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  1. Can someone clarify what "Questions Actions or Abilities" refers to? Also, what is the difference between "Bonus Points to a Roll" and "Additional Chance of Success"? Are they equivalent?
  2. Trust

    Library of Longshade

    I noticed the 7 day cooldown, and I see that reporting does work correctly in most cases. I don't know why I didn't get a random skill up that first time. (I don't have any maxed skills)
  3. Two issues with this location/action: 1. I know you're working on revamping a good deal of the reporting system, so is there any way to inform the player of which random skill was increased by ability "Study at Library of Longshade"? 2. This ability seems to have disappeared from my selection menu. I checked the history in my calendar and could not find an instance where it was disabled. If it helps any, I believe it disappeared after I used "Explore the Venalicum" to inform myself of all Venalicium locations. Again Patch 4, thank you.
  4. Trust

    Vihuelan Lyre

    Thank you for responding so quickly! It was kind of counter-intuitive to me to inform myself of my own background item (I studied for years at this Academy and I don't know my own instrument?) so I never considered it. Also, if we find specific issues or suggestions for the game, would you like us to post a new topic for each one?
  5. Trust

    Vihuelan Lyre

    Hi all, first post here! I don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I am not able to access the Vihuelan Lyre's item effect. Its stress reduction ability cannot be accessed from "actions" "item" or "ability" menus in the calendar. I am running Patch 4
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