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  1. Will the students have new potraits in year 2 to illustrate that they are a year older?
  2. While its probably because it is impratical or pointless, but i feel it is a little strange that members of your clique provide the PC with a little bonus but the PC doesn't do anything for the clique at all.
  3. When year 2 and its mod tool is released, will the mod tool be useable on year 1?
  4. DarkFate

    Mod Tools

    All right i got it but the AMO file from baidu keep failing halfway. Is there another link i can get? Ok finally managed to download it. I opened the mod tool and played around with it a little. So far i can more or less understand it except for 1 thing. What does the set default button on the effects tab (and others) do? I made a few changes and then tried compiling. Everything seems fine so about 5% in i went to sleep. But come this morning, there is nothing on the screen. No error message, no new mdm file and the mod tool is closed. So what could be the problem here? Is my computer unable to compile it or did i make a illegal change?
  5. DarkFate

    Mod Tools

    Where do i get the latest and working mod tool and mod base? Is the mod AMO above the latest one?
  6. Thanks. What happened to the other 1/2 of the year. Vacation?
  7. Ok thanks. 2 more questions. 1) Which spell has the longest duration that also requires a roll. 2) If we attend all classes and had no detention and infirmary appointment, how many time slots do we have left?
  8. If you ever do a in game "academagipedia" in the next game, I hope it will be a comprehensive one where it shows the effect of rank of skill that has been unlocked with the unknown ones listed as ???? or something. Hopefully it can also be hyper link to other entries in the codex. Another thing is i hope that actions, magic (and phemes) and abilities selection could have some sort of filter. Like i want use a ability that add relationship i can select a tab that filter out the other abilities. There are simply too many choices now and its not really easy to remember all their effects. Also can we have a special section of say 3 slots where we can put our most commonly used selection. I think most people will have some things that they do very often at various part of the game like using Vanalicium Library to pump up their Study levels at the start of game.
  9. 1) What is the criteria for initiating a duel? I can't find the option for it even though i think i have the skills. 2) What is the criteria for controlling a person (Hypnotize, Send a formal invitation). When i use it, only a few candidates is available for me to choose from. What is preventing the rest from appearing in the list?
  10. ...Looks like i hit another snag. I can't raise Gates max level method to 11. This Mastery skill sure is not a forbidden skill for nothing.
  11. I don't have the research topic open though. How do i get it?
  12. Hmm i hit a snag. How do i raise my research parent maximum to 11? For now i guess i will train gates and try to find the shop.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I guess i will go with the research route for now as it seems to be the most straightforward and i already have a high level of research (thanks to venacelium library abuse).
  14. I just got this game about 2 weeks ago. A bit overwhelmed and i restarted quite a few times. Anyway, currently i am making a char that focus on maic skills. Which leads to my question. So far i have not found a reliable way to get the 2 way. I did occasionally got some of the subskills through random events and random skill expansion. Can anyone advise me a way?
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