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  1. Not sure when (or why) issues w/ the UI stop being brought up, since 57 pages of forum is a litle much to tackle in one sitting... anyway, my (possibly totally inappriate) $0.02: The problem with the UI is mainly one of flexibility. The rigid structure forces you to either memorize a massive amount of information or having to scroll endlessly through menus... the easiest solution would probably be to add a text search to most menus and lists, letting you simply skip ahead to the bits you want. A larger-scale, cooler, and infinitely more difficult solution would be to consolidate ALL the info into one student journal type deal, which would be organized into things like Spells, Items, Locations, Skills, Friends, a Map (o happy day!), etc. This would NOT be fully accesible during events; the current setup can have you basically pulling out the Encyclopaedia Academagia during earnest combat and reading some poems . To compensate, a certain number of pages from each entry could be dogeared for quick access later, allowing them to be pulled up during events, or, outside of them, you could just use it to mark a favorite poem. Keep the text search for quicker use, and have each entry expand like friend knowledge does now (new information won't create a new page, just add to an existing one if at all possible). Edit 1: Oh, and for increased variabilty, some entries could just be flat-out *wrong,* either due to deliberate misninformation (used as a form of bullying; a classmate who hated you might deliberately mislead you about the nature of such-and-such a pheme), random class events (failing that Concentration roll during Incantation might have some amusing consequences), or simple scholarly misunderstanding (a botched Research attempt could result a flawed advancement)
  2. Hm. Pity about that, it'd be quite funny to cut the legs out from under a seemingly-invincible foe by just dropping him into another dimension. And I'm sure I have NO idea what you're talking about.
  3. Actually, on one route through that, you end up taking him out singlehandedly. Seemed awfully easy...
  4. The way I see it, restricting (not banning) gates would add stability; it would ensure that only well-trained, proven wizards would have easy access to the materials and research, and it would mean that said wizards would have a full understanding of the spells they cast, removing some of that inherent chaos factor. Banning, on the other hand, means that any gates spells being cast are being cast by those actively rebelling against the ban, for reaons of ambition or simple rebeliousness; their priority is not going to control, it's going to be output. Any gates spells they do put together are either going to be unconcerned with collateral damage or actively seeking it.
  5. Two things to report: the first Dog familiar adventure from the Dog's perspective shows up green, but when selected, all exits are in purple (or red; point is it doesn't actually show chance of success). Second (hurts to admit this one) time limit on Study in the Library of Longshade seems broken; I've had a game where I could spam it endlessly.
  6. Come to think of it, is there a political situation? Just checked the wiki, no mention of nations or states existing opposite eachother; it might be that in the period of setting, there only is one nation, and the introduction of well-trained Gate wizards might have a similar effect to an uneven distribution of nukes--anyone who gets their hands on some might see it as an opportunity to settle old grudges, or break off from what they percieve to be unfair rule. Which could be awesome to watch.
  7. Hmmm.... wouldn't a banish spell basically be a gate spell, but in reverse? In Gates, you open a door to let some(things) in, so you might be able to open a door and push things out... Dude. Instant 1 hit KO.
  8. No, wait, scratch that, sorry. Still got one or two issues. All of the problems with Gates magic seem to result from incorrect use, while the inverse is true with Mastery. A gates wizard who uses a spell that summons things that are far beyondover his/her capability to control and that linger long after they were supposed to be gone is a failure on the part of the practioner. One of the adventures, for instance, featured a former Legate who resigned over accusations that those hordes of monsters he was defeating were only around because he was the one that summoned them. Granted, a megalomaniac sociopath probably isn't the most stable basis for an arguement, but it could be said that teaching Gates might be a practice limited to the very experienced, like a class with LOADS of prereqs. The more skilled you are in magic overall, the less lasting harm you're likely to do with Gates. (Barring that deeper reason mentioned. My money's on either thinning the fabric of reality or driving the user insane.) Mastery, on the other hand (setting aside possible benefical applications) becomes more and more dangerous as the user's abilities increase. A more skilled user of mastery would be able to apply control with increasing levels of subtlety and scale. When you think about it, the sudden change in behavior that would probably (haven't actually toyed around with this in-game, so pure guesswork here) occur would be really noticable. More worrisome is a Mastery user who applies thin, nigh-on impercepitble levels of influence over time. Such a person could take control of entire nations with nobody noticing. Thus, studying Gates leads to less (randomly) destructive Gates spells, while studying Mastery would lead to spells that are both more dangerous and harder to perceive. Or so I randomly guess. Mind magic is a serious no-go in my fave fantasy series, so its possible I'm overestimating Mastery.
  9. Oh, okay. Makes a lot more sense now-thanks!
  10. So, this has been bugging me for a little while now: The 2 forbidden pillars of magic (that we know of) are Gates and Mastery. Both are punishible with expulsion shortly followed by an execution (off-topic, can this happen to the PC?) Both are regarded as capital E Evil, equally bad. Why? Now, I'm assuming that a pillar of magic will be forbidden due to a "damage potential;" how much of what a user of this kill does is harmful, and of the negative, what's the degree. Thus, Mastery, which does nothing but harm humans, is a natural candidate for the banhammer (so to speak. I doubt there's a literal hammer involved ) You cannot be a benevelent practitioner of Mastery. Howerver, when you measure Gates against some of the non-forbidden pillars, it seems much less destructive, especially on the large scale (barring any sort of Eldricth Abomnination-type-thing). Consider how much damage a simple Incantation weather spell might cause as it chain-reacts across the Islands, resulting in sudden draughts or floods in any reason lacking a sufficiently skilled wizard. You could do more damage like that by accident than an entire summoned horde of goblins or whatnot. So the core question is, why is Gates regarded on the same level as Mastery?
  11. Nononono--that's the OPPOSITE of what has been said. Considering the sheer number of skills out there, it seems plausible that you'll be allowed to keep the entirety of your progress from year to year. All they'd need to do is just tweak the engine to spit out more events focusing around skills you didn't max out for your year 1 classes.
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