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    DLC 13 Bug Topic

    Bright day I keep getting bugs on certain adventures, but they are one shot adventures and I always forget what their name was. In one you learn about a fairy tale, get bullied by an upperclassman Theodore and go on adventure with Herbert Downes. There is a lot of %High Relationship Student%s in there, there is. Second is an adventure where I break into professor Ringrayer office and then discover damaged airship. After I buy parts for the ship I am suddenly thrown into a situation where something wants to be my familiar...
  2. Ah, that is such a shame. It is so easy to forget that people are not using Oncestrian at Academagia (well unless they are in professor Sido's class). Actually, what other native languages do the developers have? I noticed some lists treat "ch" as a separate letter - which is not English alphabet... Also, I noticed early that there are "Celts" in the game. Soo... any idea which other cultures if any, made the list. Do cultures of real world Europe east of Germany some analogues in the world of Academagia?
  3. Is there a list of names of locations and people in "Renaglian"? I dunno "Pallazo di Usini". Is Chorda peak "monte" or "picco" or what?
  4. Bright day Learn Elumian 1. Learn Bassan 4. Do Adventure : Language Skills in three or four steps. (you need either solid Incantation, Glamour or basic Gates) Congratulations proud owner of Mastery-icon.
  5. Hey there. I said this already some time in Suggestion and Improvement thread, but I can confirm it now as I installed Academagia on another computer. Doing Joanna's adventure does lock out Philippe's. Not a single bit was shared between the installs and it does makes things simpler so it is not that unthinkable. Just wanted to say it here and preserve it for posterity.
  6. His adventure was open before I started Joanna and I even took him dancing few times afterwards to improve the relationship more.
  7. Bright day First a question- last time I played I started Joanna's personnal quest several steps earlier than Phillipe's and then I could not find Phillipe's in my adventure log. Do they lock out each other further in? Because that is tremendous shame - doing the whole thing from both sides is the most excellent adventure in Academagia- exept for the part where there is not final exit for these adventures that would recongize that I am helping them both. So that is my suggestion, some kind of recongition in the text of that. So sorry if it has been mentioned before.
  8. Bright day You also have to activate his ability as an action, which then last for bit more than a day I think. If you are able to get some other sort of re-roll into mix (like creative approach) you can then fairly regularly pass even red options in adventures.
  9. Bright day I cannot seem to be able to download the file. I get 404 error.
  10. Peh, you seem to have never lived in the country, they are far the biggest annoyance of rural living, even insects are not as terrible. Legate- something accured to me. If you are from Staade, how did you talk with other people there if you do nto start with any knowledge of Vilocian?
  11. Noo! My free point of subskill and attribute! :sad:
  12. I finally got to some other colleges and I think it was Godina, where you have adventure - "The Incanix College Reunion" and it behaved weirdly for me. I started with 11 or 12 Incantation and okay, the exit was red and I tried and failed and the adventure did not wipe, so I used my Incantation Pheme to good use, but with Incantation 21 the exits were still red and I failed a lot of them and even more later. I even tried my non-spell skill raises to up my skill in case the problem was there. My highest attribute at the time was insight at 11. I have not checked mod base to see if there is Insight/Incantation roll of 34... If it is I would understand the difficulty- but does there have to be a reprimand from Orso Orsi every time I fail that quest? And one thign you have probably heard enough times already. The Challenge at the Redoubt has very low skill roll for something that has not been done in decades. I mean it is not that difficult to arrive at endurance 12 with a bit of luck... Sorry about the rambling.
  13. Bright day I tried looking if this had been reported before... I have had both "Sign for Talented Plotters" and "This Time for Real" available to me in multiple playthroughs.
  14. Bright day What is the main issue in inclusion? The amount of extra writing? In some other thread you mentioned "love flags", will it be possible for players to disable these if they do not see them fit some of their characters?
  15. Bright day Personally I do not see it like that. Certainly maximums would increase, but let us not forget that a lot of people will in further years ahev to take classes they have not taken yet. And that further skillups will require more skillsteps. So in year 2 you might attend Advanced Theory of Glamour, Advanced Glamour Methods, Advanced Lute, Dialectics, Botanics and Calligraphy. So that by some advanced year you will have passed through all basic courses. Of course, a lot depends and what do these skill values really mean. Is it possible for me to flunk out with final exam score of 50? Is 25 for midterm good score or the barest minimum?
  16. Yeah, but... is college merit part of rumours? In my current game (slow progress as I am on Vista and too lazy to get 7) if I close rumours the college merit is not there, bug? WAD?
  17. Or maybe secondary prizes? The first college to reach 300 merits gets X, all other colleges then get Y?
  18. Bright day Hooray! No more pages and pages of academagia rumours!
  19. Bright day As I am about to finish a great game (if only Windows Vista will allow me to save) it really makes me interested how will the second game be made. My characters attributes are great and her skills nothing to feel bad about either and for some reason I do not think new characters will be as blessed. Will the difficulty be dynamic somehhow or will there be "advanced" checks and would you eb able to tell not to start advanced adventure?
  20. Bright day I am sorry if some of my thoughts have been raised before. I see that complaints about about UI have (brrr, searching for that one pheme that will raise my skill just enough). But has the question of using spells to solve ALL your challanges been raised been raised? I mean I know, Academy of Mineta is for mages, but if I magic Negation to be over twenty days before the exam, how much of accomplishment that really is? Especially at special challanges that raise my glory? Endurance 13 is already pretty pitifull, but with few spells Debate 30 is also at hand as you stack up spells and phemes on yourself. Really it it seems to me take a bit away from the sense of accomplishment and it seems bit strange that the society of Elumia would have not rules about the use of magic certain situations. PS: And mybe allowing <space> in first names? If I can already have ridicolous surnames like di Missistila e Rotonne...
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