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  1. Ok new patch seems to have fixed this. Many thanks to all!
  2. Already tried verifying integrity. I only have one partition so it will have to be on C; but it is out of program files. Downloading the 3.09 update on steam (3.4 MB), will report back after it is done.
  3. Hello, I've got a problem: Academia crashes to desktop at launch. Every time I launch it, I get a small window saying "System error occurred. Application will be terminated." Its new i.e. I used to be able to play Academagia without problems. Even after downloading the new steam version, I was able to play a fair bit (i.e. 5 hours). System specs: Windows 7 64bit Intel i7 Q740 1.7GHz 4.00 GB Ram Intel GT 435M Here's a copy of the log: https://pastebin.com/4qFh9wQE Steps I've taken so far: Verified integrity of cache Deleted the Academagia cache folder (C:/ProgramData/Academagia/...) Uninstalled/Reinstalled. Deleted steam cache I suspect it may be my windows (I get a BSOD every day and typically spend half an hour in the 'startup repair' when I first boot this up, the issue isn't 'fixed' - but it works ok after that)
  4. No I just wanted to know so I could make up non-sensical man-hours figures in my own head and comfort myself that Y2 will come. Someday. But seriously though how many man-hours did Y1 take?
  5. Pretty much as the title says. Bonus question: Do the devs also read these forums?
  6. What? You mean my professors mailed my parents about all the classes I skipped even though I didn't get detention? Yikes!
  7. Ouch, I remember v1.0.0 of Y1. I was just curious because I've noticed you typing in the present tense about Y2, (e.g. it has {insert super-cool new feature} instead of it will have {insert super-cool new feature}), so I was wondering about what's been finalized etc.
  8. How far along is Y2? I'd pay for an alpha even
  9. Thanks Legate. Nice to see the forum as active as ever
  10. Hi everyone. I've been away from the game fro a long time, but I recently restarted playing. I didn't want to start a new thread over this, so I'm asking here: what's the latest on year 2? Any idea when it will be released?
  11. Just curious here: Why call it CP3/Patch 128?
  12. Hey as long as modbase3 is there I'm good. Otherwise, you better have your negation ready
  13. Whats the latest on DLC 15/cp 69?
  14. K Welcome to academagia! Hope you enjoy your stay. J
  15. Oh...sorry. Thought you were talking about academagia...yup. Sorry just checked the specific thread path. Haven't got scheherazade yet. I'll butt out now.
  16. you can also try joei de vivre till you come up with a random event that involves char study
  17. Increase the worldliness subskill to 4. Parent skill is heraldry. That'll give you the student of body language passive ability which will, among other things increase character study by 1, automatically informing you of it.
  18. I got research up to 16 once. Don't remember how though
  19. Its not the differences in between their usefulness that bother me. Its more like, there's no potential for growth
  20. Hey all, I've got a suggestion regarding cliques. As it currently stands, its better to pick some clique members over others as some provide better bonuses. It wouldn't matter much except that some students have buffs which are better by an order of magnitude than others. Second the attribute bonuses from the adventures become meaningless after you do a lot of them, so some of the reward from adventuring 'lost'. I thought of something that, in my opinion, can remedy both these issues to some extent. Why not allow the adventure reward (i.e. attribute increase) to be given to one of your clique members instead of your char? That way, its not so much of an issue picking weak members as you can make them stronger and the reward of the adventure is still there. I thought it kinda makes sense from a story perspective as well seeing how your clique adventures with you. I know this can't be implemented in Y1 but maybe in Y2?
  21. Yep it does. Thanks Schwarzbart
  22. What do you need to start 'Crafting the Negation Wand'?
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