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  1. Hi there, first I want to say that I really really dig this game. I love the many skills and the many things you can do. But I was very disappointed that everything ends at year 1 already. This is really a very big disappointment for me. The game cost around 20 Euros for me and only being able to play for 1 year (about 8 real life hours for me), is really too little. If I had known this beforehand I wouldn't have bought the game, but the game info at Impulse didn't say anything about this limitation. And I can't find anything about it on this forum either. Does that perhaps mean that the year 2 - ?? expansions will be free of charge for those who bought the game? Or at least will cost only very little? It's really annoying to think that I spent 20 bucks for a game I can't even properly finish. Can you please enlighten me about what that means? Will future DLC's be free for those who bought the vanilla game? Thank you and God bless!
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