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  1. 1. What's the most dangerous familiar any student has ever had at the Academagia? 2. Who has been the most vocal public speaker in Mineta at least, on lifting the ban on Gates in recent years? 3. Would a necklace with a single Dragon tooth on it cause anybody to turn heads? What if it was discovered that the tooth was removed with Gates magic, and both the tooth and the dragon it came from was still alive? (I'm imagining that though there would be some curious unknown Revision based enchantments on it, the necklace would not be a Gates magic item in and of itself.)
  2. Is there any historical precident of dragons disguising themselves as human? Not that there would be any doing that in the modern day, surely...
  3. 1. We all know that Vernin's present regent was chosen for reasons outside of his knowledge of the college's discipline. How would you rate ol' Alazzo as an enchanter, and has he gotten better since becoming Regent? 2. How does Schohanwicht react to Mastery being used in their campus. I am of course referring to the odd individual quietly minding their own business practicing phemes in a corner, and not trying to Master a professor into revealing their identity. We all can guess how THAT would go. A troublemaker is a troublemaker. But is Mastery considered trouble? I can see both sides to the argument, as Mastery has a lot more baggage and I'm sure they don't want to be associated with it. Yet I feel it would be hypocritical to not at least tolerale a little of it so long as it didn't interfere with the school itself. I realize that a detailed explanation is not going to be forthcoming for spoiler's sake, but surely the school would anticipate some students to have at least a passing interest in the other forbidden magic and set some basic rules down for new students to nip problems before they start?
  4. Not going to lie, I really loved that analogy! I nearly lost control of myself laughing! I felt that there might have been one or two students to at least try to investigate the incident. I honestly would expect at least Rikildis to report on it, even if her article would likely be filled with errors and opinion due to being more interested in scandal tabloidism than doing much investigation. Though I suppose that would be quite in line with the embarrassment as was described. [Potential Spoilers for Y2] Though I must confess, after the events of Mr. Pebbles' Y2 adventure which I outlined, a pattern starts to emerge and I can't help but wonder if the students and also the professors might start noticing that. After all, no matter how surreal Mr. Pebbles is, eventually people are going to realize that he really has been going on these crazy journeys. Certainly the PC would be wise to not take too much credit! I don't think I ever gave more than broad strokes of where I wanted to go with Mr. Pebbles, but I did tell of his backstory in private. If The PC was to consult Badcrumble over what Astrological forces were at work in causing these "episodes" or epic returns, (which I am going to say have happened even before Y1, even if not on the same scale.) What would she say?
  5. Because we're talking about gossip of irreputable magic, and since the story is out of my hands at the moment, I was wondering what the immediate aftermath of Mr. Pebbles' trimuphant return to the PC would be? I mean, we already know how the faculty would react more or less, but I can't see the Regents being able to control the student gossip! Especially those of eye witnesses. Can the team elaborate what the PC had to put up with for the next few weeks?
  6. 1. That spell that Orso used to give the PC his magic abilities. Is the team willing to tell us anything about it? How long does it last? What happens if Orso was to use it on a wizard roughly considered his equal? 2. Have there been cases of Masterers molding a mind to think it was someone else? Perhaps in a foolish effort to replace a loved spouse or such from a similar looking person? How badly did these cases end?
  7. Could you combine Corner Sight with another spell, say, to extend the range, or let you see through walls? Seems like it would be a great deal more complicated, but as Corner Sight is something even a first year could do, surely it should be possible. Though how difficult would it be due to the poor understanding of the nature of cross pillar magic?
  8. Since we're talking spells, can I ask about Corner Sight? How difficult is it for specialists with no training in other pillars to cast? And how many people at the Academagia are aware of it? Since generalized studying is frowned on, is use of such a spell discouraged? As a mage grows in power, does the effect grow stronger, or is it's effect more random in how strong it is?
  9. Did Sido succeed in his quest to meet this person?
  10. Are there ways to revise oneself into a state of apparent undeath without actually dying? Enough to fool actual undead and spells designed to detect them? And no, I'm sure glamours could work to an extent and indeed would be much easier, but then it would be easier to detect, I think.
