has a cooldown. Anyone have suggestions on getting the most out of this ability?
  7. I don't think either had that skill. I had thought that was covered by Curiosity, but I guess not. Perhaps Explore shouldn't appear in the list of actions until you've discovered the Explore skill?
  8. I noticed this also with patch4+cp1. I noticed it with a character with 2 Luck and 5 Curiosity, at the end of my current game. Explored 5 times, and each of them failed. It was for exploring the City. I also started another character and on first day, explored Academicia proper, 3 times and each of them failed.
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