  11. 1. Exactly how does Schohanwicht deal with folks who manage to find the place in manners outside of their control? I mean, sure, it's pretty obvious what would happen if said person was the type to spoil their little secret, but how much leeway do they give someone before they resort to extreme measures? Especially since most would be mages of some sort. I only ask if I need to worry if I accidentally unlock a location there in future years. I assume my game won't end of course but it would be nice to know how tolerant they would actually be in lore of me not being a student there but still roaming around the library, waving at passers-by while looking at forbidden biographies... 2. Assuming that you become a student at Schohanwicht, how friendly are the instructors? I know from the induction interview that they're not exactly there to be friends. Given the serious nature of studying the art, I thought that perhaps they were always cold and down to business. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the instructors who teach players in Y1 and if they allow themselves to let at least a little personality through in their teaching methods, while wearing those enigmatic hoods.
  12. Well, we always knew that SB was practicing all sorts of magic, so...
  13. While we know of plenty of places on school grounds that are barred to students for various and sometimes inconsistent reasons, I was wondering if there were places the faculty are restrained from visiting.
  14. Speaking of curses and similar things with severe negative attributes, how far does the academy allow their study? I imagine they fall under existing framework already taught, but it's also obvious the school doesn't want a reputation of producing such magicians. Still though, as long as it's not Gates or Mastery, how well would a student be able to focus on hexes, jinxes, and curses? Especially under someone like Briardi? (The idea being that such a student would choose Durand so their hexes could be heavily fortified against Negation.)
  15. Did Avila's dorm tower for boys have it's issues before boys were allowed in the college?.
  16. Can you tell us of the closest von Rupprecht and Orsi ever got in direct confrontation with each other? I imagine at some point all the secret shenanigans behind the scenes would cause some sparks to fly that would require direct intervention lest they blow up out of hand... I imagine there should have been some close calls. Even some quiet personal meetings behind closed doors to avoid fireworks lighting a massive powder room.
  17. Since we know main writing is done.. (barring continuous editing) And we know that Y2 has existed in a playable state for years, now. I am suspecting that most of the remaining work revolves around making sure all the massive tables of information reference each other properly. And possibly optimizing said tables since they are the heart of the game and it would be just a bit annoying to have to wait for all those obscene files to load. There's bound to be other things, but that would take the longest for a small team to accomplish. Especially a small team working on it as a hobby.
  18. When that former legate who stole days of life from the academy's students every year had the spell go bad, did the students ever feel the effects of the backfire? It would be difficult to tell, but did they get any of their life back? I can only assume that the backfire was... Unpleasant... for the poor former legate, but is it known what likely caused the backfire? Too much life for the contraints of the spell?
  19. What is the record for most spells cast/maintained by a single mage at once?
  20. Is there any extra danger beyond mundane fire hazard should one of the pieces become unsealed?
  21. Something tells me that while life extension magic is common enough to be readily accepted, all those folks trying for the more exotic and unorthodox permanent solutions over the centuries has been something of an awkward talking point for magic users having to deal with large numbers of pitchfork wielding peasants. Which brings up another question. We're all well aware of the usual shenanigans that students do in the city that requires constant placation efforts by the faculty, but when was the last time students from the academagia really bungled up something awful that had the whole city up in arms?
  22. Legate, please tell us about a pheme that has been used in spells from all pillars, as well as a bit of it's history, how difficult is it to draw, and present obscurity.
  23. Just how advanced in Mastery would you have to be if you wanted to focus on learning the mostly benign spells and defensive techniques? And can you tell us of any practical reason why Mastery would be preferred in something like killing pain over a Glamour?
  24. Can "knowledge of a (noun)" (Or vice versa) be used in order to select specific targets of a spell or to exclude them in a group setting? Say if there was a masquerade ball infiltrated by vampires, and your goal was to use a glamour to knock out bystanders before hunters spring an ambush to minimize casualties... But you don't want to target others present that are aware that vampires are present and would make useful allies in the fight?
  25. Since Mineta has lots of magical schools hiding under the shadow of the academagia, I was wondering if there were any such lesser schools for Gates and Mastery back before the modern bans.
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